Still Breathing

" I closed the book, and laid my head on my hands. How can it be, that I’m knowing of this world? Of Adrian? " - Rachael

It's easier just reading first chapter and decide if you like this story or not ;) And i'm sorry about the grammar(i'm working on it :)

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5. A Dreamy Wind Lighter

The sun is up, I walked home. The vampires sleep at day, so I can sleep at day too. I love Saturdays. I got home, mom stared at me. “Adrian! You have blood all ov-”

I laughed “It’s vampire blood”. I took of my shoes, she hates getting blood on the carpet in the living room. “Still, take a shower this instant!” she ran out into the kitchen, dad came out looking at me. “So, do we really have to track that girl down, before you bring her home?” he asked. I sighed.

“I have invited her, and she will come before the week end, she just need to rest a bit - the vampire got her good”. He laughed and walked into the kitchen to mom. They are all interested in Rachael in a way I probably should understand, but can’t. I walked into the bathroom, and turned on the shower (It takes a while for it to get hot). Why does she know our world? Why can she fight? I took some grise over the scar, it healed instantly. The water seemed hot enough. I’m not exactly fond of the idea of my family meeting her.  They are all used to other protectors and lighters, not humans. They can be a bit wild, and restless. I use my time in the human world to explore: they fight and sleep. Or for my sisters case; she party, fight and sleep.

The water feels nice; it’s wonderful feeling the water running down along my body. Perhaps that’s because I’m a water light protector. Like in most families the youngest is the lighter, that means Quinn, she is youngest with her 14 years. Then I come with my 17, then Louisa with her 18, and then Crish with his 19. Quinn’s protector is Crish, since he’s the oldest. I’m not assigned to anyone, since I’m still under the 18 years. Louisa is protector to some girl; I haven’t met her yet, but Louisa seems to be fond of her. It should be hard protecting someone you don’t like.

My phone rang, I ran out of the shower, almost slipped, and took it fast. “Yeah?”

“Adrian?” it was Rachael’s voice, she was hard to hear. Does that mean she isn’t home? Even though I knew it was morning I looked out, checking if there were light.

“Yeah, what is it?” I asked, perhaps a little harsh, I don’t know why my tone went like that, it just sometimes does.

“I thought about coming over later today, so we can get this over with, what do you say?”

“Eh... Sure, why not” I mumbled.

“Okay, by-”

“Wait, where are you right now?” I asked, I don’t know why, I am not some protector of humans - even though such protectors exist.

“I am - it doesn’t matter” she said with a tired voice “I’m not home, let’s keep it at that”.



Rachael tells.

“Okay” he answered. I’m sure he wouldn’t be happy with my choice of eating a hotdog. The forest called Vindessa, we live right beside it. The tree in my dream looked so real, and so familiar, I must have seen it before. Of course you can only dream of things you have seen.

I found the tree, and I sighed. The rune wasn’t there. Nowhere to be seen. I walked around the tree, and around several trees looking alike, but I saw no rune. But how long is it since I saw the rune?  It can be some club just carving it into trees for the fun of the mystery. My fingers ran over the tree, like I would with a book. I felt something, something deep and soft on the tree. I pushed it, and could feel the rotten part of the tree under the bark; I tore it off, and looked at the mark. The rune, it’s right there! The rune! I took a picture of it with my phone, and just started staring at it.

“It’s beautiful, yes?” a man walked up beside me, tall, with a little beard, and a suit on - not a person you normally see in the forest.

“Yeah” I answered, wishing I still was alone.

“Do you know what such a mark is called?” he asked “I doubt with the educati-”

I interrupted him “It’s called a rune” He nodded surprised, I guess it was because I didn’t listen really to what he was saying.

“Beautiful marks, known for a lot of stuff. Magical myth also, do you know of druids?”

Druids? Of course, they were in all the same fairy tells as merlin and some other king.

“Men, with long capes and stuff like that” I mumbled.

“Yes” he looked me in the eyes, I thought of a cat, not just his eyes, his smile too.

“I don’t see many young girls like you out here in the forest, I wonder why?”

“The computer got invented” I replied with a smile. That and all the social networks. He laughed, a bit too much for my opinion, and then looked at the mark again.

“Do you ever-“this is getting creepy.

“I have to go” I started walking away “Nice cha-“he held me back with one arm, and had a knife at my throat with the other one. One day, just one day, without things like that happening, is that too much to ask?

“I love lighters, so young, so good meat-“I was stunned. Lighter? I’m not a lighter, I’m a human! - Even though I’m sure he doesn’t care.

He started pulling me further into the forest. “What are you?” I asked, wishing talk would be heard by someone, someone who could help.

“You know that lighter, I’m surprised you didn’t run when you saw me” I tried getting a hold on the knife, but he was faster than me. “I’m not a lighter” I tried “I don’t even know what a lighter is!”

He laughed “I know a lighter when I see one!” He pushed me inside a tree, I closed my eyes in fright for the pain - I didn’t hit the tree, I fell on the ground. I opened up my eyes, I was inside a house! He turned on a gigantic oven, while tying me up.

“I’m sure I won’t taste good” I tried. He laughed “The magic in your bones, taste sweet”

There is no magic in my bones!

His house reminds me of the inside of a pumpkin house, a big oven, a kitchen and a creepy creature.

“So” he laughed “Time for me to change”

He walked into the door too what I presume is the bedroom, and I walked to the kitchen counter, where I could see multiply knives. With my hands strapped on my back, I took one, and went back on my place. Perhaps I can kill him, next time he gets near me- bump. Through one of the walls a guy appeared, and fell on the floor. The wall didn’t break so I guess it’s the way I came in.

He got up and looked wondering at me, and then at the oven. His hair was looking unfairly hot, with his blond locks, his eyes to beautiful to describe, with a playful look, and he was smiling, and showing me perfectly white teeth. That is so unfair!

“Are you okay?” he leaned down and whispered in my ear. I nodded, even though the smell of him made me irritated, it’s so unfair!

“I’m going to hide behind you, until he moves you, don’t worry, I won’t let him-“he stopped, and jumped behind me, covered with a jacket hanging on a hook right above me.

It was a giant wolf, I felt for a second like little red riding hood. How can it move between the stuff in the kitchen? It didn’t knock a single thing over. Suddenly it turned to me, and picked me up, I could feel the guy’s arm passing between my legs, stabbing the wolf. The wolf fell over, but not dead. My head hit the floor hard, I’m sure that can’t be good, it swung me towards him, laying me above him.

“Well hallo” he said charmingly.

“Hey”. I got of him, so he could stab the wolf again. The wolf laid dead on the ground, and he came over to cut open my ties.

“So beautiful” he said “Which lighter are you?”

He looked at me, I didn’t answer I just jumped through the wall, and out in the forest again, the sun I on the other side, it’s no long to the next sunrise.

“Are you okay?” he asked “Your head took a big blow”.

I looked back at him, between the trees. When he first came in the pumpkin house, he was wearing a leather black jacket, over a white dream-like-charming-prince-shirt, with black pants on too. He had taking it off now, and the white shirt was bloody, from the wolfs stab wound. His pants had blood on it too, but that I could barely see.

“I’m fine” I answered, I looked down at the dress I was wearing. I don’t normally wear dresses; I just thought it would be nice with a little change. My jacket had blood on it, and so do the skirt of the dress. I need to change before going to Adrian’s house.

“So what kind of lighter are you?” he asked and revealed he was right beside me. He smiled friendly at me.

“I’m not” I answered, he stared at me for a second. “You’re not what?”

“A lighter” I answered. I starred at the sun. The wind raised itself around me, making my hair sway in it. I look at my arm - I actually was hurt. God damn. I took of the jacket, left overarm had one big gash with blood coming out of it.

“Wow” he found something in his jacket, and started pouring it on. “This will heal it a bit”.

He looked at the wound, so I could look at him. I wasn’t mistaking, he looks wonderful!

“If you aren’t a lighter, are you then a protector?” he asked. My head started shaking from side to side. “I’m human”.

He stared at my face, while I studied the wound, it still needs some bandage.

“I know some humans discover us, but I never met one” he suddenly smiled “How did you-“

“I was saved by one” I answered “Some vampire tried to kill me” twice.

He started laughing “You should get a human protector, I’m sure you can find trouble anywhere you go” His hands took a hold of my left arm, and started putting bandage on the wound.

“So…” I looked at him “how did you find the wolf?”

He smiled “I saw him go after you in the forest, near the rune. I needed to find its house. You can’t kill it in its human form”

I nodded staring at him. “So my princess” he started “Doesn’t your beautiful knight deserve a kiss?”

I started giggling, he smiled bright at me. “If you are not willing to give then-“a moment of adrenaline pumping through my veins took over, I leaned forward and kissed him. I could feel he first got surprised, and then his hands were on my back, crawling to my hair, where I could feel him puling me closer.

“Wow” he whispered a second after in my ear “I have never met a girl like you”

I could see the sun starting to go down. I need to go, I need to call Adrian, to talk about where we are going to meet.

“I have to go” I pushed him away from me.

“Of course, before you go, let me help you, with your dress” before I could refuse, he touched it, and I saw the blood leaving it, laying itself on the ground.

“Thank you” I smiled at him, then putted on my jacket.

“I’m a wind lighter; it got its advantages” he smiled at me “Get home safe”

“You too” I ran out the forest, and took my phone to the ear.


“It’s Rachael, where are we going to meet?” after deciding where, I could see I had time for eating a hotdog again, I relaxed on a bench, while looking at my arm. I should learn not to trust strangers; I should learn to run when seeing strangers.

He stared at me, when he came.

“You look tired” he noticed “I thought you slept the day away yesterday?” I yawned.

“Yeah, my energy is gone again”.

He nodded “Anyway, let’s get going”

We stared walking in silence; suddenly he looked at my arm.

“What happened?” his hand took my arm, to study the damage more.

“Nothing” I answered, I didn’t want to tell him about the dreamy wind lighter, or the creepy wolf thingy, trying to eat me.

“Damnit Rachael! Why can’t I leave you alone one single day without you getting hurt?” he yelled at me.

“This didn’t happen before I met you, so just shut up!” I started walking forward, without knowing where to go “Besides that, I’m not your responsibility! It seems like you think that, but I’m not!”

His hand stopped me; he pulled me back, by pulling my left shoulder. Ih, my arm started hurting again, dunking like a finger caught between a door and the doorframe.

“When you are in the magical world, you are my responsibility! I saved you making myself your savior, and therefore I have to protect you from magical beings! Like you said, it’s my fault you are getting hurt!” he sounded tortured.

“I don’t want to be your responsibility!” I stamped in the ground, reminding me of the little kids that get angry when they don’t get what they want.

“Too bad for you, now let’s get going!” We walked in an angry silence. 

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