Still Breathing

" I closed the book, and laid my head on my hands. How can it be, that I’m knowing of this world? Of Adrian? " - Rachael

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18. GetherNight

I thought dad perhaps had forgotten it, but he hadn’t. He started sending them each day, different times. From giants to little deadly insects. Silencia is starting to be paranoid until the creature of the day have appeared. Adrian and I hadn’t talked for half a week, since I couldn’t dare to leave her alone. My school life got smaller and smaller, and I had to make everything they did over there at home. Mom rarely was home, and when she was she’ll bitch about how tired I look. When we reached Friday, Tyler called. “It’s Gethernight tonight! Don’t you dare miss it-“

“But I’m bus-“

“Come on, I haven’t seen you all week!” He said in the phone.

“I guess it won’t hurt… just one night” I hanged up and started gathering the things I need for a sleepover. I said goodbye to Silencia and mom mumbled something, but as the sun went down I ran towards the school. Tyler and Adrian was both staring at me.

“You look dead tired!” Adrian said. I bit my lip and walked past him to Tyler. I’m angry with Adrian. We haven’t talked one single time alone since our date, and it’s pissing me a bit of. It was his idea!

“Are you okay?” Tyler asked. I nodded.

We walked in, and I could feel Adrian’s eyes in my neck. What’s her problem? You’re an idiot Adrian. I know we’re not supposed to be ‘dating’ but acting like you do, pisses me off. Better stay on safe distance. I remembered last night, I was sitting with the homework at my desk, I couldn’t concentrate, my eyes kept falling on the phone. I picked it up and called him - the beeps from the phone have never felt so long - but then it went straight to voicemail. I threw my phone at the wall - but it was alright after.

He never called back.

“My sleeping bag is over here” Tyler said, and I started to lay out mine, right next to his. I discovered Adrian laid his next to mine. I sat down, and crawled into mine, while looking around. Gethernight - Tyler explain it is the night that all the magical being at the school have a sleepover so they can talk without being afraid of their humans friends discovering anything. The cheerleader group was doing all the typical girly-sleepover-things that happens in movies. It was fun to look at for a moment, since they all seemed so concentrated. The football team was hitting each other - to see who was strongest. I could see some lighters in a corner showing each other some of their magic. The teachers were talking in a group at the tables. The sleepover was in the cafeteria, most of the tables was pushed to the side, but some was left - probably for the dinner we are having. Tyler seemed happy, he talked about some of the classes and what they had done today. Adrian was just staring at me, pissing me off silently, while I tried to look at Tyler and listen, but it seemed hard. Suddenly a little voice appeared behind me. “Sis, you forgot something” Silencia’s voice scared me. Not as in I jumped and hit randomly out in the air, but for her sake. This is all magical being - and all killers… (I don’t know about Tyler, but some of these being are)

“What are you doing here?” I asked and turned around.

“You forgot your pajamas” She noticed and threw it onto my lap. I looked confused at her. “I don’t own any pajamas”

“I know… so I bought you one, you don’t have anything else to sleep in… so” Tyler was laughing behind my back, I ignored him. “Thank you, but you really should be getting home, it’s already dark, and I don’t want anything to happen to you” She nodded and I followed her to the door.


Tyler tells…

They walked to the door, I was still laughing. Adrian stared at me, and I threw the pajamas to him. When he saw it, he started laughing too. It’s white like snow, but with different kind of teddy bears all over it. Just the thought of her wearing something that sugar-sweet makes me laugh. When she was going towards our spot again, she was talking on the phone with someone. She sat down between us. “Lucem, I know it may be much to ask but-“

It’s okay, Rachael, Relax, I’ll make sure she gets home safe

And then they hanged up.

“Who’s Lucem?” Adrian ask at once - did he just react as a jealous boyfriend? He looked irritated and she just shrugged her shoulders while putting away her phone. “So, how does it look?” she asked. I fell on my sleeping bag and started laughing again, Adrian couldn’t hold back a smile as he gave it to her. She stared at second, but then just shrugged her shoulders and took it into her sleeping bag. Dinner was ready so we all sat down, and started eating. The school get money for this, so the food is always good. This year different kind of meat was places all around the table, salad and sauce was all around the meat. It tasted wonderful, nobody could say the opposite, even Rachael look satisfied. When the dinner was done, they had us play all kinds of different games in small groups. When done, we were told to relax before the clock would hit 23, and we’ll all be demanded to sleep.

All the girls from the cheerleading team changed - and it weren’t pajamas they had with them. The football team suddenly thought it would be funnier to be around them, than hitting each other.

“Jeez” I heard Rachael said “A bunch of perverts”.

Adrian laughed at her. “It’s natural, around beautiful girls-“ When I saw her expression it didn’t seem so funny, and Adrian picked that up fast.

“I’ll go change” she mumbled and walked towards the bathroom. The teachers had cast a spell - I guess - on it, since there actually are baths out there. I used my chance.

“Why is she mad at you?” I asked him. He shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know, I haven’t seen her almost the whole week and suddenly she acts like I’m the devil”

I laughed - Rachael isn’t the typical girl that gets angry over nothing like other girls. But I guess it’s because she never really have fallen in love before. “I don’t know what it is, she sees in you” I noticed.

He laughed at me. “Does she talk about me?” Even though he tried to mock her on a weird plane, then I could see the seriousness in his eyes. Wait - does he also like her? Then why doesn’t they just tell it to each other?

“No, she doesn’t” I answered. He didn’t look disappointed in his smile, but in his eyes he did.

“It doesn’t matter anyway” he noticed “I can’t never happen, even if she felt something for me” And in that second the bathroom door opened, her hair was still a little bit wet, she had no shoes or socks on, and the pajamas was really cute. She didn’t look tired anymore, her eyes looked satisfied, and she was walking towards us. I took a quick glance at Adrian that was eating her raw with his eyes. “You look so sweet” I said when she was near enough to hear me. “Like a little seven year old girl” I laughed. She hit me in the back of my head, and crawled under her sleeping bag. “I don’t care, it’s soft” she noticed.

We heard a mockingly grunt from a bypassing guy, and I instantly recognized him.

“Anything on your mind?” she asked irritated.

“I was just wondering why they let such freaks live on this school” She was up, and ready to fight in a second. He just got closer and tried to make himself bigger – like if she was a bear.

She started laughing. “Aw how cute! The little rabbit wants to pick a fight!” More and more people was beginning to stare once more, I got up and stared down at him.

“Can’t you just leave us alone?” I tried. He laughed “Yeah, you would like that freak” The word had just left his lips before he hit the floor.

“I suggested you stop picking fights with everyone you see” she said “Some of us are stronger than we looks” Adrian got up and sighed. “Phil – drop it and leave us alone”. It seemed like the only voice to go through to him was Adrian’s. He got up and walked away. Even though he was out of sight, she kept following him with her eyes. She was just standing there. Until her phone rang, and she walked outside the doors to the school.

I know it is said to be dangerous at a Gethernight, since all the hatred towards the Lighters from our side can trigger anything, and all the hatred from the Lighters also follows us.

Adrian took a deep breath before sitting down, I just stood there.

“I hate it” he said. I stared at him, but then got down in my bag

“What?” I asked. I could see her smile from here. The happy smile that can be hard to find these days. I miss the old Rachael, but I also like the new one. She never let anyone push her around, not even when her memory was lost. It feels like there’s more of a fight in her now.

“The secrets” he noticed “I know… She can tell you, but she can’t tell me”

I stared at her, she was laughing loud, and I wondered.

“Like what? What do you think she tells me, but not you?”

Adrian and I normally can’t get along. But somehow we both can speak with her. I know she trust me more than most people. I guess that’s why she’s inviting me home.

“She can talk with you” he noticed “About everything, I know… that whoever she’s talking with right now… I can’t ask her who it is”

“Why not?” I stared at her, she seemed happy, like it’s a good friend she’s talking to.

“I guess it’s the same guy as before” he said “And she told me a few days back that… Sometimes it’s better not to know everything… I know what that means. She knows just as I do, that I have to report everything she does and say that are illegal in our community. So she’s keeping me in the dark”

I stared at him, he looked hurt. He’s right, I’m sure if we were alone and I’ll ask she would answer me. Since I don’t know any Lighters that would want that information…

I felt bad for a second. “She haven’t told me about him” I told ham “Today was the first day I ever heard his name”

He looked at me with surprise, but I could see his sadness disappear a little bit.

“Do you also think she’s changing?” I asked “I know you didn’t know the old one… that well… but can’t you also feel it?”

He laughed. “Yeah, it doesn’t wonder me. I have been on patrol all week, and cleaned up every monster that attacked her and her little sister” He stopped for a minute and looked at her. She didn’t seem cold, her phone was off, and for the second time tonight it seemed like she was relaxed as she just enjoyed the wind.

“I think she’s so aggressive, since she constantly has to be on guard of monsters trying to kill her little sister” I guess it was like me the first week after I arrived to this town. I wasn’t sure what was friend and what was enemy. Slowly I realized that most are friends, and that Lighters in this world aren’t as the ones who visited my world.

“So it’s… temporarily?” I asked. He nodded “I hope, with her powers it would be a shame if she suddenly turned into a full-blooded dark Lighter” Jenny walked outside to remind Rachael of something, Rachael instantly came in and was sulking. “She said I weren’t allowed to stay outside the school in the darkness”

Adrian smiled “She’s just worried about the vampires… even though you’re strong, can they still take you down”

“They wouldn’t” she said and crawled into her bag.

“Why wouldn’t they?” his eyes went irritated to the sky, as if she irritated him.

“Vampires are smarter than that” she noticed “And I would like to remind you, that those vampires are former Lighters” Adrian stared at her with anger. “They aren’t anymore! Why can’t you accept that?”

I stared at their angry faces, and then I cleared for me. They are closer than I thought. They spend time together, and I guess they have talked about this a few times before.

“Why can’t you accept that just because they aren’t Lighters doesn’t mean they should die?” I stared at Rachael, I guess they are so different in their way of thinking, that it would be hard to overcome it, if they ever started dating.

“They are already dead!” his voice was close to yelling.

“I hate your kind of lighters! All kill first and ask questions later!” And with those word she got out of her sleeping bag and moved on the other side of me, to get away from him. Adrian was staring at her angrily, and I just sat there. I knew I’m supposed to take her side – but I have seen a few vampire and Adrian are right. They are raw killers with nothing else in life. I looked at Adrian and I could see he burned to say something, but suddenly his expression changed and he looked all sad again. “Rachael” he said “What about we just forget this?”

She sat up and looked at him, she was reading something in his face that I couldn’t, but then she just laughed. “It doesn’t matter anyway, I’m still mad at you” and with that she laid down and apparently fell asleep. I stared at her, it’s first time she has fallen asleep that fast.

“Why is she so mad at me?” he whispered for himself. Rachael aren’t always easy to read. Not long after that, everyone was told to lay down and sleep.


My eyes was not on the green field, the beautiful lake, or the fact that the moon was shining above me, but on the earth it was daylight. It was at him, his perfect face. His perfect and mysterious blue eyes. Shawn. I ran to him, and my fingers felt his skin.

“I have missed you so much” I whispered. He didn’t say anything, he just kissed the back of my hand and winked to me like he used to.

I hugged him and wished it would never end, but then I could hear them. Behind me, behind us. Everywhere. Their yell, their screams. “I’m so sorry” I yelled to him “Follow me!” but no matter how hard I tried he wouldn’t move, and then it changed. The blood flowing out of his eyes, and the robe around his neck, The people followed me, running through the forest to find the nearest exit with the girl in my arms. I jumped out, and a knife was at my neck. Before it hit I woke up. I stared at the ass in my face, and tried to focus my eyes more. It was Jenny, I could see on the clothes. I sat up and stared at Rachael. Her head was bowed down, she was shaken and sweating. Her legs was bend so they made a triangle with the floor and her arms was holding on to them like it was her lifeline. Jenny was whispering giving her instruction, Jenny suddenly saw me and smiled to me. “Be quiet” she whispered.

“What is she doing?” I asked slowly.

Jenny smiled at me. “After the memory loss, she lost some of the training I put in her. She was a master to jump into peoples mind, but her powers are reaching a better state now than for a long time. So she’s jumping into people’s heads and giving them a good dream while training her powers”

If that’s the case… then why is she sweating and looking like something that can fall apart if you push it? Jenny looked happy, but I weren’t sure this I a good think. So jumping into people’s mind is one of the abilities she has? Has she ever done it to me? Or Adrian?

What can she do in my head that I don’t know? Can she change med memory? Can she remove all I am? Can she remove Shawn from my memory?

The questions all seemed silly when I saw her face. She looked so concentrated and then it hit me. I’m not supposed to think those things about her. She is the sweet person that don’t like people, that can’t take when people hit children – once a dad hit a little girl on the street and Rachael knocked him out – the girl that always have taken care of me, since we became friends.

I suddenly could smell it. Blood. She was starting to shake, like a phone on silent, her head going down and up constantly and her eyes being distant to the world. Jenny didn’t tell her to stop, so she continued. “Stop her!” I whispered. Jenny refused with her head, and I stared at the blood from her nose, slowly going down the philtrum and onto her lip. Jenny moved to the other side of her, to see something and I used the chance. I found a paper towel in my bag and wiped it away. As I leaned forward and held her arm I could feel the heat from her. Why aren’t Jenny helping her? I slowly felt her forehead. She’s burning up! I have had enough of this! I leaned forward to her ear.

“Rachael, you have to stop” I whispered slowly “Your body can’t take much more” She didn’t react, I took a paper towel and took my bottle of water. I dried it off as soon as I poured in on her. She didn’t react but I could see it helped her. I need to get her into something cold. “Tyler” I could hear her say. Jenny! I looked after her, but she weren’t anywhere to be seen. As I thought about it, I bit my lip and looked around. Jenny was at a guy’s bed and investigating something, I used the chance and took her. I laid her silently in my arm and walked as calm as I could to the bathroom. I could hear the steps, so I locked the door tight. I don’t care who you are Jenny, This is Rachael, and even you don’t have the right to do this to her! I laid her carefully on the cold floor and turned on the cold water. I don’t know how she’ll react, but I have no other choice. She was still shaken, I slowly button up her shirt and stopped when she spoke again. “Tyler” she said again. Then a voice appeared in my head. It’s okay, do what you have to. It sounded like Rachael. Is it really her? I kept going and remembered she would do the same for me, if I needed it. I took a towel from a drawer and placed it in the shower so she could sit down comfortable. I removed her pants, and all of her underwear. Her head was turning from side to side, like when she is having a bad dream. The water was cold but I can’t just leave her in there with the risk of drowning. I placed her carefully, so she sat up of the wall with her back. Her hair and body was already wet, and creating a lot of steam. Her nose was still bleeding, making the water a little pink as it disappeared down in the drain. I don’t know what else to do from here. Her head was stopped shaking, and she didn’t seem like a fire anymore. But her eyes was still distant. I bit my lip, I can’t just sit here! I found some toilet paper and made little balls that could stay in her nose for a while. I found a sponge and started cleaning the blood of her body. Her face was all pale. I turned off the water and found another towel to dry her with. I gave her the pajamas on again and was happy to feel her temperature weren’t rising again. But she was still pale and her eyes distant, I removed the little balls from her nose and waited for the blood to come out, but it has stopped. My clothes was still wet from the shower I gave her, and I can’t walk out like this. I’ll get in trouble with Jenny when I come out, and I can’t just run and leave her to find some clothes in my bag. Let me help. The voice appeared, in the mirror I could see her hand rising and then I saw my clothes drying and felt wind through my hair. So she is aware of what is going on? I bit my lip, we have to go out. But first… I found a bottle and made sure it was clean before filling it and making her drink. When she was done I left it on the side of the sink and unlocked the door. I opened carefully, and to my surprise – no Jenny. I took Rachael in my arms and sneaked my way to our sleeping bags. I got her in her own with the head laying in the same direction as my feet. She curled up into a ball and I could hear she was sleeping. I watch her for a half hour but then fell asleep. When I woke up, she was still sleeping. Adrian woke up a few moments after me, and was determent to wake her up, but I just pushed him back and said he shouldn’t. I couldn’t tell him why, I’m sure what that were doing is illegal – even though they didn’t make damage on anyone. I want to hit Jenny for making Rachael going through that. Even though many people woke up and made a lot of noise – nothing woke her up. Adrian could see that I knew why, but I didn’t tell him. I sat like she sat last night and looked at her. I could see her breathing, but I’m not sure she’ll ever wake up. Something hit me. Jenny said last night “After the memory loss, she lost some of the training I put in her.” Jenny have done this before… and weren’t there anyone to stop her back then? Suddenly it hit me, that Rachael might have been treated a lot like that. Pushed over the limit of what she can take. I sighed for myself. Last night… why did she do it? If she knew how far she was going to be pushed? If I hadn’t awaken… would she be dead?

A boot was suddenly two centimeters from her head I looked up and kicked it away. Phil again. Attacking while she sleeps now?

I looked after Adrian, who was gone. I got up and walked between them.

“Leave her alone!” I demanded. He started laughing like I had told him a joke.

“Like I’ll listen to freak like you!” Some people was already stared to turn around. I didn’t move my eyes of him, even though I wanted to check on her. To see she was okay. I know he didn’t touch her, but I need to be sure. I kept looking at him.

“Why can’t you just leave us alone?” I asked. He laughed.

“A freak and a Lighter! First because she shouldn’t be near you, and second because she pisses me off!

“Heh” I heard a mockingly laughter. I turned to the side and looked at Rachael.

“So you’re not only targeting innocent creatures, but also targeting you own race… because they ‘piss you off’?” I stared at her when she got up, her head was moved slowly to the side, and she had a superior expression.

“I guess that what happens to Lighters with inferiority complexes” Everyone was staring at us now.

“WHAT DID YOU SAY?” He yelled.

“I’ll give you one more chance” she then said “Stop hunting us, or I’ll make you stop” her eyes stared into his with a coldness I’ve never seen before. She had trouble standing straight, and I could see she was still pale. So she aren’t completely healthy yet.

“Not before both of you are dead!” and then he hit her, and I could see he also used his magic, ‘cause she was pushed by the strength into a wall. Making a shiver go through my body, and a small gasp leave hers.

She fell on our sleeping bags and I was ready to help her up, but before I had the chance, she was standing in front of us again. “Fine by me” she said. And before he had the chance to say anything she kicked him up in the air and into a post. His back did a high cracking sound and then he was all pale.

“I’m sorry” she said “That I have to do this to you, but  you should learn not to pick a fight with everyone” and then she raised her hand – I guess ready to use her powers when Adrian came from out of nowhere and slammed her into the wall again. “Forget it Rachael, you know just as me, that this won’t lead anywhere good” and then Jenny came running. She started yelling at Rachael about behavior, everyone that saw the fight from start was confused –since he started and she just defended herself. I was ready to yell at Jenny, but I can’t do it without telling her how wrong it is, what she did, and then everyone will know. I was ready to kill her, when she said she had to punish both of them, and Adrian – that must have read my mind somehow – Started holding me back, and telling me it wouldn’t help. I guess it aren’t hard reading my face today. Rachael was the first to be punished. She was told to go to room 210 and stay there for two hours. After that, he had to. Adrian and I walked out to the field and he then smiled at me. “I know that you have some anger to come out with” he noticed “And I know that I won’t help any if you attack a teacher”.

I took a deep breath. “And?”

“I think we should fight” he said “Or play a sport… Just burn of your anger”. I bit my lip, and for the first time ever I looked at Adrian with gratitude. We started throwing a ball back and forth. When it got boring we started making it harder for each other. He used his powers to make it harder for me to get it, and I threw it a bit longer away than he were. We started using the track field and raced. It felt good to get rid of. And it was fun. Perhaps he and I can be friends. After an hour and a half both of us was tired, alive and ready to stop. He took the shower first, then me. Rachael was released just in time for breakfast. And I could see all she wanted was to go home. The food helped her, but not much. I wanted to follow her home, but she told both Adrian and I she needed to go home and sleep something of. But first she leaned forward kissed me on the cheek and said thanks. Then she walked slowly and uncertain towards her home. Adrian stared at me, like I was an enemy, and I just shrugged my shoulders and went back in.

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