Still Breathing

" I closed the book, and laid my head on my hands. How can it be, that I’m knowing of this world? Of Adrian? " - Rachael

It's easier just reading first chapter and decide if you like this story or not ;) And i'm sorry about the grammar(i'm working on it :)

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12. A following shadow in the night

“George and Ray aren’t home right now” I told her, and opened up. They’re out working in a café or something - I can never remember the details around their job. She didn’t say a thing, she just looked around. How can it be we met a week ago, but she hated me, and now she asked to see my apartment?

“It’s nice” she laughed. I guess she’s being nice. We live in a bad neighborhood ~ people don’t look other people in the eye on the street, unless they’re looking for trouble. But the rent is cheap, and that’s what’s important. The kitchen and living room are one; the kitchen is just a few tables, a stove and a little fridge, a table big enough for three is at the window, and a couch - I guess the most used item in this apartment - in front of a little TV, and a playstation 3 at its feet. Ray and George mostly sit there and game all day long, unless they’re eating, or out working. There’re three rooms attached to the living room - our bedrooms. They are all very small, but that’s fine since all we have is beds, books and - for my case - a little desk. In the kitchen-part there is a door to a bathroom. Smaller than the bedrooms, with a shower and a toilet (The sink is in the kitchen… no sink in the bathroom). The shower is mostly cold, but when it’s hot, you get burned.

“Thank you” I locked the door behind me, while she looked around. "It’s cute” she mumbled. We don’t have mice problems at least - in the winter it gets cold, we don’t pay for heating up this place. No fancy wallpaper or carpets, it’s all just wood.

“I know it’s not much-“ I started.

“Tyler, relax, it’s cute” she didn’t hesitate when she sat down on the couch and looked at their games(Laying all around the playstation)

“Do you play?” I asked.

She laughed. “No, I have never played any of these games. My mom refuses to let me get one; she says it will make me violent”

“So it wasn’t videogames that made you violent, huh?” I said smilingly, my neck is still sore from earlier today. The fighting style is still similar to lighters, so much that it scares me sometimes.

“Do you want to play?” I asked her laughingly. First time I ever have seen her in a dress actually. It was time to take pictures today, so every girl dressed a bit fancier than normal. The dress is a little summer dress, without sleeves and only covers halfway to the knees. It’s white, but with little flowers on it. Mascara and a bit of lip-gloss was on this morning, but right now only the mascara was remaining. She is a beautiful girl sometimes. But nothing in my taste.

“Sure” she answered. I turned it on - the playstation are Rays, but he says we’re all welcome to play with it.

I took a basic shooting game, and taught her the controls, after a few hours I let her kill, while I made something to drink. I took some ice cubes in two glasses and looked in the fridge.

“Do you like beer?” I yelled, and messed a bit with my hair. It’s the only liquid we have.

“Sure!” she yelled back. I poured it up and looked at the clock above the window in the kitchen. It will be dark soon…

I walked into the living room and sat down with the beers.

“It’s getting late, won’t your mom get worried?” I asked. When I was younger mom got so scared when I stayed out longer than nightfall.

“My mom doesn’t care, as long as I come home for sleep, or I call and say I sleep out” she answered and shrugged her shoulders.

“Shouldn’t she worry?” I noticed. Normal human mothers should… shouldn’t they?

“I am not much home, Tyler. I’m normally only home when Jenny visits, or when I have to sleep. Else I’m at the library or out dancing” I stared at her. She doesn’t seem like that kind of person. I already know she loves book and learning, but dancing? She really doesn’t seem like that type of person.

“Why aren’t you?” I asked, and picked up a controller to get into the game. If I could, I would stay at home as much as I could.

“My mom and I can’t get along” she answered “We keep arguing, and it bothers my sisters mental health… therefor I keep away from home, so my sister doesn’t have a mental breakdown” she answered silently, without looking away from the television. I guess she loves her sister very much.

“I’m sorry” I answered; I don’t know what else to say.

“Don’t be. My sister is everything to me; I would lay down my life for her if necessary”


Tyler tells…

Rachael seemed distant, like she didn’t follow anything that happened throughout class. “Are you okay?” I asked and stared at her distant eyes. “I’m fine” she answered. Then she got up and smiled at me. “Sorry, I was out drinking last night… I think I have a bit of hangover” I started laughing. Of course. Her dancing habit. She don’t tell a person she is going dancing, before the day after. She don’t like the idea of people wanting to go with her.

“Ray and George are asking after you” I noticed and winked at her “I think they miss you killing them in Call of duty”.

She laughed “After school we can go to Omicron and do the homework… then after we can head home to your place and I can kick their asses”

“Deal” I laughed, while we walked to next class. It’s nice that Adrian isn’t here today. He makes her so tense.


“Thank you” I said to George at the counter and walked up to Rachael. She is so effective today! She has made half the homework to this week - that’s more than what she usually does in three days! She started drinking when I reached her.

“Thank you” she said and stared down in her homework again. It’s nice she is starting to take her education serious; it makes it easier to be around her. She normally just sits and stares out at the people surrounding us.

Suddenly a shadow at the table made it hard to see the text. I looked up and stared at a girl. A girl approximately our age with blond hair and big blue eyes.

“Rachael, my lady” I stared at Rachael that was staring with an empty expression on the paper. My lady? It sounds like something from the middle-ages.

“I can’t leave until I have giving you these” she held three objects in her hands. A letter, a watch and a little note.

“Fine” she looked up and bit her lip “What is it Laina?”

“First this” She handed the letter to Rachael who opened it; there was a card in - a MasterCard? What is going on?

“My lord said there is more money on it than you can use” The girl, Laina, looked a bit irritated on the card. She was blushing, when I looked at Rachael so was she.

“Tell him I don’t need his money” Rachael suddenly said, and grabbed a scissor from my pencil case and cut it.

“My lady-!” The girl looked shocked, but then just nodded. “The next thing is this” she handed over the note, I read over Rachael’s shoulder. I’ll like to see you this weekend, from Saturday afternoon to Sunday night. She bit her lip and just nodded. She suddenly wrote something under it and handed it to Laina. “Give him this” she mumbled.

“Yes, my lady, the next thing-“

“Laina, you don’t have to call me ‘my lady’ Rachael is fine”

Laina just nodded. “The next thing is this” she handed over the watch; Rachael placed it on her arm “What’s it counting down too?” she asked.

“Your next training lesson, my lady” Laina answered “My lords’ way of warning you beforehand”.

“Thank you Laina… by the way, have you been following me recently?” Rachael asked, I stared at her. Who is this person? She has a lot to explain later!

“I’m not been the selected to that job, my lady” Laina said.

“Can you ask him to remove the person following me then? It’s pretty annoying” Rachael said.

“Sure, my lady” Laina bowed down, before walking away. Rachael was staring down in her papers again, I followed Laina out with my eyes, and I could see many people did the same.

“Who was that?” I asked.

Rachael was blushing, while staring at the papers. “Laina”

“I could hear that! Why does she call you ‘my lady’?” I asked. Rachael looked at me, and I could see she didn’t want to talk about it. She sighed “It’s a long story; I’ll tell you when we go to your place”. I just nodded, it’s better than nothing. Laina said my lords too. I wonder who her lords is?

More money than you can use. Why is Rachael given so much money? Two hours went by, and we finally left Omicron.

“Start telling” I commanded while we walked down the first road.

“Tyler…” she blushed “I’m a… I’m a lighter” I stopped and stared at her. Impossible! It can’t be! … … …

It makes sense actually. A lot of sense. “We have known each other a long time why didn’t you tell me, when we first met?” I asked. She blushed and stared down in the ground. “I couldn’t remember, I’ll tell you the full story, come on” I started walked again. I decided to look into the forest while listening.

“My mom left my dad in Amalion and took me with her” she started. She told me about her mom drugging her memories out of her, her powers, her life in Amalion as a little kid, her mother’s reason to marriage, her dad’s true nature as the darkest lighter, but still a loving dad. When she was done night had fallen and we were in the apartment.

“I’m sorry” I said “That you had such a tough childhood” she just smiled at me. “Tyler I love my dad, and I loved my childhood. Even though I grew up almost alone, I was loved and even when I was brought into this world, I was still loved. My mom surrounded me with people that would give me what I no longer had, and that I’m grateful for. Of course it doesn’t add up with all the things she has done, but right now I need to focus on the future problems for me. So relax, let’s have some fun for now” Ray and George got home and we played playstation until midnight, when she decided it was time to go home.

“Take care” I said and hugged her, before she left the apartment.


Lucem tells…

I followed her with Iuvenum, and decided it was best time here. The faster we can bring her to the king, the better. Iuvenum jumped down first and blindfolded her, while I jumped down and tied her hands. She oddly didn’t resist.

“I guess it have been you two following me?” she suddenly said. She was bending over, but had no trouble keeping her balance, even though she was blindfolded.

“My name is Inlucem Noctis, and yes I have been following you, please don’t resist” Iuvenum took her, and we ran back to the opening. The house is normally darkened, but because of our guest, the king has had a few lights lit around the house. We sat her on a chair, and Iuvenum left.

“Why did you follow me?” she asked. I laughed “Don’t worry, we won’t hurt you”. She looks so defenseless on the chair. Like I don’t know her true nature. Even though we have tied her up, she can kill every one of us if she wants too.

“I’m just curious” she answered. We remained in silence until the king arrived.


Rachael tells…

I could hear new footstep, deep, relaxing and walking slowly, like the world would wait for him - clearly him, those sounds are too loud to be made by a girl. “Rachael, the daughter of the darkest lighter - am I right?” the voice said. A deep manly voice.

“It depends who you are” I answered, and could feel the lust after sleep. My bed is probably somewhere long away from right now. I miss it so much…

“Your followers said you didn’t struggle” he noticed without answering my question “Why is that?”

“I guessed someone had some business with me, since I was being followed the day before” I remarked quick “I was curious when I found out you were vampires”

The man laughed. “I love this! A lighter without hatred to other creatures!” Yeah, dad taught me not to hate people for what they are - only what they do, and to judge their actions.

I grew up with vampires around me - some had business with dad, and they waited with me in the hallway, they are sometimes sweet creatures, actually really loving and real family-creatures.

“Where are you going with this?” I asked “I guess you didn’t just bring me here to chit chat?”. The footsteps sounded all around me.

“Do you know what a Guidion are?” he asked “I know you grew up in solitude, so the basics may not be in place”

Insulting my intelligence?

“A Guidion is a binder, the link between several things, mostly used in contracts, to be neutral part that gets no benefit from the deal except money mostly from both part - the same amount to not influence the decision. They highest Guidion you can become is a Lithium Guidion, which link the kingdoms in Amalion together” I quickly answered. When you get born in Amalion the doctors make a test in your blood, if you got the ‘virus’ you can become a Guidion. Every infected gets sent to a special training facility, but many fails because of lack in mental strength. Dad tested me, when I got born. I asked when I was little, but he refused to answer the question.

“Good!” he laughed “That makes it easier. You see, I need you. Not because you are the darkest lighters daughter, but because he raised you. He raised you with a believe that other creatures shouldn’t just be slaughtered” where is he going with this?

“As you know, there’re many worlds of magical creatures surrounding the humans Nomagi one, but because of your lighter race we aren’t able to talk to each other. The laws of Amalion says-“

“Every peace contract most have a lighter Guidion, or else the contract doesn’t count” I nodded.

He walked around me again. “Yes, also the law sawing magical creatures most not make connections, which can look threating without lighters. That means we need a lighter to contact other magical kingdoms, but one we can trust”

The blindfold disappeared and a tall man stood before me. “Rachael, the counsel has chosen you to be the Guidion” he said smilingly. 

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