Still Breathing

" I closed the book, and laid my head on my hands. How can it be, that I’m knowing of this world? Of Adrian? " - Rachael

It's easier just reading first chapter and decide if you like this story or not ;) And i'm sorry about the grammar(i'm working on it :)

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1. A Rough Night

”Rachael, can i talk to you after class?” the teacher asked. I nodded and wondered shortly why, but then looked out the window once more, and smiled. The newly cut grass, with little drops of rain on it shines bright in the sunlight. The school is right beside a forest, filled with the most wonderful trees, which is filled with animals, and little insects. The forest is so big! It’s filled with all kinds of trees, in all kind of colors, how many times haven’t I sneaked out in it, without my mom knowing?

It is not like it is dangerous! It’s just a forest - even though I dream of all kind of magical creatures living in the forest, it could be so good. I guess when the normal every day starts getting boring you start daydreaming about more between sky and ground. Perhaps that’s why I love books so much - so much that my mom yells at me for reading so much. My grades aren’t the best even though I enjoy reading. Perhaps because I don’t enjoy reading about rules, and history, and all that other stuff. Even though my teacher is like family to me - she practically lives with my family, she visits every day. That’s the reason I always do my homework for her class. Someone poke me, and I turned around a bit annoyed. I hate getting interrupted in my dreams.

It was the girl behind me - Classy - handing me a folded paper. She looked just as annoyed as I felt. I took it, and put it down on my table. My name was written there, in a fine way - I’m sure I can’t do myself! -  but the handwriting was familiar. I opened up the folded paper, and tried to hold back a laugh. “So, what did you do this time? Wasn’t following” There were no name, and there was no need to be. That’s clearly Tylers handwriting. It’s not like I can answer, I don’t know it myself. I just shrugged my shoulders, and hoped he saw it.

The teacher kept talking, but my concentration went to the book hidden in my book. It’s named “Dangerous” it’s kind of a weird book, since it’s written like it was a history book - but what kind of history book would be named “dangerous”?

The first chapter was about a girl named Larissa. Some of the letters in the book was weird but I understood it as, she was alone in the world, no one to talk to, when she found a weird stone. She touched it, and woke up naked in a bed of white satin and silk. Around her was a forest and the most beautiful light surrounded her, she didn’t know it, but she had travelled to something called the “Hi-rak-ta”. Some kind of bed belonging to a god of nature. I can’t recall the name, it was so weird. She had never met the material in the bed, but she liked it. The night came and the god returned home to rest; only to find a naked sleeping beauty in his bed. That’s where the cliché “Love at first sight” came, and he just stared at her all night (A bit creepy if you ask me). He didn’t wake her up, but when she awakened to find him staring at her, she bursted out in tears of fear at first. He didn’t want to scare her so he promised never to hurt her, and she believed him. She told him about how she awakened alone in her village, not another soul to talk to, and how she found the stone. He listened, but fell asleep at last, since he didn’t sleep through the night. She looked at him, and he awakened at her touching his wrist (of all the body parts, I wanted to sigh when I read that). After that they had sex, and she got pregnant. They got married, and later they got some more children. They got five - one for each element (I thought there only where four?). One for fire, one for earth, one for air and one for water. The last one was called the one for “Fe-Ri-Ke” which I don’t know what means. I tried looking it up on the internet, but some weird stuff came up (Porn-stuff) so I just tried to forget that one. It was harder than I thought; since it was the main reason everything fell apart. The child’s name was “Natrona”(Actually a son, not a daughter), and he got every one of his sisters and brothers out of the god world, and into the human world. Creators as they all were created new species (Which is listed in chapter two).

And they lived in a battle with Natrona until the day he died, but after him were his son and their children fighting, and so they continued.

The class ended, and Tyler came up to me, helping me with getting my bag packed again (It’s overfilled with all kinds of stuff, I weights more than a suitcase for an vacation would).

I walked up to Jenny, and smiled to her, ready to what might come.

“Rachael, you seemed distant today, is everything okay?” Jenny is an older woman, perhaps in her 60’s. Her eyes are blue like the sky and her hair is gray, in nice way. She’s about 1.51 tall, and is always wearing a dress.

“Everything is fine” I answered smilingly “I just didn’t get much sleep last night-”

Jenny there is used to my sleeping problem nodded. “If that continues, you should get back on medication; it’s no good if you can’t concentrate in your everyday life”.

Since I was three years old I have been on sleeping medication; apparently I can’t sleep without them. Every second year the doctors and my mom tries to get me use to not getting any, it works perhaps the first month, and then I wake up every third hour of the night. “Of course” I answered. Mom doesn’t know I can’t sleep. It takes me to hours to fall asleep, and then three hours later I wake up.

“And another thing-” Jenny smiled and looked up from the paper on her brown desk. “Tomorrow a new student will join the class; I know that you normally don’t like new people”.

A problem Tyler knows all about.

“That’s right” I just answered.

“Can you make sure he will get the school to know?”

So I’m the caretaker of the new dude.

“Sure” I answered, not very amused. She laughed and walked out. Tyler took my bag, and met me at the teacher’s desk. “What was that about?” he just asked. I told him about the new dude, and about my sleeping problems, when I was done we were in the cafeteria eating.

“Shouldn’t you tell your mother about your sleeping problem?” he asked, and took another bite of the pizza.

I sighed. “I should, but... I believe that the sleeping problem is just a little bump I need to get over. In three months I’ll tell her, if I still can’t sleep”.

Tyler didn’t say a word about him feeling uneasy about that, but I got read it in his face. I pretend I’m fine at home, mom doesn’t seem to notice.

“What will you be doing after school?” I’m sure he changed subject, because he wants to get his mind of it.

“Not sure, why?” Possibly going to the bookstore.

“I was wondering if-” someone pushed his shoulder, while walking by, I got a bit angry, and I could see Tyler was annoyed.

“Wondering if what?” I asked smilingly. He smiled softly and took another bite of pizza. “I was wondering if you would join me in Epsilon or Omicron after school?”

Epsilon is a coffee shop, mostly containing high school and university students studying until the shop closes. Omicron is a shop just like it, but there you can also buy cold drinks (none with alcohol) and other kinds of sweets. Epsilon and Omicron are both good places to go, and if I play my cards right, then I can walk past the bookstore on my way home!

“Sure, sounds nice-” I answered and took a bite of my apple. Tyler is my best friend; we have been friends since high school started. Mostly because he is the only one that really fought to be my friend, I don’t trust strangers, but Tyler seems different. Tyler tries to keep me studying hard - so I can come into a good university after school, and if he keeps that attitude, my mother will love him, he knows that.

My eyes glanced around the cafeteria, there are many people today, I guess it’s because it’s Monday.

“So Epsilon or Omicron?” he asked. In Omicron they have music, and I loooooooove their music sooo “Omicron?” I answered, he nodded.

My eyes met with one of the football teams players (It’s easy to see who is players, since they always wear the jackets, seriously, what is up with that?) and he winked at me, I just ignored him, and looked at Tyler instead. Tyler may not be a player on the football team, but he is kind of buff, he is strong I know that (Once I got a hit in the head by a ball during a class and he carried me all the way so the nurses office) He’s more geek than sports nerd, and I like that about him. We can watch a football game together, without him going overreacting like all the football nerds. The coach on the football team once asked him to join - before Tyler could refuse had the captain of the football team said no.

“It’s time for class” We got up, and walked to math.


Dirty little secret was playing in the speakers of the café, we were sitting on neon green chairs of plastics, at a neon orange table, with our math books spread out, with each our cup of coffee between the books and papers, and with a little bowl with marshmallows in it. Tyler was occupied with a math problem, but my eyes were on the room. There’re so many hipster pictures hanging around on the walls, a lot of light, and many neon colors around the room, sofas, tables, cups, straws. Some of the hipsters were sitting at different loner tables with their tablet or mac, and looking like writing something important, some blond girls (A group of three were sitting in a booth with sofas, neon orange, at a green table, with a Super Mario pixel plant at the table) taking pictures of their homework, and latte’s while posting them online, probably on instragram, facebook or another social network. To boys - hipster looking - was checking them out from a distances arguing secretly, probably about whether or not they should talk to them, and about how hard they would get rejected. Maria at the counter was working hard, with all the people buying stuff, and George was sitting nearby reading a magazine. Maria and George I know from elementary school, we were always together, until they chose another high school, and we had a fight. Now we see each other here and aren’t angry, but we don’t talk like we used to.

“I’m going to go to the bathroom” I need to take some energy pills, I’m falling asleep here, I know how Tyler will react to that, so I’m keeping it a secret.

“Okay” he answered, barely knowing what I said. I got up and walked past the counter, when someone’s foot got in the way and another boy fell and spilled his cold (Thank you, god!) coffee on me. The one, who had tripped him, blushed and I got irritated. My shirt, that was white, was now the same color like air, just witch a brown edge. I was lucky I had an undershirt on.

“I’m so sorry!” the boy said, I smiled at him. “It’s okay”.

Maria ran to me, with a shirt in her hand, the employs shirt. “You can change into this” she pushed me to the bathroom, after forcing the shirt in my hands. I changed my shirt, and laid the brown-air-colored shirt in a bag. I looked at myself in the mirror. My hair is brown and normally smooth and nice, but since I changed shirt it was now all messed up, my cheeks was red, and the mascara was faded a little bit away. The shirt was too big, and looked funny at me, especially since my pants were so tight. My sneakers were old and broken at the tip.

“Are you okay in there?” George voice sounded through the door.

“Yeah, I’m fine”. I swallowed the pills fast, and opened the door, he looked surprised at me for a second then he smiled.

“There you are” he said, like I had been gone, and he had looked for me.

“You knew where I was” I just laughed.

He shaked his head. “I mean; I can recognize the old you”.

“Huh?” I took the bag, and he just smiled at me, following me out to the counter were I got a weird stare from Maria, looking a bit angry.

“Thank you for the shirt” I told her “I’ll come back with it tomorrow”.

She nodded, and kept working; while I walked up to Tyler (Our table was three stairs up).

He looked at me with a weird expression on his face; I sat down, and sighed.

“I saw what happened” he noticed “Was the coffee hot?”

“No, it was white beast latte” I replied and stared down at my homework. It’s a bit sad that I can recognize the latte just by smell; I’m here far too often. After doing an assignment for next Friday, I got up and packed up my stuff. “I’m leaving” I told Tyler, he just nodded, I already told him of my plans looking for the bookstore.

“Watch where you go” he just said, without looking up from his papers.

“What are you talking about?” I took my jacket in my arms.

“Watch out, I know your favorite bookstore isn’t in a nice neighborhood, and I would hate seeing anything happen to you” he said I softly and with a low voice “So take care”.

I just nodded, laughed at him, and then ran down the stairs and out the door. The bookstore is far away, about 3 kilometer, but lucky on my way home. I started walking; the darkness of the night had already fallen upon the city, some of the light started to light up around me, giving the street and buildings a creepy look. Perhaps I’m just a bit too dreamy today.

I walked long, and with a feeling of being followed. That is so Tylers fault! He knows I don’t get scared easily, it’s all his talk about watching out, just because the bookstore isn’t in one of the finer neighborhood. After a half hour I finally reached my destination and opened up the door to the bookstore. It’s an older bookstore, and have been in the owner’s family for generations - so much I know. It’s filled with both old and new books, and if I didn’t know the store I probably wouldn’t go in there. For fun, the owner had placed a skull in the window (Symbolizing Shakespeare’s “To be, or not to be”) old books was stacked in the window, and you could get lost between the many hallways of books, even though there is maps everywhere.

“Rachael, already back?” he looked at my shirt, and I could see he wondered why I was wearing that. He is an older man, about the 50-60s I think, his hair is slightly brown and gray, reminding me of an old weird looking uncle. His stomach is a bit larger than most men’s, but it just suits him. And his eyes are blue, but a bit white around the iris.

“Yeah, I got a chance to come” I answered.

“You’ve got a job now?” he asked smilingly.

“No, no... I just spilled some coffee while being on a café, I borrowed this”. He nodded and sat down again, while I got lost in the world of books. My fingers followed every book, touched every cover, feeling the roughed and soft material of the old books, and the smooth and hard of the newer ones.

My hand stopped at a book, feeling kind of exited I took it down and opened it. The cover looked like the one dangerous have, the same material on the outside (A weird material, I have never felt anything like it… I think it’s some kind of animal). It was like the other one, a look and I took it in my hands. About 2 dollars for this one? Nice. I kept going, while my hands followed the shelf of book.

After an hour I had bought the book, and started walking home.

I got the feeling of being followed again, like someone was looking at my every move. It annoyed me, and made me feel uneasy. I hesitated walking down the next street. There is no light, I hate that. I could hear steps, so I start walking, faster than I had all day. Even though i was walking fast, I could hear the steps coming closer. It’s not like I can’t defend myself, I reminded myself. Even though I’m a girl, I have knowledge of many different form of fighting.

But - if they are more than two, I’m screwed. I tried to figure it out, but it was hard, while walking so fast. If I just can get to the street with light! I started running towards the next street, but before I knew it some hands were over my mouth, and some on my stomach puling me back.

I landed on my ass on the street, looking up on my stalkers. There were five, standing in a circle around me, I crawled up to the nearest wall, sadly cornering myself.

I refuse to panic! I got up, with the book in my bag, I swung it into one of the dudes head, and he fell down cursing so much, I’m sure his mother would be ashamed.

Before I could give another hid, one of them got the bag from me, and threw it a bit away from her, holding me against the wall, the others followed his lead, but I just lead all the power to my hand, and punched him in the stomach. Angry as he was he bit me on the neck, when he didn’t pull away I panicked, da fuck? What kind of freaks are these? I started blacking out, and lost sight I could hear rumble, and hoped it wasn’t them winning over me. I’m pretty sure I already have lost. My sight returned, and I noticed the dude was no longer biting my neck.

A person covering in the dark of night was standing over me, checking how bad I was.

“You’re going to be fine”, the manly voice disappeared and I got up.

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