Still Breathing

" I closed the book, and laid my head on my hands. How can it be, that I’m knowing of this world? Of Adrian? " - Rachael

It's easier just reading first chapter and decide if you like this story or not ;) And i'm sorry about the grammar(i'm working on it :)


25. Enough is Enough

The school day started of pretty normal – nothing weird about him this time. But as the day went on I couldn’t help but feeling uneasy. He kept staring at her. Everywhere we went. And the break down appeared when it was time to train. He weren’t allowed to, but he was at the circles. She was helping that guy again – and this time he ran to her, picked her up by her throat and ran. Like he was going to get away with that.

The guys around ran after them, and tackled him. She fell to the ground, and the guy she was training with picked her up again and took her back to the circle where he checked her over.


Rachel tells…

I took a deep breath of air and coughed. The guys were still fighting with him, but I didn’t care.

“I wonder why they’re all so fired up” I noticed “Almost everyone in school seems to be all tense”.

Tyler shrugged his shoulder and said I should train myself, since his training partner had showed up, and I just nodded.

Adrian asked me to come over later, and I said yes – I don’t have anything to do, so why not?

When it was late I walked to the door and knocked. When he opened he smiled, and took my jacket – like he used to. The family was gathered in the living room and I felt like a museum display for a few seconds. Then I sat down and they kept talking to each other. “Why did you invite me?” I asked him.

“We were not on good terms yesterday – and I wanted to apologize-“ he started I looked him in the eye and smiled. “To bad I’m not taking that”. He stared at me for a second. “Then why did you come?”.

“If you would apologize… you could have done so in school” I noticed “What is it you really want?”.

His hands was sweaty, I could see it from a far. I noticed the talking was gone, but ignored the others. I looked into his eyes, and saw pain. My hand wanted to take his, but it didn’t move an inch. “What are you hiding for me?”


Adrian tells…

I stared into her eyes and saw curiosity. My family is quiet, waiting for me to drop this bomb on her shoulders… and seeing the betrayal appear in her face. They had a hard time not being quiet the whole time. “What are you hiding for me?” she asked, her voice was calm and relaxing, like she didn’t really care about it, only a small interest. Crish told me earlier he could do it for me – so I didn’t have to face her, and see how betrayed she would feel. “I…” I’m and idiot. If I just had kept myself hidden well enough then she would never have been in this situation, she wouldn’t get hurt, she wouldn’t meet the king, and won’t get the marking.

“Em…” I continued. I could see the smile on her lips staring to appear, and took a deep breath.

“Is it really that bad?” she asked “That you’re having trouble telling me?”

I bit my lip and looked down in the ground. “Kind of-“

“Oh well” she said “It can always wait can’t it?”

No it can’t… she should know now – have time to disappear, and hide herself.

“No, it’s pretty important actually” I looked after help at Crish but he was staring down in the ground. No one wants to be the one telling her to go meet the king and die or hide herself forever and be forever hunted.

“Then tell me” she said.

“I’m sorry, but the king requested your presence… at a marking” I took the letter from my pocket and gave it to her. She didn’t say a thing she just started reading.

How does he know about me?” she asked silently, I could see her eyes going through the letter again and again.

“After we survived the meeting with your dad… the king called me in, and I had to report it all” I bit my lip, waiting for a reaction, with none I continued “So they have had me report everything about you since then… and now they want you to come in”.

She looked up and smiled at me. “Okay”.

I stared at her. “Is that all you got to say? Aren’t you mad at me for telling?”

She laughed “What should I be mad about Adrian? You did your duty as a lighter, I expect nothing less from you” I took a deep breath “So you say that you expected me to tell?”

“Yeah” she sat down on the couch “I won’t let you help dark lighters Adrian, I would much rather have you go reporting everything. Because my family is marked doesn’t mean yours should be too” then she took a deep breath “I always knew I would have to face the king, and it’s finally time to meet him”.

“But if you go, they’ll kill you!” Crish noticed “We’re sending you to your death! Don’t you realize that?”

She shrugged her shoulders. “The king may try to get me kill, but he’s not that good at convincing people what to mean” she smiled at us “My family used to be advisors for the royal family, I don’t fear him, so please tell him that I’m coming”

I took a deep breath and smiled at her. “Fine, any instructions? Demands?”

She looked confused a minute then she smiled. “Can’t I write it myself, and then you just sends it?” Mom found a piece of paper and a pen, then she started writing.


Laina tells…

“You asked to see me, sir?” He was standing with the back to me, and the eyes were on the painting. He is here an awful lot lately. I guess it’s his daughter’s return that makes him come her. Does he ever fear that she’ll suddenly disappear again?

“I have an assignment for you” he said, he turned around “It’s actually quite important”

I smiled. “Of course sir! I would do anything for you” I always have, and I guess I always will.

“You’re going to out to train her today, Laina” he smiled at me “You’re going after Silencia’s blood. I want you to kill her”

I stared at him, shocked at his request. But she’ll kill me! She will protect her sister no matter what!

“And you know the rules Laina” he said “If you don’t take the assignment…”

“I know sir” I replied “When shall I leave to do the assignment?”



Rachael tells…

I looked satisfied at the letter, and smiled. Finally, I guess these news will make dad a little bit happy. I gave it to Adrian, who was still staring at me.

“You seem so calm!” he noticed “How can you be calm?”

“Someone has to” I replied and then got up. The letter aren’t that long, I just wrote about I didn’t know enough of Amalion to set any demands just yet, today I’ll go take to dad and hear if I need any, and then give another letter to Adrian – the king must understand that.

“Your watch is blinking” Crish noticed. I looked down and he was right, it was blinking and the little ring sound was coming out of it. “CRAP! I can’t reach her in time!”

“We’ll take the car” his mom replied “And try to postpone the attack” as I ran out the door they drove past me in their car. My feet moved faster and faster on the ground, while I tried focusing. What kind of creature is it this time? What has he sent?


Adrian tells…

As we arrived I saw a girl, I recognized her from the posters. Hunted dark lighter, as she saw us she were bending over Silencia, with a knife in her hand. A sound of a deep scream was running out of the little girls mouth, and the body of a woman was laying on the floor – but not dead.

The girl got up and with her hand she pushed us into the wall with all of her magic I’m sure and when we got up, he couldn’t get away. She had made a kind of wind field around us. An invisible wall, unable to let anything through, even sound. Silencia’s scream was gone, but I could still see her mouth was open. The girl went back to Silencia and raised the knife, Rachael appeared in the door way, and the girl turned around.

“I can’t hear a word they’re saying!” dad said. Rachael’s mouth opened up and said a word, but the girl didn’t answer she just turned around to hurt Silencia. Rachael ran through the room and straight into the girl, holding her against the wall, while shouting something at Silencia who ran through the living room and into another room. The girl hit Rachael in the face, and kicked her back into the kitchen shelves above the tables. She started to run through the living room, but Rachael stopped her by kicking her back into the wall beside the door to the garden. She yelled something out loud while she ran to her, and hit her in the stomach, while holding her in the neck above the ground. I could see the blood running down her cheeks from her hair. Rachael aren’t good right now. They were both dirty, and blood was dripping from both of them. Their fighting had stopped and they just stared into each other’s eyes. I realized why she hadn’t killed the girl yet – Rachael weren’t wearing any knife. And ours can’t get through the barrier.

Silencia came running out, with an old one. The handle made of wood with carvings and the blade was swift and elegant. Rachael’s hand reached down and Silencia laid the knife there.

Rachael yelled something, while holding the knife in her right hand ready to stab the girl. The girls hand lifted and pointed at Silencia, Rachael took the knife and stabbed her once in the stomach, before letting her go in the neck and run to Silencia. The barrier was gone, and the sound was back. I ran to the girl first, the stab had killed her instantly. Her eyes were staring into the room, without seeing anything. I looked at Rachael, who was still hugging Silencia. I stared at my mom and dad, bending down over the woman that had fainted on the floor.

“MOM!” Silencia yelled and ran to the woman.

“Mom is fine, don’t worry” Rachael says “She just needs some sleep on her bed” My dad lifted her up and with the help of Silencia he found the bedroom. My mother was looking at Rachael who was started to clean up the knife she had used.

“Are you okay?” I asked, while holding on her shoulder. “I’m fine, I just didn’t realize my mom is so weak that she can’t protect her”. My mom who didn’t know what else to do, started to clean up. Crish ran back to our house to take care of Quinn.

“What are you going to do about the body?” I asked her “It can’t stay here –“ and you need to be more than one to make it disappear.

“I know what to do about her” she said “Don’t worry”

After an hour of Rachael not wanting to answer any of my questions about what the girl and her had said, the house was clean, expect from the corner with the dead body and the sink. Rachael was the only one of us dirty and bloody. “Thank you, for your help” she told us “We’ll be fine from here”.

“If there’s anything, you need help with, just call us” my mother said when she hugged Rachael and got blood over herself.

“Relax a bit” my dad advised, before hugging her and leave. We stood staring into each other’s eyes for a moment. “I don’t know what just happened” I said “And I’m not sure I ever will… but if you need to talk about it, just say it”

She didn’t say a word, she just walked to the door and opened it for me. “Silencia you should go to bed for a while” I heard her say, before closing the door.


Rachael tells…

Silencia stared at Laina. “What was her name?” She asked. I walked to her and stared at Laina. I gave her the choice. And she chose.

“Laina” I said “She’s a dark lighter”.

“Did you know her?”. I bit my lip. No I didn’t really, and that’s what pains me right know. Dad gave her the choice to kill Silencia or leave the castle forever. And she chose to obey him, even though I gave her the same choice. Laina wanted to be my trainer… she wanted to be what Jeremy is to me.

“Not really” I answered. “What are we going to do to her? Bury her?”

I bit my lip. I already know what to do. But I can’t do it just yet.

“Can you help me, get her into my room?” I took her in the feet and Silencia took the arms. We laid her on my bed. “It’s going to be al bloody now” Silencia noticed.

“It doesn’t matter” I looked outside the window “Why don’t you make some dinner, I’ll be gone for a little while”


Silencia tells…

I started cooking, and heard the door close after sis. I was making some fries in the oven, and some beef I found in the refrigerator. When they were done I looked into the living room and could see sis sitting on the couch with a little book in her hands. “Foods ready” I said. She walked to me and started smiling when she saw me. “I hope you didn’t think too much about Laina while I was gone”. Do I still look frightened?

“I didn’t” I replied.

“Good” then we ate. In silence. After that I was told to go to bed, and I did exactly what she told me.


I woke up in the middle of the night, Sis was standing in the living room with her cape on. “Where are you going?” I asked.

“I need to get rid of the body” she said “it will take a few days. If Adrian comes by, can you give him this?” She gave me a letter.

“Few days? When will you be back?” I asked.

“I think it will take three days. I hope” she said “Don’t worry” I walked her to the door, and could see the horse on the lawn. Where is she going? She kissed my head, and mumbled something before closing the door and leave mom and I alone.


The first day passed, there were no signs of her coming back. The bed was still bloody, even though I had washed almost everything in it. The madras couldn’t fit in the washing machine, so it was one big red madras. I covered it up after it dried. Then I cleaned the rest of her room, and left her room alone. Mom was sick after the fight. She hurt her head badly, so she had to stay in bed. Mom didn’t ask where she went, and I didn’t have the answer even if she did. Tyler showed up at night, and I had to tell him I didn’t know. But she said she would be home soon.

Later that night it knocked again, this time it was Adrian and I gave him the letter. He asked where she was, and I told him the same I had told Tyler. I don’t know. I don’t know if she’ll ever come home after this. ‘Cause as she told me. Her fears aren’t getting hurt by a monster, it’s looking people in the eyes and feel like one.

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