Still Breathing

" I closed the book, and laid my head on my hands. How can it be, that I’m knowing of this world? Of Adrian? " - Rachael

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23. Fighting the girl

“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!” I asked. Dad smiled at me, like I was a little kid that had just lost his favorite toy.

“I sent your brother to check her out – get her background and such”. I took a deep breath – Dad don’t know about my interest in her. He knows I found a mysterious human girl in the woods – that she believed was human, but that I’m convinced was a Lighter – and that I’m in love with her, but I can’t find her.  

For him – I’m just concerned as a not-knowing person, about who she is, thinking he’s crazy.

“But – “ I started “Why are you doing all of this? Why are you going after this girl like she’s a Carriba?”

“She aren’t a serial Lighter killer” he said “I’m just curious”

Jonathan have always been a kiss-first ask-later type. I guess dad is trying to get him under her skin, so he can use Jonathan to get information out of her. If she aren’t careful her dad’s hiding place will get infiltrated.

“Just curious?” I asked.

He nodded. “It’s not like I’ll use it for something. Besides that, I think Jonathan will learn a thing or two”

Jonathan was walking up the isle while looking irritated.

“Why do you look so down?” Dad asked “and what are you doing here?”

“She have a boyfriend – I can’t hit on her then”. It would be a scandal if the word of a prince making lighters cheat on their boyfriend got out. Especially because everyone knows Jonathan.

But if… Jonathan knows about Adrian and her, what will he do? Will Adrian get called in and get killed? Of course not! He’s one of the best fighters this kingdom have! So… the blame will probably fall on her. ‘Ferike lighters infiltrate the minds of others’ that statement had been used before.

“With who?” Dad asked surprised.

Please! Don’t say a word. I bit my lip. “Why does this even matter?” I asked.

“Well it would surprise you dad” Jonathan ignored me completely “That the lighter that reports to you don’t tell you everything”.

Damn! They’re busted! What will they do to her?

“What?” Dad looked angry.

“Rachael’s boyfriend is this guy named Tyler – Clearly supernatural! But not lighter” he noticed “He growled of me!”

“Why?” I laughed.

He smiled for himself “I tried kissing her, and apparently he got angry, but not that much that he hit me”

“Tried?” I asked.

“She hit me with her book” he answered “That’s why my nose are so red-“

Dad didn’t laugh like I did. “Rachael may be from a dark lighter family, Jonathan, but still they’re more royal than most of the girls you bring home. She would never kiss a stranger”.

Jonathan bit his lip - and I tried not to tell them about her kiss on me. That’s a first – I get the kiss, and Jonathan gets rejected.

“Royal? How did they become that?” Jonathan said.

That smiled at him. “Before they turned evil, the family were known for their intelligence. They are able to play the political game better than anyone. So they were the council’s advisor. They have turned evil before – many times actually – but they always end up good again”.

“Then why are you hunting this girl this much?” I asked confused.

He got up of the throne and looked around at the pictures on the windows. He pointed at the picture of a little girl in a crib. “The girls have a thing – a power – to lead the people. Even though the boys are just as political active as the girls, the girls are respected for their words – and their beauty. When the boys speak about war – the homes just think “Just boys – want to play” but if a Girl from that family speaks of war… people thinks it’s needed”. He suddenly smiled “And a dark lighter girl… in that family, would be a danger to this world”.

“Soooo” Jonathan started “She’s not just hot, she’s also… dangerous as hell?”

Dad nodded and sat down again. “When my dad was still king, his advisor was the oldest member of her family. Suddenly the younger one – his son – got dark and played with dark magic. We were good friends – me and him – before that happened. His dad turned to the darkness as well – so he didn’t lose his son… so they got wanted here in Amalion. And it almost killed my dad of sorrow” So… if her dad didn’t turn to the dark arts… Rachael and I could have grown up together? Learn to fight? And maybe even in the end…. End up together? All of that could have happened, if her dad didn’t turn to the black arts.

“I wonder why he only has one daughter” Jonathan noticed “why not anymore children?”

Dad suddenly smiled. “His wife are a white lighter, and she left him years ago. So I can imagine the only woman in his life is his daughter”.

Jonathan nodded.

“If you try again – try being more royal. Act like she’s precious, and a princess. If I remember right they have some kind of ritual if you have to date them…” he laughed “They are more old school than our family”.

Jonathan nodded, ritual? Dad left to go to dinner – I followed in trance. So dad and her family have been closer than he told anyone. Does she know that? Maybe. It shouldn't wonder me if she does. Who is this Tyler? Magical… I wonder what. Growling must mean Animaux.

“I heard you license expired” Jonathan laughed “Are it true you finally started learning how to be king?”

“Yeah – and it’s boring” I told him. He started laughing as we went into the big eating hall. I can’t see why it’s necessary for it to be this big. 

“What else happened today?” Dad asked Jonathan. He had nothing interesting to tell, so he started asking some of the others – my other brothers.

None of them had anything to tell… it’s apparently a silent and calm day in the kingdom.


Rachael tells…

“What are you doing here?” Tyler asked “What do you need from here?” she sighed. “Serano Jum is the black market. Don’t look anyone in the eyes, and don’t say my name. Just keep quiet”.

As we came in I stared. When she said the rules, I thought of a dark ally, filled with dirty little shops, creepy people, hidden in capes – like we were – hiding who they were, and what they needed. This was the absolut opposite. The sun was shining bright on a cloud free sky, the ally was a long road filled with light shops, houses looking like something from and old village, and people – dressed in all kinds of matters. Some was hidden in their capes, but most was looking ordinary. Children was running around laughing and playing on the street.

I was stunned – even the neighborhood I live in is more dangerous than this street. Black market? I don’t think that means what I think it means.

As we walked in I noticed – it weren’t just lighters. It was every creature in the worlds. Everyone have access to this? By smell I could recognize some of my own species. She started to look in the little shops, I could smell different kinds of food – and I instantly got hungry. My stomach was making noises, and I could hear her laugh a bit. “Will get something to eat in a minute” she promised “Tell your stomach that”.

I smiled. We used an hour before going here on discussing. I said it would be dangerous for her to go to a black market – and she said it weren’t at all. No I see why – we could have used that hour on something else.

She bought something and then she walked with me to a little café.

“Two bratlebots meats and two Broblecherry juices” she ordered before I even had a chance to order.

“What are bratlebots?” I asked. She smiled at me.

“A kind of bull – similar to the human ones, but the meat is better”. As she said it waiter arrived with two plates. One for her, and one for me. I looked at her – she ate it with fork and knife. I tried to – it was harder than it looked. The first bite was heavenly! The juice swam around in my mouth, and the meat felt soft against my teeth. The juice was tasty – spicy and warmed. She laughed when she saw me, and now the juice arrived. It was blue. A chocolate orange stick was in it, and in the bottom the drink was green. She took the orange stick and started whiping in it. Then she took a sip, and I repeated her actions.  WOW! The juice in my mouth relaxed my mouth, and made me enjoy the cold taste of cherries and something I never tasted before – I’m guessing Broble?

She smiled, and we finished dinner.

“You can’t buy this any other place” she noticed “The meat it hard getting so delicious… and the chef doesn’t share his recipe. Broble is actually poisonous, unless you prepare them right”

As we walked by a little shop something caught her interest, and I decided to stay where I was.


“Done” she said “Let us get going-“ Shouting and hitting was hearable from not far away.

“It’s illegal to fight here” she noticed, we walked towards the sound. It was two boys, beating each other up. People weren’t sure what to do about it, they were all just standing there.

“What is the punishment?” I asked.

“You get thrown out for a period of time” she noticed “You card becomes unable to lock in, and you’ll get thrown out”. She took a deep breath – and still hooded – she walked into the circle.

“Stop fighting” she commanded “It’s illegal here”

They ignored her completely – and kept fighting. Why is everyone just looking? No one tried to get through – no one tried to help.

“Fine” she said, then she raised both her arms, and they was thrown into the walls on each side of us.

“Are you two done?” she asked – she was hanging them up the wall – making them unable to move.

“What’s going on?” a guy appeared, tall with blond hair and a little lock of blue. He was standing in his cape, and with knives covering every inch of his body under it.

“They were fighting” a boy said “And the girl stopped them”. Rachael was frozen in place. He walked into the circle and took of her hood.

“I know you” he said “and you’re doing my job”. She suddenly smiled. “Well someone had to, when you didn’t”

He laughed. “Let them go”. She instantly let her hands fall down, and she walked out of the circle.

“You two, come her”.

They walked to the circle, and he said something to them. They started walking out and then he walked to us. The circle was broken and I looked confused at him.

“Want to come to my office?” he asked her. She nodded smilingly, and we went op inside one of the buildings. It looked like a regular old office from the village-time.

It surprised me when they hugged. Like old friends. They started chit-chatting and I felt weirdly out of place. I reminded myself I had forced her to bring me – and that she told me it wouldn’t be a place for me. Sometimes I should just listen to her, and don’t argue. Bringing up Adrian for example. If I start talking about he’s bad for her, she’ll just shut it out, and ignore me completely. That’s why I made the deal with her – to help her hide her relationship with him. I realized the more we fight the more we’ll part and I just… can’t bear the thought of a world without her by my side. So… I gave in. Pretending to be her boyfriend will maybe make Jeremy like me more too. I bit my lip – I shouldn’t be thinking that. I’m sure that Jeremy are forbidden area from her point of view.

“I really have to get back home” she suddenly said “It’s getting pretty late-“

“You can just stay here-“ he started.

“Thanks, but I don’t think my mom would appreciate that” she started laughing and he did too, then he said goodbye and we left.

We walked in silence – I blanked out most of their conversation. What did they talk about? Old memories? The market?

“Sorry” she said, her fingers came between mine. “I know I have been pretty distanced… being around all these people, the only reason that is… is because I’m still… getting use to this ‘double memory’ –thing” she looked sad and I smiled. “It’s okay”.

“I’m still uncovering old memories” she said “and too be honest… they’re not all good. I was a very curious little person” She started pointing in the dark sky – clouds was hiding the stars.

“I’m sure that if I could at that age, I would fly into the sky and investigate everything. But that… curiosity got me in trouble” She sighed and I was happy we had a long walk home.

“What kind of trouble?” I asked.

“I got into the basement” she said “And found… torture chambers, prisons cells… people begging for food”.

I stared at her, she didn’t seem as horrified as she sounded.

“A guy was screaming… in one of the chambers… and even though I was terrified I…. got into the cell, and I saw Jeremy covered in blood of the guy hanging on the wall” then she smiled. “Jeremy was freaked out about me seeing that… so young”.

So they were planning to tell her later? The image of Jeremy torturing irritated me. The guy I met didn’t seem like a torturer…

“I got in trouble… for going down there… and I was forced to say everything I saw” she said “I got grounded but it didn’t help much… I started having nightmares… about Jeremy”. Her voices was calm, and we entered the normal road. That must mean she was afraid of him. I bit my lip – that image was burned in my mind. Him… killing and torturing people.

“I started having trouble being around Jeremy – shutting him out of my head, hiding when he called me. I had to tell them what was going on” she noticed “And… to be honest… I was terrified. I couldn’t be around him, knowing that he tortured people… so my dad promised me he would never have that duty again” she said it smilingly “So Jeremy never tortured anyone from that day… and after that I slept fine at night”.

I squeezed her hand and smiled at her. “Okay… but does it bother you now?” I asked. She nodded. “A bit… I don’t have bad dreams about it anymore, but the human… ‘part’ of me asks questions around that memory. Like ‘Did he ever stop?’ and ‘Have he done it while I weren’t there?’ and I have to keep those thoughts away when being around him”.

We reached the door and I left her to go inside. I walked home with a feeling of… being confused.


James tells…

“Who is out this early on the fighting circles?” one asked confused “There’s two hours to class!” Everyone that was on their way into the changing rooms was staring. The girl! And the boy helping her afterwards! They were fighting in the circles – are they that worried about him? I got in and got changed.


Adrian tells…

I was sitting on the bench staring at them… and the sound of blood running through every vein in my body was the only thing I could hear other than her breathings and his moans.

The sweat was dripping off both of them, and the water in her sweat made me able to feel so much of her body. I closed my eyes and felt her movement, her strength, her heat. Her face appeared as a light blue silhouette. I could feel her lips, her hair… smell her deodorant. I bit my lip. I want to run to her, kiss her, protect her…

I could feel Tyler’s hit against her skin – the wave of power it send through her veins. I concentrated on staying here. Keep down – wait for them to stop… I tried feeling the water in the grass, the air… the trees. I could see their fight with closed eyes. The air felt hard to breath, and I started torturing myself again. Her skin… so soft…

They stopped. I could feel her walking towards me, and I opened up. I smiled at her, trying to forget the feeling of her skin. I followed her to the chaining rooms – but out in the hallway I could feel it again. “Ra, before you go in, I have to tell you something” I said “Can you come with me for a sec?” she nodded and followed me to a dark corner – aware that no one was looking I smiled at her.

“What did you want to tell me?” she asked.

“Nothing” I leaned forward and kissed her. She was wearing green shorts, and a white top – stopping right under her breast. I felt her stomach while tearing her closer. Her lips against mine felt like heaven, and I for a second I didn’t care. I forgot about the kingdom, the prince, Tyler. The school. Then the door opened and I quickly removed my hands – looking guilty – like I actually had touched someone else’s girlfriend. She smiled at me and walked past me into the changing room and I walked to the bathroom – to wash my hand. Her sweat was all over them. What would have happened if we had continued? If no one would have showed up? Would she stop me… or would she let it go on?

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