Still Breathing

" I closed the book, and laid my head on my hands. How can it be, that I’m knowing of this world? Of Adrian? " - Rachael

It's easier just reading first chapter and decide if you like this story or not ;) And i'm sorry about the grammar(i'm working on it :)

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6. Anger towards a brother

“Hello!” A girl took my hand and shake it smilingly “I’m Quinn!” She doesn’t look so old. Actually she looks like a little female version of Adrian.

“H-Hello, I’m Rachael” I answered stutteringly. I don’t know why, but I’m strangely nervous.

“Nice to meet you! Come in!” Quinn took my hand and pulled me inside the huge house. The hallway looks nice - a carpet red and golden, with lots of strange patterns on it covered the floor, the wallpaper was just red, and there are electric candles all down the hallway. Three doors leading I-don’t-know-where, and a table beside the entrance with a picture of the family, including a lot of people I surely don’t know.

“Mom is in the kitchen!” the girl announced to Adrian, who was looking at me. “What are we having?” he asked, without looking at her.

“Ham!” she answered and disappeared into the first door.

I took off my shoes, and laid them in my jacket - which I discover had blood on it. He took it and laid it in a closet I hadn’t seen (some secret door in the wall?).

“Let’s go into the living room” he mumbled. He followed me through the door the girl Quinn went into, I could hear her from a far “… So shy”

I guess she’s talking about me, I ignored it. The living room have to couches, both red (Why red?) the red carpet was here too, and the wallpapers too. There are lots of books on the shelf at the longest wall, there is a fireplace - it is lit? - And a man sitting in the couch, another guy was sitting reading a book closest to the fireplace.

“Hello” the man got up and walked to us “You must be Rachael, Adrian has told a lot about you” I doubt it’s any good he told.

“Hello” I answered “There aren’t much to tell”.

He laughed and smiled at me. “It’s not many humans that see our world”.

I just nodded. He must be in his 40’s. He looked nothing like Adrian, it shocked me at first. Not all children look like their parents. Silencia looks nothing like dad, that I know.

“My wife’s looking forward to meeting you” he noticed “Won’t you join me in the kitchen? Adrian can’t you get Crish to put down that book-“ I’m actually a bit happy about getting away from Adrian.

We walked out in a kitchen, the only room in the house not covered in red. The walls, floor and kitchen tables were all white. A woman was standing there.

“Honey, Rachael is here” she turned around and I could see where Adrian has his looks from.

“I’m Georgia” she said smilingly, I nodded “I’m Rachael”.

 “I really wanted to meet you” she smiled “I know you are a bit shy, Quinn told me, but there is no reason to be, Adrian’s friends is our friends-“Adrian and I aren’t exactly friends right now. 

“Never mind that, I actually wanted to ask if I can take a blood sample?” I stared at her, she laughed “Sorry, a reason would be good. It is to see if you’re a human or not”.

“Of course” I gave her my hand, and she made a little hole. The blood came out, and she collected a bit, before closing the wound with the same stuff the dreamy guy had. “Thank you” she kicked both me and Adrian’s dad out of the kitchen.

Adrian stared at me, when I entered the living room again. I don’t know why, perhaps because he is still angry with me. Someone pulled a bit in my dress, it was Quinn. “Want to see my room?” I hope it’s not as awkward as this. “Sure”

I followed her through another door, out in another hall way and into a big room.

“Nice” I said. There was one gigantic bed, a lot of toys and drawing stuff all over, and on the walls pictures.

“Who are he?” I pointed at one of them.

“The hottest lighter ever!” she clapped her hands, and ran to me with an IPod in her hands. “Listen!” it was a singer. Lighters have singers too? It actually sounded nice.

“Nice! What’s his name?” I asked, she said something quick and then took my phone to her computer laying all her music in. I could see some books lying around; I took one and started reading. After ten minutes she stopped me. It was about a girl who was a lighter; she wanted something more than just fights and love - to be an artist. I looked at the drawings Quinn had made. Perhaps, people don’t want light artist in this world?

“Your drawings are beautiful” I noticed.

“Thank you!” she jumped “No one ever told me that” She looked so happy. Doesn’t she have any friends?

“Thank you for the music” I noticed, and looked at her computer, I saw a number. 1735 - I guess my phones memory now is filled. “You’re welcome… do you want to meet my horse?” I nodded, and had to walk fast after her down to a stall in the backyard. This is gigantic! The house, the garden - how much money does these people get from being lighters?

The horse was a bit taller than me, all brown and with black hair. “It’s sweet” I stroked it carefully.

“Thank you!” she clapped “Can you ride?”

I nodded smilingly “I love riding”

She wanted to take a trip around the garden with me, but Adrian ran out telling dinner was ready.

He stared at me all the time walking inside to the dining room. “Please sit” his dad said, I sat down between Adrian and Quinn, his dad and mom was on the other side of the table, the brother was on the other side of Quinn, and one empty chair was beside his mom. It looked delicious, I regret eating that hotdog now. I ate as much as I could.

The table was done eating; his mom took it all to the kitchen and started cleaning. Quinn disappeared to her room, Adrian sat on the couch, and the brother was reading again. I sat down at the couch.

It’s so dark, perhaps I should get home. I got up “I should get home before it’s too late-“

“Good idea” Adrian mumbled with an angry tone. The brother laughed.

“Thank you for coming” his mother yelled from the kitchen. “Thank you for having me” I answered normally, and walked out in the hallway. Adrian gave me my shoes and my jacket.

“There’s blood on it, and not on the left arm” he noticed.

“None of your business” I told him, while tying my shoelaces.

“It is my busi-“something bursted through the door and into me. I looked down; I was still on the door, moving with an enormous speed. My leg had a tooth in it, it was though the door! I looked back, I’ll hit the wall and die, if the creature keeps going with this speed. I started crawling over the door, I sat on the creatures head, seeing Adrian staring at me with panic in his eyes, his brother was in the doorway to the living room staring too. I jumped off before it hit the wall, leaving me falling on the floor with a wounded leg. I got up and walked towards Adrian and his brother, both running towards me (or it) with knives in their hands. “Watch out!” Adrian yelled, I looked back, it was staring at me, running towards me. I jumped to the side, and bumped my head into the wall. I’m getting really tired of this shit! I looked around and grabbed a knife lying on the ground; I got up and waited for it to run towards me, I jumped before it hit me, leaving me on its head and back. Fine, if you want to hurt me, I might as well return the favor! I jacked the knife between the shoulders of the creature; it said a terrifying sound, which reminded me of a scream, before collapsing and getting me to fall off.

“Are you okay?” Adrian stared at me from above. I am lying on the ground? I got up, while nodding.

“What is all the ruckus about?” Quinn appeared in the doorway to the living room, the boys was busy looking at me, but I saw the fright in her eyes when the creature got up and ran towards her,  I pushed the boys a side and pushed Quinn into the living room before taking the hit myself. The creature had used its last resort of energy and fainted on the floor. I coughed, the brother was examining Quinn, and Adrian ran to me.

“Are you okay?” he asked, and took me up in his arms. He laid me on the couch, while I tried breathing deeply.

“I’m fine” I mumbled. He laughed “No, you are not!”

He started examining my leg, and the wound there. “Rachael?” the girl Quinn was standing beside me.

“Yeah?” I coughed. She had tears in her eyes.

“Thank you” then she got down on the couch, while I could see their parents getting rid of the creature.

“You are lucky” Adrian said “It’s not broken. Crish get some grise”. He ran out into the kitchen.

“Did you just call me lucky?” I looked at Adrian and gave him a look I hoped could kill. He laughed “Oh, right”

I tried moving my left arm, nothing was wrong there: besides the injury already there. My right arm was alright too. He examined my ribs. “Nothing is broken” he announced “You just got a hell of a punch”.

Quinn was crying on the couch. Adrian ignored her, and stared into my eyes. “Try sitting up” I fought myself up - my arms feels so heavy!

“Here” the brother was back with the cream. It healed a lot but it needed bandages too. “If this keep happening, I’ll be  a mummy before next Friday” I mumbled. Quinn laughed a bit, but stopped quickly.

“Thank you for saving her - she wouldn’t have survived that blow” Adrian mumbled. I nodded and took another breath, god my clothes is covered with blood again.

“Do you have any spare clothes?” I looked at Adrian “I don’t think my mom would like me coming home like this”. Adrian stared at me.

“Why don’t you stay the night?” his dad said “Then we can clean your clothes, and you can rest a bit before going home”.

I nodded, it sounds better than walking home. “Thank you”.

“I have some spare clothes-“Quinn started.

“I would be too small” I noticed smilingly to Quinn “but thanks anyway”.

“I have some” Adrian noticed “Perhaps a bit big, but still… it’s better than that”. I nodded and he ran. Quinn started talking with me about the horses again, I guess she feels guilty.

“Time for bed” her dad said, and got her and the brother Crish out of the room, the mother went into the kitchen again.

“Here” Adrian had a big T-shirt and a pair of shorts with him.

“Thanks” I tried standing up, but my legs couldn’t hold me up.

“Just change here” he looked away, I started putting the shorts on (the advantages of having a dress on) and then took of the dress. “You shouldn’t keep getting hurt” he noticed “You should learn to defend yourself”.

I took the T-shirt on and folded my dress nicely. “I knocked it out for a while, that’s defending for me”

He laughed “Killing is defending”.

He turned around and sat down beside me. “I could teach you to fight you know - then I don’t have to worry about you getting hurt every second I’m not with you”

“This again?” I stared at him irritated “You don’t have any responsibility for me! I don’t care what you say, I can handle myself!”

He bit his lip and stared at me with a killing look. “You can handle yourself? Yesterday you didn’t have a bandage at your arm or your leg! I think we define the word ‘handle’ differently!”

“I can take it!” I stared at him, wishing he could disappear. “Besides that, this has nothing to do with you” I pointed at my left arms bandage “I’m not so lucky, so what? I can take it! I wouldn’t say I could, if I couldn’t!”

He got up and started walking back and forth in front of the fireplace. “Not so lucky?” he laughed “You are the definition of unlucky! If I look up the word in the dictionary I will see a picture of you!”

“I hate you!” I stared at him, I heard laughing from behind me.

“That’s new, a girl not falling before you at her knees” the brother was laughing “You two sound like an old couple!”

“Shut up” I mumbled.

“It’s none of your business!” Adrian said angrily at him. The brother just laughed while walking out the room, leaving us in anger.


Adrian left two minutes after giving me a blanket so I could sleep on the couch. I took my phone and send a message to my mom saying I would sleep at Maria’s house. So lighters do sleep? All the people in the houses are asleep I’m sure. I took my earphones in and started listening to some of the music Quinn had transferred to it. It’s nice. The heat from the fireplace feels nice in the room. I laid myself down completely and tried to sleep: I got nothing from it, not a single moment of sleep. I opened my phone and looked at the picture of the rune. Two corners, it looks like. “Hey” the brother was standing in the hallway door. “Still awake?”

I sat up “Yeah, I can’t sleep without my medication” he nodded “Do you want some pancakes? I always make some when I can’t sleep”.

“Of course” I got out in the kitchen with him, I sat down on the floor. “I never introduced myself, my name is Crish” he smiled at me, while getting the ingredients to the pancakes.

“Rachael” I smiled.

“Thank you for saving Quinn - it’s actually my job” he laughed while messing with his hair.

“Huh?” I stared at him.

“I’m her protector” he explained “I have been since I turned eighteen”.

I nodded.

“Sometimes people send creatures into our home to kill the family lighter, but rarely they succeeds, we got scared when they almost got one killed” he messed with his hands again, before putting the dough out on the frying pan.


Adrian tells…

I couldn’t sleep, I kept turning and turning in the bed, thinking back to Rachael lying on the couch - we have spare rooms, I was just to mad to give her one. It was hard not turning around while she changed, and even harder not tell her how sexy she looked in my clothes. I like the way she looks, when she doesn’t prepare herself completely. I like her hair a little messy, her cheeks a little blushed, her smile a little to my right, and her clothes a little bit out of her order, so it shows her curves. My t-shirt was way too big for her, looking really nice on her, showing her size and actually… giving me a feeling of wanting to protect her more than normal, since she looks so little. I liked the shorts too big, but while sitting down fitting perfectly (I can’t fit the shorts, they were too small for me, after i bought them - I never tried the shorts on before I bought them, only the t-shirt) showing her beautiful legs. The bandages on her leg and arm just made me feel bad for yelling at her, I’m sure it’s not her fault, she keeps getting hurt. She didn’t invite the Fronta to smash her leg.

I sat up. She even saved Quinn, even though she only has known her a few hours! In my pajamas bottoms I got up, and walked out to the living room. She wasn’t on the couch! Her phone laid on the blanket. I took it and looked at the picture. The rune to the human world from Amalion! That has been missing for ages!

I laid her phone back, and followed her laughter. I got into the kitchen and saw Crish and Rachael talking and laughing, while Crish tried flipping a pancake in the air - something he doesn’t know how to do, I have seen him practice for hours.

I don’t know why, seeing her laugh made me a bit happy. When I saw the way she looked at Crish I got mad. I don’t know why I just became.

“Shouldn’t you two be sleeping?” I asked.

She stared at me with something weird in her eyes. “I couldn’t sleep”

“Me neither” Crish smiled at me teasingly “So I made some pancakes!” he tried flipping it again, failing big, but making her laugh he did easily.

“Why aren’t you sleeping?” she asked. I looked at her; she is sitting on the floor leaning to the wall, in my t-shirt and shorts revealing her legs to me.

“I am not tired” I answered. I slept all day, so that’s fair enough to say. The smell of pancakes was good, but I could see all his failed attempts lying around.

“Let me show you how to do that” she got up, and walked slowly to the stove. She couldn’t stand straight, so Crish offered to help. He was standing behind her holding around her waist with his hand under the too big t-shirt. She swung the pancake up in the air and caught it after it spun three times. “That’s how you do it” she said.

“How many times did you practice?” he asked smilingly. I closed my fist, really wanting to hit my brother. “My dad taught me” she answered.

“Can you teach me?” he asked.

“Of course!” she looked down at the frying pan again, and I felt something heavy inside me. Crish is a real snake sometimes. Flirting with her like that~

Why should I care? I looked at them laughing together, while flipping the pancakes, more and more I actually got made. His arms were around her, while he flipped one. If I hadn’t come in here, they might would be kissing right now. I could feel my right hand squishing harder and harder together. Just like when she is with Tyler. I hate it!

“My legs are tired” she blushed “I better sit down again” he helped her back to the wall; I don’t like him touching her. Why can’t he find someone his own age?

He took the last dough on. “Adrian, do you want some too?”

“Sure, why not”. He laughed, because of my tone. I looked at her, standing up really got her tired, she was resting with her eyes closed.

“Perhaps you should go to sleep” I suggested.

“I can’t” she replied.

I stared at her, but decided not to ask. Well fine. If she were asleep Crish wouldn’t be touching her. That would be so much easier for both of us.

We started eating the pancakes. She laughed “You really are terrible at cooking”.

He stared at her amazed, without answering. It’s true, these pancakes are terrible. But it’s food, and I’m bored.

“Perhaps we all should go to sleep” she suggested, she tried standing up, but couldn’t really without help.

“Let me help you!” he got up and held her with his left arm. He walked with her all the way to the couch laying her down.

“Thank you” she said.

“You’re welcome” he ran back to the kitchen to clean up, he didn’t look at me; I think he tried to avoid that. I guess he knows how angry I am right now.

He ran to bed without a word and I walked into the living room, sitting on the other couch.

“How’s your leg?” I asked.

“Fine now” she answered “I’m just a bit tired”.

“Then go to sleep”.

“I can’t, I don’t have my pills”. I stared at her; I think I have heard of her taking sleeping medications before. I’m not sure when, but I think I have heard it before.

“Oh… I’m sorry” I looked into the fire. It must be tough not to sleep when you feel like it, without using pills.

“You should get some sleep” she noticed “I don’t know why, but I think tomorrow is going to be a tough day”.

“You too” I got up and walked to the door to my room. “Good night”.

“Good night”


When I finally fell asleep I didn’t exactly sleep well. I had a nightmare, but woke up not remembering what I dreamt. I walked out to Rachael, resting while facing the couch. I stared when I noticed she slept. How late did she fall a sleep? It must have taking a while. She turned around, her face was peaceful. No guard up, no anger, or fright in her face. I like it. I bended over and kissed her gently on the forehead, hoping she wouldn’t wake up. I took a shower and changed clothes. When I came out she was awake looking tired.

“Rachael you can take a shower” mom said “The dress is in the bathroom”.

“Thank you” she got up and walked slowly to the bathroom, while yawning, and making me laugh.


Rachael tells.

I took of the t-shirt and the shorts and stared in the mirror. In our bathroom we don’t have one. Mom doesn’t want one in there. I could see the bandages in the mirror. I need to remove them. I took the three bandages off and got under the water. It was nice, felling some of the dirt disappearing. I guess the battles with the big creature and the wolf made me look worse than I thought.

I got out and could hear rumble coming from the living room. I guess lighters always get attacked? Suddenly the door opened, with me standing only in two towels.


Adrian tells…

What is he doing here? I guess he needs a lighter, that doesn’t surprise me. Crish already ran to protect Quinn.

The door opened out to the bathroom, we followed him, and I stared at first. She was standing in only a towel covering her body, her hair up in another towel, and his knife was right under her chin. “One move closer and I’ll cut” he said. She was standing completely still, looking at him with surprise and fright. Suddenly her left hand moved, punching him on the nose. I almost laughed. One of the two most evil Lighters there is, and she punches him on the nose. He actually started laughing. He took her right arm, and both of them disappeared, into thin air. 

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