Still Breathing

" I closed the book, and laid my head on my hands. How can it be, that I’m knowing of this world? Of Adrian? " - Rachael

It's easier just reading first chapter and decide if you like this story or not ;) And i'm sorry about the grammar(i'm working on it :)

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7. A kiss Revealed

Quinn is alright, the sounds of fighting stopped, so I walked out into the living room seeing mom and dad discussing loudly, and Adrian looking into the floor with his knife in his hands.

“What happened?” I looked at Adrian, he looked up and I got a look that could kill.

“He took Rachael!” mom announced “It makes no sense at all”

Rachael? I looked at the room again, a person is missing. I completely forgot she was here.

“But…” suddenly Adrian’s behavior made sense. I know he feels he have a responsible for her. But there aren’t much to do, when one of darkest lighters take one.

“Adrian, you can’t possibly think it would be a good idea to search for her!” Mom yelled “I know you like her, but seriously! It would be a suicide mission!”

He nodded “That is why; I’m going to do it alone”. He got up and ran out the door before anyone could stop him. Mom started crying like he was already dead, I’m sure he’ll come back! There is no way he will lose to anyone - I have seen him fight many times, he’s even better than me!


Adrian tells…

I need to find a dark lighter, he or she must know where the darkest lighter is, right? I need to find her, I really do. The look on her face, when they disappeared. What if she is already dead? What am I going to do then?

I ran through the streets looking for the home of the warlock of Vindessa! I’m sure he knows where I can find a dark lighter.

I ran through the forest, looking for a home, a building anything. I saw many creatures, running around in day time. Without food and much sleep I had to relax, I got down at the ground leaning at a tree. Rachael, how could you punch him? He’s probably going to test her for magic, then kill her when finding out she has none. I wonder how much time will pass before they find her body. Not many people’s bodies get found after being in the castle of Virdirta. I know the name of the place they live, just not how to get there. My eyes fell on the forest, the trees, how many times hasn’t she looked at it? How many hours in class hasn’t she spend looking out to the forest, looking for something out of the ordinary. Maybe she does that because she knows something, she has long forgotten. The sight of the RiRa in love? The crystal from a WimahRa? Our world, Amalion? Our biggest city? The many fields, the libraries, the mountains. I’ll love to show all that to her, showing her every inch, letting her meet my friends growing up, seeing her play with Quinn once more. God demon! I punched the ground, wishing that would bring her back. Why can’t she stay out of trouble?

“Excuse me?” a voice made me look straight ahead. A guy, approximately my age, with golden hair, looked at me.


“Here” he threw a piece of bread “It looks like you can use it”

He is right about that, I doubt I’ll be able to move too much without any food.

“Thank you” I said and started eating the bread.

“What kind of lighter are you?” he asked laughingly.

I sighed and smiled at him, I should be nice. “Water, what about you?”

“Wind” he answered “I could feel you running through the forest - why?”

“I’m looking for someone” I said.

He smiled at me, and I bit my tongue. I don’t normally trust strangers, I shouldn’t now.

“Me too” he said “Who are you looking for?”

“The warlock” I answered. If I talk about a dark lighter I might make him run away. “What about you?” He came closer, I guess he trust people more than me.

“A girl, I never caught her name” he answered “Anyway, I think the odds of me finding her are way too low right now. But I know where the warlock lives”

I stared at him for a second. “Can you take me to him?” I asked. He nodded “follow me Water lighter”

He stared walking I got up and followed while eating.

“This girl you are looking for… why don’t you know her name?” I asked. He sighed and smiled tiredly at me.

“She ran before I had a chance to ask” he answered.

I nodded - so she ran, that aren’t a good sign.

“The trees are portals into houses, that means you can’t see them” his hand went through a door, and knocked three times.

I nodded, and waited for a response. Nothing.

“I guess he aren’t here right now, is it important?” he asked.

“Yeah, it is” I sighed “Do you know of the two darkest Lighters?”

He nodded “I have never met them, but I have heard of them”

“One of them took my friend” I bit my tongue “And I need to find her, I owe her that”

He stared at me and nodded. “ I guess it’s like my princess”, he knocked again, this time the door flew opened.

“Yeah? What are so important I can’t keep sleeping?” the warlock asked. I smiled at him.

“His girlfriend is kidnapped by the darkest lighters, he wants to find her” goldilocks said fast and smilingly.

“So the castle of Virdirta?” the warlock nodded “Fine, stay here a second”

I stared at goldilocks “She’s not my girlfriend”.

“Good, what guy loses his girlfriend to the darkest lighters?” he laughed.

“I guess my princess could fall into their hands” he suddenly laughed “she’s so unlucky”. Huh?

“How are your ‘princess’?” I asked.

He laughed “Almost fearless, I found her in a Drimanans nest, ready to be cooked. She got a knife while it changed skin”

He suddenly sighed “I thought we both got out okay, but it turned out she got scathed by it, her left arm was all bloody” he showed where on his arm, getting me scared. The scar on Rachael’s arm. Telling me she can handle herself.

“Here” the warlock gave me a little bottle with something purple in it “Drink it and you can see the castle”

“Thank you” so I don’t need a dark lighter? That’s good.

“The castle is dangerous boy” the warlock noticed “I doubt you’ll survive” then he closed the door.

“I’ll follow you out” he smiled. We walked in silence for a while.

“So… are you and this princess in a relationship?” I asked. Perhaps it’s another girl, with a scar where Rachael got hers. You never know.

“No” he smiled at me “I met her, and then she had to run. I guess she didn’t like being out in the forest at sunset. I think it’s because the place starts to crawl with dark creatures” he kicked at rock. Rachael doesn’t know about them, I guess she was thinking of the vampires. If it was her, of course.

“I even said a joke and she ki-“ he stopped when the tree fell in front of our feet.

“ARGH!” I stared at the enormous creature. I have never met such a thing.

“Are you a fighter?” I got my knife out, and looked around looking after a pond, a little lake, anything!

He nodded at me. “Sorry water light, no water in this area!” I ran towards the giant. It was as high as the trees with moss and rocks on itself, where its eyes should have been there were only big black holes. I ran up its foot, and climbed to its knee. First lesson in school: When in doubt, go after the head. Goldilocks was already at its left ear. I climbed as fast I could, wishing I had the power of the wind for a change.

I got to the chest and it saw me - and started hitting around me, trying to get me off. “WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG?” I yelled at him.

“IT’S HARD TO CUT IN!” he yelled back, its finger touched me, punching me off the little rock I was sitting on. I took my knife and stabbed the rock so I could keep myself up: and not falling towards the ground. It made a weird sound, I guessed at a scream. “YES!” he yelled, I looked up. IDIOT!

“THAT WAS ME!” I yelled at him, and jacked the knife out the moment I was on the rock again.

“THEN DO IT AGAIN!” He yelled. I guess the shell is the rock and moss. I must have gotten into the skin. No blood was coming out, so I didn’t have enough in. “DO YOU HAVE A LARGER KNIFE?”

“CATCH!” he let something fall, I tried catching it, but it fell on a rock a bit away. I crawled to the knife: the moss is so slippery. I could feel its breath. I hurried back as fast as I could and stood up. I walked a step back and I hit the chest of it hard. I got up again and ignored the pain in my back; I raised the long knife high and with all my strength I jacked it down in the stone, hearing another terrifying scream.

“LETS GET OFF!” he yelled, it was starting on falling back. I jumped from the chest to a tree, only holding on to a small branch. I climbed down, but the last step before me touching the ground the giant fell and made the forest shake. “Are you okay?” he ran to me. “How about you?”

He nodded and we ran to the creature, it disappeared into the ground. “Lets get out” he suggested. I agreed and we walked towards the city.

“Anyway” he laughed and messed with his hair “The girl I met, she said she was human. But she either lied or doesn’t know it herself. I’m sure she is a lighter. The Drimanan seemed to think so too”.

That sounds too much like Rachael to not be her. Seems like a lighter, but is really a human.

“How did she look?”  I asked. He seemed distant, while looking at the building in front of us.

“Beautiful” he answered. Idiot…

“Anyway I’ll have to g-“

“She kissed me actually” he interrupted “That is why I’m looking for her. I have never met a girl like her. Anyway, bye” He went back into the forest, leaving me speechless. I… She what?!


Crish tells…

Yelling his name out in the opening isn’t helping. No one has seen him, and I’m sure he isn’t far in the investigation. I can see he likes her more than he normally likes the girl he brings home. In Amalion he was a good fighter; there for good with the girls. It was a real surprise seeing a girl like that here. Yelling at him, making him yell at her. Not doing everything she can to please him, not being afraid of getting him angry. It’s a good thing. For him at least, I’m not sure about her. She keeps getting hurt, if this keeps up she’s going to die, and he will be heartbroken more than ever. She aren’t scared of her own shadow. I like that about her, fit for a fight even though she knows she doesn’t have the strength for it. Quinn is sitting at home, talking with all the water lighters to look out for Adrian, and asking them to tell him Quinn and his family wants him home.

I wonder - does she feel like him?


Tyler tells…

I stared at my phone, she aren’t picking up. She always picks up, even if she is grounded, when she is with people, even when she was at the hospital with her mom and sister. I called again. I heard a low “no” being said in the background “This is the darkest lighter alive, I’m sorry the person you’re trying to reach are no longer in your world. I’ll make sure she gets your message”. Then it hanged up. Darkest lighter? What is she doing with those? I thought she was completely human: I have never seen different. I have seen her fight, but I thought she just had a lot of fantasy, from her books. I got up and walked around the room. But of course! If her mother didn’t tell her she was adopted perhaps - No, that makes no sense, what is the odds of findings a girl looking exactly like the mother who are adopting? But that must mean that both Silencia and Rachael are lighters and her mother too! Why haven’t I seen that?


Adrian tells…

I looked at the castle; it’s bigger than anything I have ever seen! I guess the lords are compensating for something. I stared at the guards guarding the door to the gigantic castle. So close, I guess I have to get pass them. But how? Night is coming soon- I looked at the water around the castle. So stupid lighters - never thinking about the water lighters. I jumped in the water and felt my formed changing into the waters colorless shape. I passed through the ground, and into the floor of the castle, I stared at first. I was in the main hall - I guess that is what it is. The walls are all white! And golden! How is that possible? I thought dark lighters weren’t happy for light and bright colors?

I got as far as I could in my water form, until I reached a little room. I took my normal lighter form and got up.

I walked alone in the big hall way, looking at all the things: The paintings, the tables, the carpets, the stairs, and the columns. I stopped in front of what had to be a family painting. A woman, a man and in the man’s arms a little baby girl. I have never thought of dark lighters like that. Them having a family, smiling and being happy. Don’t they kill out of fun? I wonder how they teach the children that? The killing for fun part? I pictured a girl running around in this hallway, older than the one on the picture; running after someone to kill him/her. Her father laughing telling her to run faster. I hid behind a column, hearing voices coming closer.

“The girl” I heard a deep manly voice “what kind of lighter is she?”

I could hear the footsteps walking to the painting. “None of them, her blood said non magical. I guess that would be human”. Rachael?

“Really? When you showed her to me, I was sure she would be either a mix or a wind lighter” the manly voice noticed “I guess I’m wrong. Such humans do exist apparently”.

“I wonder what she was doing at a lighter family, it’s not human-like behavior” an older voice - the other voice - remarked.

“She punched you didn’t she?” the voice laughed highly in the big hallway. “That takes a lot of guts”.

So the two chatting is the lighters?

“She didn’t hit that hard, I guess she isn’t so strong” he laughed “She can’t move in the lower cell. I guess she was wounded before I even got to her”.

“We need to find a wind lighter”.

“I’m on it” one pair of steps left. I could hear the young one sigh. I build some courage and took a look. He was the man on the painting; he was staring at the picture. His hair is brown, himself being a bit taller than me, wearing a lot of black clothes: Some pants, that didn’t look very comfortable, a jacket black with some threads sticking out here and there. His eyes green as the grass. He reminds me of someone.

“Tricia” he looked at the woman “I haven’t given up yet, I’ll find her, and you. You can’t hide forever”

Then he walked away, leaving me in a bit of fear and confuse. The woman and the child? My guess is that they left. Good choice if you ask me. I walked slowly to the first door, under the stairs. Cells must be that way; I felt a hand touch my shoulder pulling me back. DAMN! I stared into a pair of green eyes. 

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