Still Breathing

" I closed the book, and laid my head on my hands. How can it be, that I’m knowing of this world? Of Adrian? " - Rachael

It's easier just reading first chapter and decide if you like this story or not ;) And i'm sorry about the grammar(i'm working on it :)


24. A torturing night

His hands against my skin… it was still burning where he had touched. My breath weren’t under control, even though my mind tried it hardest to fix it. What made him do this? Out of the sudden? It’s not like we’re that close. The thought of us… doing that kind of stuff is just… weird. But it felt good – didn’t it?

When I got to class, my seat was ready – right side Tyler and left side Adrian. Half way through class I realized I didn’t follow, my hand kept squeezing itself together. I tried letting it do what it wanted to do – it moved more to the left. I quickly got it back in place and forced it together again. This aren’t good. I want to go to Adrian – I want to kiss him again. My right hand opened up my pocket and wrote a message. When I realized what I was doing the message was send. ^Are you doing anything tonight?^

What is my body doing? Or is it my mind? I bit my lip and tried focusing. The phone vibrated in my pocket, but I tried ignoring it. The sweat started dripping a bit, and my hands was shaking. FINE! I took the phone. ^No – Why?^.

I don’t know. I guess .. I want to be with you.

^Wondering if we could do something tonight^ I could feel him stare at me – I bit my lip and took a deep breath.


Jamie tells…

I had seen Jonathan leave early in the morning, and realized where he was going. Back to her… Why couldn’t dad put me on that assignment? I started digging – looking at murders unexplained. Seeing pictures of different murders… and realizing the death she was close to facing was the same. We can’t charge them with murder if they use vampire poison – that law needs to be changed… I got into the library – dads favorite place. I went to the law books – already laying on the desk. He uses it so much that the librarian don’t care more. I took the book and started turning the pages to find the law when I noticed the little leather bound book on the table. I picked it up and opened it. The picture it reminded me so much of her mother. I was stunned. Dad’s journal. His journal! I know I shouldn’t…. I walked to a corner of the library and hid.

When the lighter showed me the picture of her, I could see them. My old best friend, and my first love. Her eyes – they looked like his. Reminded me of the first time we met – we fought… and how we played every day. When we got older we worked hard – both on our studies. I was working hard to learn the rules and laws of the kingdom – what I’m sure is still the hardest book in the library. He already could it – he had been forced to learn it since birth. If everything had went as planned, then as I became king… he would have become my advisor. We would be inseparable. He helped me read to my exam – he even helped me going through the law book. He never gave up on me – but truth said he was a stubborn bastard. I would have been a much better king if he was still by my side, but it happened. Jaime is going to be a good king, but I’m sure… that if just one of that family stood by his side – he would be a much greater king that I’ll ever hope to be. I can see in the eyes she has her dad’s stubbornness. I’m looking forward to meeting her – and at the same time I fear it. If her dad taught her everything he knows… she will be dangerous. If I can get Jonathan to bring her to our side… it would mean the world. Maybe I can try making a peace offering to him – and get him back on the white side. The public won’t like it – but’s better than him keep killing.

Silencia tells…   

I was staring at the front door – and then at her. She looked all tense. Why did she bring me here? She just came home and all she asked was ‘Do you want to meet some lighters?” and out of curiosity I said yes. But I’m in doubt now.

“Why did you bring me?” I asked – she hadn’t knocked yet, and neither had I.

“To be honest it wasn’t my idea” she said “Adrian’s little sister wants to meet you”. Then why is she hesitating knocking? Sis has never been scared of anything before, even when I have screamed like hell. Some of the monsters that comes still gives me nightmares and I scream and cry. But she doesn’t. She just… fights them. Protects me – like she always have done! If she aren’t afraid of monsters… what does she fear? I could see her fingers shake, and her lips were all dry.

“Why don’t you knock?” she asked, then she smiled at me, looking all calm – but when I looked in her eyes she looked terrified. I knocked three times and then looked at her. “Why are you scared?”. She looked at me with a tired smile, but before she had a chance to answer the door opened and Adrian smiled at us. “Come in”. We walked in and the dominant color red was all over the hallway – and all around.

“Any troubles on the way?” Adrian asked her, and sis just shakes her head – mumbling something for herself. What made her so freaked?

“RACHAEL!” The happy yell sounded all the way throughout the house before a girl appeared and quicker than I ever did – she ran to sis and hugged her.

“Hey Quinn” sis was smiling, and I took of my jacket. Adrian took that and sis’ jacket. I felt weirdly out of place and then I realized it: Every person in this house is magical – except for me. I felt bad a second, but then sis turned around and smiled at me – the fear was totally gone from her eyes.

“Quinn this is my little sister, Silencia” We were standing like we were performing a Pokémon battle – where I was Adrian’s Pokémon and Quinn was Rachael’s.

She smiled at me. “Hello! Want to see my room?” I nodded and then she grabbed my hand and pulled me. We ran to the room and I stared a bit. My room is always clean, always in order… this was the opposite. Posters hanging everywhere – and not even straight. Books laying all around the floor and the bed not done.

“You are so lucky to have a big sister like Rachael!” she declared “All I have is to big brothers and a big sister I never see”.

I starred at her for a second. “I would say you are the lucky one – you’re the one with magic”. She smiled at me and shrugged her shoulders.

“What do you want to do?” I asked.

“Do you know how to ride?” she asked “I have a couple of horses”.

I stared at her. I’m not even allowed to have a dog, and she has a couple of horses?

“I have never sat on a horse in my life” I admitted.

“Then I can teach you!” she declared and then we ran to the horses in their back yard.


Rachael tells…

The plan worked – Silencia and Quinn are playing together.

We went straight to his room – and threw ourselves on the bed. It seemed small – but not nearly as small as mine. I looked into his eyes and wished we could stay this way forever. Then he leaned forward and kissed me. It felt fantastic – and I wished it would never stop. Then his hand was on my hip – pulling me closer. The feeling of him holding around me was soft but still hard. His hand went up my blouse and then I froze. He didn’t seem to notice, but I did.

“Adrian” my hands laid on his chest “Not-“

The sound of a little click from my back made me irritated – he kissed me again and I could feel my heart pumping faster and faster.

“Adrian, no-“ I tried again. His hand was slowly moving towards them. With a hard push I got him up against the wall, and his hand was no longer on my body.

“I said no, Adrian” I told him. I could feel how loose the bra had gotten.

“Why not?” he asked. I bit my lip and looked at him for a second.

“I have known you… what? .. A couple of weeks? Do you really expect me to just… have sex with you like that?” I asked. I got irritated and for a second I stiffened. “I would never ever kiss a little girl like you! I have had ladies, real women in my bed, women you will never reach”. That’s what he said. He has probably had tons of women in his bed – is that why he knew exactly what to do, to make me come over here? He looked confused at me. “I expected… when you suddenly wanted to come over that-“ he saw my expression and closed his mouth.

He’s more experienced in this field than I am. Besides that – what have we had? One date? How did he even talk me into this crap? Playing with my mind like that!

“You expected me to do what?” I asked furiously.

He took a deep breath. “I expected you to give yourself to me – it’s just sex, it’s no big deal-“

I got up and hooked on my bra again, looked in the mirror and fixed my hair for a second.

“Good – then you won’t get mad when I say you aren’t getting any” with that I walked out his door and into the living room where I sat in a chair.

Crish started laughing when he saw me. “What are you so mad about?”.

“Adrian is a jerk” I told him.


Crish tells…

She was sitting and staring into the fire, with an angry expression. I could hear the sound of Adrian kicking his bed – so they had a fight again?

“I know – but why?” I asked. I felt bad – I told him to turn her over to Amalion, and here she sits. Like any other Lighter.

“It doesn’t matter – he just is”. She said.

“Did he try to have sex with you?” I asked. For the first time ever I saw her blush instantly. What? That’s an easy question!

“You could say that” she mumbled.

I started laughing, and she just smiled a bit for herself. I took a deep breath. “What did he wrong – since you sit here?” I asked.

She looked at me for a second then she looked down in the ground. “I’m not ready for something like that” she mumbled. Dad appeared and I knew I couldn’t get a word out from her after that. If she’s having problems talking to me – it must be worse in front of my dad.

“I heard from Adrian you’re trying to practice your powers” he smiled at her “How’s that going?”

She smiled at him – and I could see the blush disappear.

“Well, it’s kind of hard practicing” she admitted “The only place I can do it is at my dad’s house, and there I’m going through so much training that I don’t have time for it”. The first time she actually speaks about her dad in front of us. Dad smiled. “Why don’t you do it at your mom’s?”

She suddenly laughed. “My mom don’t allow it. She’s angry at me, because her powers stopped working years ago”.

“What?” I stared at her “So you can’t practice anywhere?”

“No” she suddenly smiled “Besides that – I can’t do it at Tyler’s.. His friends are all supernatural, and they are having problems about me being lighter…” We were staring at her for a moment, then dad smiled. “Why don’t you practice here a bit? We don’t mind” he noticed.

“Are you sure?” she asked “I’m ferike you know – it’s alright if you’re not comfortable with it”.

I took a deep breath – every inch of my body says no.

“Sure, why don’t you go ahead? Maybe will learn something” I said. She nodded and looked really surprised. “Thank you”.

She started stretching her fingers.

“I know ferike are ‘people of minds and bodies’, but what does that mean?” I asked.

She smiled at me. “That we can do everything possible with the mind… of ourselves and others” then she smiled “And that we can make our body do exactly what we want to – and others of course. Like changing form to… for example a cat”. As she said it she looked and her arm and I could see tiny hairs appear on her arm. “It’s dangerous” she said “To change form… because you have to know exact where everything is supposed to be” I stared at her for a second.

“Does that mean you have to kill a cat and-“ I started she smiled and me.

“No, it’s called ReCarDe “ she said “It’s where I hold on to the cat and my mind goes through every inch of its body. That why I know how it’s supposed to look”.

“So you can also do it to another person?” I asked “Like for example… me?” She nodded but looked serious at me. “But The ReCarDe is very personal. You know… I see EVERY inch of the body”. Then she smiled for herself “When I was little my dad made sure I had a lot of ReCarLe – That is what you call the ‘forms’- of willing people and creatures”.

I bit my lip for a second. IT could be awesome to see how the ‘ReCarDe’ is performed – and to see myself.

“Does the voice follow to?” she nodded still looking at her arm. I bit my lip again. “ReCarLe is saved in the mind, so if I ever need them I can easily do it” she said.

Dad was also completely focused on her arm – it was starting to shrink.

“What kinds of creatures have you turned into?” I asked.

“Well most of my forms are animals” she said “Even a few insects… but creatures…. I have a vampire ReCarLe”

We were staring at her. “So you have a form of another person…?”

“No” she smiled “I know the DNA of Lighters and how that is putted together. Then I know how vampire DNA looks like. With that knowledge I can change my own body to be vampire. So I keep my looks, but I’m another creature” she said it smilingly “but I don’t used that ReCarLe so much… most people kill Vampires when they see them, so it was just if I ever needed it”.

The arm was on the size of a cat’s… but still a people hand with a lot of fur.

“Is it… very hard to do?” I asked – I could see sweat on her for head. “A bit – when you aren’t use to do your magic. But for some Ferikes this is impossible” Her fingers curled up, and now It was looking like a little paw.

I stared at her for a moment then I smiled. “Are you sure you can do it with your whole body?” She nodded and the hair started appearing in her face, at the same time she started shrinking and her nose started going more up, her chain became pointier, and the rest of her body followed troop. When she finally was done she was buried in the clothes she had worn. I got up and helped her out of it. She sat on it and stared into my eyes. She was a grey little cat, with white paws and green eyes. Above her left eye a little ‘tipped’ over heart was displaying and I smiled. A really girly-cute cat.

“Can you understand us?” I asked, the head moved up and down. I bit my lip for a second and then I moved to the side so dad could see her too.

“Wow” he said and then he got up. “Do you mind…?” he asked. She shakes her head and he felt the fur. She started to purr, and I started laughing for a second.

She jumped of the chair and walked in straight line – obviously trying to find out how the legs work.

“You actually look kind of cute” I admitted. Still it was strange seeing a cat going back and forth on the same straight line.

She suddenly looked at the couch and buried her front paws in the rug while her ass went up and did a few shakes from side to side before she attempted to jump. She just hit her head straight into the couch – making me laugh like hell, and she rolled around a bit. “Are you okay?” dad said worried. She nodded when she got up. Then tried again. This time she succeeded, and I could hear Adrian’s door open. Oh my god.

“Rachael, Adrian is coming. Don’t say a word” I took her down from the couch, and she crawled under it. Her clothes was still lying on the chair. He appeared and looked around. “Where’s Rachael?” he asked. I pointed at the chair, and he stood their confused. “Why did she take of her clothes?”. I started smiling and shrugging my shoulders, while dad just laughed.

“Is she walking nude around?” he asked – and looked like a question mark. I smiled at bit. “Rachael, why don’t you show yourself?” First I could see the little paws appearing under the couch – but Adrian didn’t see it. ‘Cause he didn’t know she was there. She walked between my legs and did a loud ‘MEEEOW!” then he saw her – and he fell backwards.

“WHAT the he-“ he started, but then fell and landed on his ass. Dad laughed but then he looked at her. “Rachael I think it’s time for dinner, what about I lay your clothes in the bathroom and you change back?” She nodded and with her little cat paws she ran out into the bathroom. Adrian was staring at the door, and Dad went to help mom. I was still staring. “Done” she opened the door and started laughing. Adrian stood stunned to the ground.

“You have cat ears” he noticed “and a… a tail” she looked at him confused then she rushed out into the bathroom and probably looking in the mirror. When she got out she hit herself in the head.

“Damn” she said “My powers are exhausted – I can’t make them disappear. I have to wait for my powers to charge!” The ears were big and grey – and on top of her head. The tail was coming up on the back of her pants that was really tight.

“But how long will that take?” Adrian asked.

“A good night’s sleep” she said “I shouldn’t have started with something so hard!” “DINNER!” mom’s voice cut right through our ‘panic’. Actually more ‘Adrian’s’ panic. She didn’t seem to care so much – she was more irritated about the fact that her magic wasn’t working. As we sat down at the dinner table both of the little girls were staring at Rachael, making me laugh, and dad look concerned. “It’ll be fine” she said.

“But it’s a school day tomorrow – you can’t go to school with those!” the little sister to Rachael said.

Rachael smiled “by morning they’ll be gone. Don’t worry”.


Silencia tells…

We stopped at a little lake, and we laid down. “Wow – I love riding!” she nodded – and I stared. Why is she suddenly so serious? She weren’t smiling anymore, and she was looking around – like she was searching for something.

“Me too” she finally answered before she sat down in front of the lake. I got down beside her and took a deep breath. What changed her mood?

“I actually brought you here” she started “Because I know you’re human… and you don’t have a lot of people to talk with this about” she smiled at me. I looked at her for a second. Of course I want to talk with others. I want to tell them things I can’t tell my sister… like the fact that she can scare me sometimes. Seeing her slay those monsters are… scaring. But I can’t tell her biggest fan, can I?

“And also to tell you are secret… what you choose to do with this information… is up to you” she said.

“What is it?” I asked. She smiled to me before taking her hands down in the water.

“You’re family keeps getting attacked right?” she asked. I nodded. “Sis said people doesn’t like our family”.

She smiled at me for a second and threw the water in the lake again. “That’s true. To be more exacts your family is a dark lighter family… that means… ‘Criminal’” she said “But that’s not why the creatures try to hunt you down. Amalion send out this yesterday” she handed me a paper.




The news of the darkest lighters daughter is back with the family has reached most of the kingdom, and the hunt has started. Recent events has forced us to change the normal orders: DO NOT HUNT THIS GIRL!

No matter what you do, don’t hunt her. Her skills – after more than ones hunter’s opinion – are past most hunters. Therefor we’re trying a more peaceful way – to insure no one dies. Therefor two weeks from now the darkest lighters Daughter known as ‘Rachael’ will come to Amalion and face markening.

If she doesn’t show up, she’ll be marked as ‘dark lighter’ and the price for taking her life will rise again.

Everyone is invited to this markening.


Message from the King of Amalion


“My family hasn’t seen it yet… I snapped it before they had a chance… and with this too” she handed me another paper.


Dark hunter Adrian

Do to your latest reports of the progression of ‘Rachael’ and her health, you have two weeks to bring her to Amalion.

If she accepts please send a message about her demands – and a message of instructions for her arrival will be send to you


Private Message from the King of Amalion


I kept starring at the paper. “What’s a markening?” I asked. She smiled at me for a second before taking the paper.

“A markening is a ceremony where you receive the judgment from the people whether or not you’re a dark lighter. “

I stared at second… “What happens if she… gets marked as a dark lighter?”

She took a deep breath. “If she’s there she’ll get thrown in the prison… and because of who she is, she’s more likely to get sentenced to death”.

I took a deep breath for a second. ‘Most likely to get sentenced to death’? So if she… goes there – she’ll probably get killed?

“Is the chance of her… getting marked as that.. high?” I asked.

She nodded. “Even though I’m sure Rachael aren’t a dark lighter… the kingdom likes revenge. And I shouldn’t wonder me if people wants to marked her for her dads crimes”.

“Dad?” I stared a second on him “My dad died ye-“

“No he didn’t” she said “I heard it all. Your mother left your dad years ago, when she was pregnant with you. Then she erased your sister’s memory of your dad and the Lighter community and tried to live low”.

Then she took a deep breath “And then your sister met my brother. Her memory started to come back, until she saw your granddad and… then they tried torturing her to death, but Adrian saved her by screaming her name, and they healed her” Then she took a deep breath “But I overheard a conversation between Adrian and your sister”.

I took a deep breath. So sis found dad? And dad almost killed her? Do I even want to meet him if I does something like that? The image of sis killing the latest creature appeared in front of my eyes and I bit my lip. Was she raised to be like that?

“The creatures… that keeps attacking you… are send by your dad” she said “But actually the reason why he sends them is because he wants some of your blood. Apparently your mother was unfaithful to your dad – and made you” She stopped to check my reaction, and I took another deep breath.

“But why doesn’t he just ask?” I asked.

She smiled at me. “Apparently Rachael won’t have that. He’s certain that you aren’t his, and doesn’t care if it kills you finding out… Rachael doesn’t want to have you asking those questions, so she’s killing the creatures”. So who is my dad? If Rachel’s dad aren’t mine… then who is it? Is he worse? Better? Why hasn’t he made himself known ever?

“If you want my opinion I think Rachael just doesn’t… want to know the truth herself” she mumbled “You look nothing alike and you have no powers. The lover were a warlock, and that usually makes human children – if they have with lighters”.

I laid down for a second and tried relaxing. She sat staring at me, so I smiled at her. “Well… my sister always try protecting me from every bump on the road”

“I thought you wanted to know – I don’t think it’s fair you’re kept in the dark”.


As we left and the door was shut behind us, she smiled at me. “You asked me why I was scared?” she said “Even though I don’t look scared when I kill those creatures, I still can be scared. Sometimes the toughest thing to do is look someone in the eye”

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