Still Breathing

" I closed the book, and laid my head on my hands. How can it be, that I’m knowing of this world? Of Adrian? " - Rachael

It's easier just reading first chapter and decide if you like this story or not ;) And i'm sorry about the grammar(i'm working on it :)


4. Dreams can be dangerous

Mom called the doctor the second I got home. It’s the family doctor and he agreed to come visit the same night, I barely got any sleep, ‘cause when I laid myself in the bed, he arrived at the front door. He asked me to sit in the kitchen, and started examining me. “So Rachael, how are your sleeping pattern going?” he asked. I bit my lip “I haven’t really slept much lately”. He nodded and laughed “It doesn’t surprise me; your body really seems to want them”.

I didn’t answer. He keep looking and writing, looking and writing.

“What happened to your wrist?” he asked, starting to take the bandage of.

“I fell, and scratched it” I answered. My doctor’s name is Frank, and older man in his 80’s I think. His hair is gray expect form the top, and his face is filled with wrinkles. On his neck he has a long scar from left to right. His hands shake when he writes, and when he stands normally, but when examining they are very still. “In school?” he asked, looking at the bandage.

“Yeah” I answered “A friend had some bandage in his backpack, he helped me”

He nodded, and gave me a clean one on, and handed me some pills. “Get a lot of sleep, and make sure you don’t do anything to demanding on your body, just relax the next two weeks, okay?”

I nodded, and took a pill right before going to sleep.


“So” he smiled at me, with his hand in mine “Do you like the new house, my light?” We were walking towards the fields filled with grapes and apples. “I love it!” I announced, and jumped happy up and down on the ground. “Tomorrow we’re going to buy the horse you wanted so bad, and after that we’ll train a bit”. I nodded and clapped happy, I only let go of dads hand for a second, before I took it again. “Is there anything else you want to do tomorrow, my light?” he asked “It’s your birthday after all”. Dad had promised me everything I would desire - except from a birthday party. It’s not like I want one, I don’t know many other kids anyway.

“Can I have a cake?” I asked and looked up at him; he must be taller than the mountains in my books!

“Of course, what flavor sweetie?” he asked smilingly and led me into the garden of flowers. “Banana!” I answered pronto. He laughed and nodded. We sat down besides the only table and looked out on the pretty flowers. “Dad..?” I asked.

“Yes, my light?” he asked, while making a small bouquet.

“Why did we move?” I looked down at my hands. It’s not that I don’t like the new house, but I knew the old one, every secret, every little doorway, every plant and pot, and every cave in the mountains around the house.

“It’s nice with a little change…” he answered not looking me in the eyes. He didn’t need to lie, I could see the smoke on our way here, the house is gone.

“Dad… I know it may be a bit much” I chose my words carefully, I know how he feels about this subject “but can I have a pet?”

He starred at me for a second, but then smiled. “Of course you can sweetie, just remember to take care of it. What kind would you like? Wind, water, earth?”

“Why can’t I have a fire pet?” I asked. He laughed, and started platting a corolla.

“Because fire pets are too much for you right now, maybe when you get older” he answered. It’s not like I want one like that.

“Wind?” I asked. I love the wind, I really, really love the wind!

“I’ll look into that”


My head is so sweaty. I got up and took a shower. Why am I dreaming about dad? About my third birthday? I don’t remember it like that. I can remember mom yelling at him, while pointing at something, I remember me clinging to something while crying, and I remember my mom saying I should go to my room. I sat down in the shower while the hot water was pouring down at me. My head hurts so badly. But I need to go to school.

I got dressed, and walked out to the door. “You are staying home for today, you need rest” mom said, walking out of the door a second after. I got into my bed, and took another pill. The more sleep the better.


“Mom” I asked “Where are we going?” Moms hand was pulling me along, walking towards the portal on the ancient stone. I don’t want to go!

“MOM!” I yelled, and tried to get out of her hand, but my arm was stuck, I stopped moving, she just pulled me along the ground, without saying a word. “TRICIA!” Dad!

“DAD!” I yelled while crying. Moms other hand hit my mouth, I couldn’t say a word, I bit but she kept holding it there, while pulling me along. “DAD!” became “aaa” nothing more than a whisper, I stared at the portal, it was open. It’s not supposed to be open; it leads to the human world, Mom!

“DAD” I tried again, but nothing came out. I tried biting again, it didn’t help. Not. I don’t want to! I don’t want to leave dad behind! I tried resisting again, the wind around us came and pushed me back towards dad, mom got enough and made a sign with her hand, binding my powers.

“DAD!” with no hand on my mouth I could scream for him. “DAD!”I saw him between the trees.

“Rachael!” he yelled, and started running towards us. “TRICIA; YOU ARE NOT TAKING RA-“ tears ran down my cheeks, in the second mom pushed me through the portal, leaving me alone on the human side of the world, for only ten seconds, then she was there too. “Let’s go Rachael”. Scared I took her hand, not saying a word, keep looking back at the tree with the ancient rune carved into it. Dad.


I woke up crying, I’m not sure why. That’s not what happened, I know! Dad was having an affair with this woman called Brianna where we lived in Houston. He said he didn’t care what happened to any of us, and left us during the night. Why am I having these dreams?

The doorbell rang, as the only person in the house I walked out to the door.

“Hey Rachael” Tyler was standing there, I looked at the clock. It’s almost four o’clock in the afternoon!

“Hey Tyler”

“Are you okay? Why are you crying?”

“Just a nightmare” I step aside so he could come in. He had brought ice cream and horror movies. He sat in the sofa, while I was lying down with my head on his lap. We ate the ice cream while watching the first horror movie.

“Why were you crying?” he asked midway through the movie.

“You know my dad left us right?” I asked. He nodded, I started telling him about the nightmare I had, how I woke up crying.

“It’s probably just because you’re sick” he said, stroking my hair gently. “I’m sure”.

I actually fell asleep without a pill; I guess it was Tyler stroking my hair that made me so relaxed.


“Are you sure you want to do this?” A man was staring at my mom with a knife in his hand “It can make her insane-”

“I don’t care” she said, “Just do it”

He sighed “Fine, Tricia” He got down on his knees.

“Rachael, there is nothing to be afraid of” he took the knife and cut my palm open, letting the blood flee to a cup he held in his other hand. It had all kind of symbols on it.

“Can you remember the song your dad learned you?” the man asked, I nodded with a smile.

“Start from the beginning” he asked.

He took the blood and walked to the table.

“Larissa in the Hirakta got five children” I started

He took some silver stuff and poured into the blood, what is he doing with my blood? Dad told me blood magic is forbidden.

“The girl of Wind, which name is long forgotten”

My mom stood angrily in the corner of my eyes, she hates the song, I know, dad taught me it secretly. The man held the blood out on the alter, I’m sure this I wrong, this shouldn’t be happening.

“The boy of earth, stronger than a Riramyth” I continued.

Earth lights are so dirty, they always are. I have never seen one, I wonder why. I have seen fire people, but only for a second, then dad closed the door, and said it was too dangerous for me. I wonder if fire kids only play with other fire kids?

“The boy of water, beautiful like a flower”

I have seen one of those! I once met one in the pond near the old house, it was a week before it burned down.

“The girl of fire” I started to cough, what is he doing? This is wrong! “Temper like a flame”, I barely could say the words, the man looked concerned at me.

“She is fighting the magic” he noticed to my mother “She shouldn’t be able to remember… more”

Remember? What should I forget?

“The Natrona” my throat froze up. I started coughing, and tried to lie down, but my back wouldn’t move.

“Rachael, stop singing” the man looked at me with worry in his eyes.

“Otherwise” I coughed and saw flashed of dad in my mind, “known as” “RACHAEL!” mom voice was near, but also far away, I couldn’t see them anymore. Just dad and the butterfly. “the” my throat! Someone’s hands were on it, pressing hard. Stop, you’re choking me!

“Ferike” tears ran down my cheeks, dad and the butterfly were away, and I felt cold stone against my head. I was lying on the ground, the man bend over me with worry in his eyes.

“This won’t work” he said “I’ll make potions instead”

“But!” mom stood angrily in the corner “Why not just try again?”

“Are you crazy? She almost got killed!” the man yelled.

Mom stood angrily. “I don’t care, this I better than her needing potions the rest of her life!”

I woke up, Tyler was sleeping, I looked at the clock over the door to the hallway. 04:00 am. God damn.

I got up and found a blanket for him, before going out to the kitchen getting some dinner. My phone rang.

I got it fast, hoped Tyler didn’t wake up and answered the unknown number.

“This is Rachael?” I sat down on the brown chair and leaned over the table.

“Are you okay?” the voice asked “You weren’t in school today, I assumed you didn’t feel well but I weren’t sure…”

Where does Adrian have my number from? It makes no sense.

“I’m fine, my mom wanted me to rest so I could get better” I answered “but why are you calling me this late?”

There was no sound for about twenty seconds, perhaps he hanged up?

“… I guessed if you slept all day, you would be awake now” he answered “I didn’t want to wake you up”

I took the toast out of the toaster. “You didn’t”.


“What are you doing awake at this hour?” I asked.

He laughed “On duty, on Vampire Street”. I was stunned first, but then laughed.

“I thought all the vampires were dead?” I asked, and started putting butter on my toast.

“There will always come more to fill the space” he answered. Always? There are so many myth about how vampires are ‘born’ I wonder what is the right way? How to you kill one? What happens if a vampire bites another vampire?

“Really?” I asked. I found some cheese in the fridge.

“Yeah, it’s a lot like flies” he said “One die, another ten takes it place…”

I started eating. “Aren’t there any… human-like vampires?”

“Like in books?” he asked laughing “No, it’s fiction! It doesn’t exist”.

I nodded, and laughed at bit. “What about demons? Do they exist?”

“Demons exist, but they are like vampires; none-human-like” he answered.

I yawned, before taking another bite. “How often do you…?”

“Do I what?” he asked. He sounds distracted.

“Do you go on duty” I continued.

“Every other night, sometimes every night”

Oh, then when does he sleep? It can be he doesn’t I don’t know

“Got to run” he hanged up, and I sat alone eating my cheese.


I started reading in the “dangerous” book again. I guess it’s more of a warning than a title really. The third chapter started of quite nice:

Unlike any other battle, this wasn’t for religious believes (Like the 154 wars before this story) or even for love, this war was only happening because of a boy.

Not love, or religious believes? The boy’s name was Rikata, born and raised in Amalion, by his father a ferike, and his mother a wind lighter. He seemed normal growing up, except his intelligence which seemed to be over average in his younger age. The older he became the more normal he seemed. He never fell in love, and he followed the true religion, like any other good family in Amalion would. Well, you can see what side this book is on. He served for the king of Amalion, for many years, trusted as the kings’ right hand. As a rule the king wasn’t allowed to show his magic to other of his kind, afraid that he might be weaker than his servants, giving them the opportunity to take his place. The king trusted Rikata with his live, and a day the king showed Rikata his magic. God damn it, why doesn’t the king just follow the rules?

It turned out; Rikatas’ intelligence wasn’t the only thing he was above average in. He was more powerful than the king could ever dream of becoming - since the blood mixture of a wind lighter and a ferike is the most powerful combination that can be (after supernatural  blood mixture of course!) the king didn’t know how much magic Rikata had, and actually he didn’t care. Rikata who thought that only one leading the kingdom was wrong got a plan; items, to make the most powerful of men stand and raise the kingdom higher than ever before. He followed the trail of Larissa, crushed the stone of the Hirakta and took every rune part away with him. He thought of the five different types of lighters and found the most powerful full lighters he could. The clean fire lighter Xenia, a girl who later became his wife, who located a clean water lighter, from the deepest of oceans (His name was never revealed, and he was never found after this happened). He found himself a clean wind lighter, called Vendetta (who later on became his lover), and a clean earth lighter (clean in the blood, not on the outside) and the last member the clean ferike, which name was lost in the great fire. The six members called themselves Lithium, where the master of the five was Rikata. Xenia melted the rune stones, and formed five kinds of jewelry: A pendent, formed as a wave with the blue of the rune in the middle. A tiara, with the rune in the stone hidden in one of the stones in the tiara (seven stones are in it, but no one knows which stone that are the rune), a ring, given to the fire lighter Xenia. An ankle bracelet, formed with many curls like a trees branches, and at last the arm jewelry, formed as a snake, disappearing into the wearers arm.

Xenia got the ring; Vendetta the ankle bracelet, the water lighter got the pendent, the clean earth lighter got the tiara, and the ferike got the arm bracelet. The five of them did not kill the king, but left him in the prison to rot. The kingdom was ruled after that of the five lighters, and for a century everything was perfect in the kingdom. Oh god no.

The five rulers suddenly couldn’t stand each other and divided the kingdom in five: leaving the king in the dungeon in the castle alone. He escaped and assassinate first Xenia (who left a son with Rikata), then the earth lighter, and then the lover Vendetta. The water lighter escaped by hiding in the oceans, his Lithium Theta was lost, and never found. The ferike lighter was never found, but stories tell of a man/woman wearing the snake mark, in some stories of the kingdom. Lithium zeta (Xenias ring) was giving to the son of her. The king thought Rikata had nothing to do with it. Lithium Epsilon (The earth lighters tiara) was taking to the museum of Virianna. Vendettas Lithium Eta was lost to illegal trading, and never found again.

Oh god. The sunlight got in from the window. I wonder if I ask Adrian about this, which side he was on, if it would be the same side as me?

I’m not against the king; I just think the idea of a democratic kingdom is better.

 I closed the book, and laid my head on my hands. How can it be, that I’m knowing of this world? Of Adrian? 

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