Still Breathing

" I closed the book, and laid my head on my hands. How can it be, that I’m knowing of this world? Of Adrian? " - Rachael

It's easier just reading first chapter and decide if you like this story or not ;) And i'm sorry about the grammar(i'm working on it :)


3. A fight for the hand

Even though I don’t want to see him, he followed me the next morning, walking to school, I got angry.

“Leave me alone Adrian!” I yelled at him, even though he was approximately 5 feet behind me. Why is he following me anyway? It’s not like the vampires ever attacked me walking to school! “I want to talk to you, alone” he was closer than I thought; I jumped to the side, and almost fell into a trashcan.

He was staring at me; I was busy getting back on my walking track. “I don’t want to speak to you”.

He followed me still; I wanted to hit him again. I shouldn’t get so violent, just because he is a pain in the ass.

“It’s important” he said, his hand suddenly holding me back, and I wondered how much he trained. I was nothing against his strength, god dammit.

“I don’t care” I tried to keep walking, but I got nowhere. I walked backwards out of his hand, and then started running along the street with my backpack on. What am I doing? I’m sure he can outrun me, perhaps if I climb…

I grabbed a window, jumped up and jump to the roof, he was right after me, I started running on the flat roof, jumping without hesitation to the next flat roof. The next buildings was higher, I hesitated for a second, but landed in the window, and started climbing, trying not to look down. I got to the roof (Not flat this time) running to the right edge, looking for a place to jump to. One building, flat as a pancake, but many meters down. I looked back, seeing Adrian with a crazy look in the eye, I jumped and rolled on the flat roof, I only just got up, when his hand was on my shoulders and he got me down, laying above me. He got me down while falling! I saw his angry look, and looked to the side.

“What is wrong with you?” he asked, staring at my arm, I followed his eyes, and saw blood rolling out on the ground. I must have scratched it while jumping and climbing.

While being on top of me, he got a bandage from his bag and tried stopping the bleeding.

“There is nothing wrong with me” I answered “I wouldn’t be here, if it wasn’t for you following me”. My legs hurt, I guess it’s because they don’t usually do this.

“Done” he mumbled, not looking at me, angrily staring on the sky.

“I wanted to talk to you, why couldn’t you just listen?” I could feel him staring. I don’t want to hear him talk, every time he is near something happens to me, why can’t he just stay away?

“Because I’m still angry at you” I answered. He sighed, but didn’t move from me, I want to hit him so bad. Why can’t he just leave me alone? I don’t want him near Tyler and me. Jenny or not, he can stay alone.

“This I not my idea, but the light protectors I live with wants to meet you - I told them to go to hell, but they told me that if I don’t bring you home during this week, they’ll track you down”. He sounded annoyed “And I think it’s better if I’m there when you me-” I sat up, looking him straight into his eyes, wondering why they are so blue, and why they actually looked sad. I could see something weird in them.

“Why?” I asked. He looked surprised, like he didn’t think I would ask that question.

“Because I doubt you will like being alone-”

“I mean, why do they want to meet me?” He blushed, but I could barely see it.

“Because… it’s weird how you can be a human and live so much in our kind of world”. He was still sitting on top of me.

“Fine, I’ll meet them, just… get off me” I asked, he quickly stood up and looked at his watch. “It’s past eight, we’re late”.

“That’s your fault” I looked at the roof, but there was no stair to take. Fine. I jumped, and landed a few meters down at a fire stairs. Adrian looked scared at me, but at the same time with relief. We got down, and walked hastily to school, we reached the door, and I grabbed him pulling him into the side, just before he could open the door. “This doesn’t mean I’m not angry at you anymore” Then I got into class and sat down, ignoring Tyler’s concerned look.


“You never get late! Why shouldn’t I worry?” I don’t see why it’s such a big deal! It’s one time, it’s not like I’ll get kicked out, just because of that. I sat down on my regular spot, Tyler did something unusual, by sitting next to me. Why would he…? I stared at first when a buff guy sat down on the other side of me. Normally Christy sits there! Christy stared just as much as me, when she got in. We always have to work in group of three, Christy and I work good together, and Lucy, who usually sits on the left side where Tyler know are sitting, works well with us too. I ignored both boys, until the class started, and I could start looking out the window. I should get me a spot right next to it actually. It’s hard looking out the window when Tyler sits right next to me; he’s not only in my line of view, but also he looks at me, looking out. I tried to ignore him, and stared into the forest with I’m sure was a maniac expression on my face, ‘cause suddenly Tyler started laughing out loud, making everybody look at him. I don’t have energy for this. I started drawing on my papers, not something I’m very good at. “Now, let us get to work!” the teacher announced, we moved out tables together, the buff guy(wearing a football jacket, with his hair filled with wax, that I’m sure already form this distance smells like oranges) took his phone up, and I guessed he didn’t want to work. Tyler started explaining me the problem, like he always does, and I looked at him for a second. “I doubt you ever kissed Tyler just because he talked” its second year in high school, I’ve only known Tyler a year and a half, why should I kiss him? But you kissed Adrian, and you haven’t even known him a week. Tyler is different! He is my best friend, I would never kiss him, just because he annoyed me, besides that I know he’s in love with a girl I our class, that’s why he sits in the back, right next to her! I can’t even remember her name; perhaps I should try gaining more interest for Tyler’s life? He asked all kinds of question to me- “What?” I stared from where the light had been. The buff guy.

“Sorry, my phone did something weird” he said, with an it-doesn’t-matter face. I ignored him, and got back to the assignment with Tyler, him staring furious at the buff guy. I bit my lip and looked Tyler in the eyes. “Everything alright?”

He looked surprised at me and nodded, I looked down in the assignment at pointed at the question. “Sorry, I don’t get it”

“What happened to your wrist?” he looked scared at the bandage on my right wrist. Oh, I had forgotten that.

“It’s nothing” I laughed “Just burned myself at home making breakfast” I lied.

He started explaining the question, without looking at the paper, just constantly looking at my hand. I hate lying to him.

We got the assignment done fast, and I started to look out again, this time he stared at my face.

“What?” I looked at him “You keep staring at me-”

“I just realized how pretty you actually are, I wonder if you knows it yourself” he said it slowly in a whisper I think he didn’t intend to let me hear it.

“I’m not-” I thought back to all the girls, fishing for compliments, and stopped myself. “Thank you”. He smiled at me, and started laughing, while writing something on his paper. My hair must be fucked up, since the roof jumping. My clothes most certainly are. “The wind didn’t like my clothes this morning” I laughed while looking down at my clothes. He started laughing out loud once again. “Rachael, I think I know why”, but before he could finish, the teacher appeared, and asked to see our answers. The break came short after, I felt better after being away from Adrian - I can let down my guard.

“So, how much money has you spend it that store?” he asked laughing, while I tried to get to my food - sadly in the bottom of the backpack. I got it up, and stared at what had been a peanut butter jelly sandwich, it is now a pancake of tastiness.

“I’m not sure” I answered “But too much; I need to get a job”.

He nodded. “Try Omicron, I think they need one”. After seeing the last look Maria had on me, I don’t think that’s so good an idea.

“I’ll check” I just answered “By the way, what’s the name of that girl you like from class?”

He almost choked on the cola he was drinking, out of chock. Really? Why is he acting so surprised?

“Trina” he answered “Why?” I bit my lip and laughed.

“I’m just curious” I answered and took a bite of the pancake I had. Oh yeah, It must have gotten a lot of hits, while being on me jumping around. I heard a big laugh, and looked at the one that passed by. It was Adrian, with a smile on his face, but a killer look in his eyes. I took another bite of my pancake - it doesn’t taste wrong… it could taste better, but still, it’s eatable.

“Well… she haven’t come to school the last week, I wonder if something happened”. He looked serious, while eating some more. I took a bite more - I wished I had chosen to buy food today.

“Anyway, what about you? Fallen for anyone yet?” he asked, without the smile leaving his face, since he knows the answer.



After school we went to Omicron, I was behind on some school work, and I need help. I started, and I could feel I hadn’t slept well that night. Suddenly some guy sat himself next to me, and took a picture. I stared at him, but before I could ask, he was gone, running down to his friends, laughing.

“That was Rick, from class” Tyler said surprised, and started doing something on his computer. I felt weirdly bad, something isn’t right. The door opened, Adrian came in with a bunch of girls, and they are all blond, very tall, and actually a bit beautiful. I got annoyed, and stared down in my papers, George came up with my latte.

“I could just had- Thank you” I said, I’m confused, normally they ask you over the speakers to come get it.

He leaned down to my ear. “Everything for going away from work” he whispered, and then laughed. “Anyway, what are you two doing?” Tyler who doesn’t know George stared at him confused.

“Homework” I laughed “I’m not up to date”. Suddenly he laughed. “Doesn’t wonder me, you always had a poor excuse to not do your homework”.

Tyler, now knowing we know each other, looked more relaxed.

“By the way what happened to your neck?” My neck? I tried -stupid as I am - to look down, but saw only the rest of my body. Oh the marks! God damn - I forgot them.

“Mosquitos” I answered “I forgot to close the window to my bedroom”.

He just nodded smilingly “Always, so forgetful, well… back to work” he left, and I looked at Tyler, staring at the marks.

“May I see?” he asked.

“Sure” I answered. I can’t refuse, without it sounding strange, if I keep up behaving strange I’m going to have to explain everything to him. His fingers felt cold on my marks, actually it’s quite nice. The marks are very hot.

“They are very warm” he said “When did you say, you got them?”

“Two days ago” I tried keeping myself at the truth, that’s easier to remember, than anything else.  He bit his lip, looking like he wanted to say something, but then jut nodded and looked down in his papers. I wish I could tell you. I really wish.

“The fuck?” his phone said a sound, and a notification was on it: “Rick is now in a relationship”. He opened it up, and I stared at the picture right under the post. Me. Sitting, looking down at my papers, with no emotion in the face at all.

“What the fuck?” I started reading the texts under. “Being secretly going out with her for months, time you guys knew”.

I got up and jumped the three steps, running down the stairs to what had to be Rick, punching him in the face, where his nose started bleeding. People was staring at me, looking furious at him, his boys sitting silently besides him, in all of their jackets.

“Take the fucking picture off, and remove that stupid status. The day I would date you, would be the day hell freezes over!” I walked towards Tyler again, when a hand laid itself on my shoulder, with the words “Wait babe” I got angry and turned around to hit him again, when a hand punched him before I had even lifted mine. “She said, take the picture off” I turned around; Tyler was the one that hit him. Tyler didn’t even look at me; He looked at Rick, who was trying not to cry. Tyler took me behind himself, like he was protecting me. They were talking, but so fast I only got “Leave” “Stop” “Involved” and some other words like “You” out of their conversation. I could feel the missing sleep on my shoulders; I should take the bus home. I sat down on the stairs, while they kept arguing. My head hurts, everything is dizzy. I shouldn’t have climbed that much in the morning. “Are you okay?” Someone was sitting beside me; I leaned onto the shoulder and closed my eyes. “I’m fine”.

“You don’t look fine” the voice noticed “Are you sure?”

“I’ll just rest a bit” I mumbled, without moving an inch from the person. I felt a hand on my hair, stroking it carefully “Just relax”. I obeyed without hesitation. I need sleep; I can’t put this of any longer. I need to talk to mom. I reached down in my pocket and took two pills, and slowly laid them in my mouth, while I kept my eyes closed. “What do they do?” the voice asked. “Energy pills” I answered, and could feel the dizziness disappear. I opened my eyes, and looked at what wasn’t a stranger (I wished it were). Adrian was looking concerned into my eyes, he leaned forward, with his lips near my ear he whispered “The blood you lost may be more than I saw, you shouldn’t take those kinds of pills, may I see your marks?” I just nodded and moved my head, his fingers was gentle against the warm skin of my neck. I need something cooling. I blinked and looked at Tyler still talking with Rick. People are still staring at them, and I’m grateful focus no longer is on me.

“They’ll heal fine, just don’t do anything to demanding, it’ll kill the rest of the energy you have” he whispered. My head is still on his shoulders, my guard is down, but I don’t feel vulnerable, like I did this morning. This is also more pleasant.

“Just relax” he whispered “It looks like they’ll argue for a while”

I closed my eyes and relaxed. My head is starting to feel better at least, even though I feel cold now. I know Rick was irritating, but why did Tyler hit him? It’s one thing I hit him - I can’t hit as hard as Tyler - but a whole other thing is Tyler hitting him. And why is Adrian so nice to me? After I ran this morning, you should think he is furious, and just the thought of me should make him angry. Huh? I felt some fingers on the other side of my body, a whole hand. His arm was behind my back, holding around me. He’s so warm! I could feel how it all became more comfortable. A scent of lemons and cacao was around me, does he always smell like this? His hair tickled my cheek, but I didn’t move. I like sitting like this. The heat from his body was enough to make the both of us warm.

I should get my things and go home, before I’m so tired I won’t even be able to stand straight.

“I should” I started.

“Relax” he ended before I could finish my sentence. Well, this is nice… but if I can’t walk home, I’ll have a big problem.

“Here” I could hear Georges voice near, and Adrian moved a bit - but so little it was hard just to feel.

“Thank you” Adrian said, and I could hear footsteps walking away.

“Drink this” he whispered in my ear, I opened my eyes, and saw the hot chocolate Woobster (Gigantic cup of warm chocolate, with a little bit of cream and chocolate on top, and if I can smell right, the hot chocolate is with orange flavor, my favorite). I took it and drank it faster than I thought I could, I didn’t know I was thirsty. He laughed when I gave him the cup. George must have seen me, he have seen me so many times growing up, feeling like this, because of the sleeping problem.

I stared at Tyler. “What are they talking about?” I asked Adrian, I had a feeling he understood them better than I.

“Tyler is angry at Rick for taking pictures of you all day - and the fact that he pretended to be in a relationship with you, even though - and this I was he said - you can’t even remember his name”. I blushed. That’s true; I’m not good with names. He laughed, and I stood up. “I should pack my stuff” I walked up, and started packing.

“I know” he was standing right behind me, I judged from the sound of his voice “that you are angry with me, but I’ll follow you home, I’m not leaving you feeling like this”. And then he ran down to his stuff. I packed up, and looked at Tyler; he was walking towards our table.

“I’ll go home, I’m not feeling well”. He nodded smilingly, I hugged him. “Thank you”.

“It’s nothing” he laughed and blushed, Adrian met me at the exit, we walked in silence for a while.

“I need a break” I blushed, and the sweat ran down my cheeks. I’m no longer freezing I thought. That’s good. At least.

“Okay” I sat down at a bench, with my backpack besides me.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” he asked “You look pale”. I laughed, “I’m fine”.

I saw some couples walking along the streets. Why do things like relationships bother me so much? It’s not like I have been in one before, actually never. Then why does it bother me?

I stood up, and started walking. “Adrian?”

“Yeah?” he sounded distant, should I ask him?

He is so nice to me today, even though all I have been are trouble… Why doesn’t he hate me for it?

“Why are you so nice to me today?” I asked, looking him in the eyes.

“Because” he answered, while looking at the other street “It’s my fault you lost so much blood, if I had been quicker, you wouldn’t even had been bitten”. Oh. That makes sense.

“Thank you” I mumbled.

He just nodded, and let me walk the last street to my house alone. 

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