Still Breathing

" I closed the book, and laid my head on my hands. How can it be, that I’m knowing of this world? Of Adrian? " - Rachael

It's easier just reading first chapter and decide if you like this story or not ;) And i'm sorry about the grammar(i'm working on it :)


15. A date of hidden secrets

It’s nice to be back! I opened the big door and walked into the castle. When I’m here, dad promised not to go after Silencia. That means I can relax… Jeremy stood at the painting staring at it. I have missed you too.

“Finally here!” Grandpa hugged me and followed me to Jeremy. They were both talking together about the starting of my training; I stopped listening and just looked around. I didn’t have time for that earlier. The style is nice. White and bright! I love that there is no red color - opposite of what Adrian’s house have. What? Why am I thinking about Adrian? Where is that guy anyway? It’s not like he can just disappear in thin air… He’s a water lighter, so that’s impossible.

Usually I can barely get away from him, but these last couple of days… It doesn’t matter. Sooner or later he’ll show up.

“Rachael!” Dad hugged me “Are you ready?”

“For what?” I looked at the three people confused. Jeremy laughed “didn’t you listen to a word we told you?”

I bit my lip and messed with my hair. “No… I was daydreaming” Jeremy smiled at me.

“First you’ll have some basic knife training, after that some wind training and then I’ll see how bad your piano playing have become” he said and took my hand “So first you’ll need to change into clothes that can take a scratch or two”

I ran to my room and found a shirt and some shorts. I took a few belts on. A belt to my inner leg-knife, one to my left arm-knife and the regular shorts belt with two knives. I turned around, Laina was standing there. “The lords have moved to the garden, they asked me to bring you to them, my lady” she said.

“Okay” I followed her, and my head did a jump.

Is it true what they all say? That the lord finally found her? The window was into the operation room, I could see a girl lying there in the box while two lighters were healing her.

“Is that…?” I asked Jeremy. He nodded slowly.

Her hair is so dark! It’s sweaty and laying around her face. She suddenly coughed, and moved a bit, but only a little.

“Did you know I was with the lord and his wife when she was born?” Jeremy suddenly said “She was a beautiful child”.

I stared at her. She does look beautiful, and I have seen the picture in the hall of a baby. It looks cute, but I don’t think it’s that accurate. How long have Jeremy been with the lord and his family?

“I hope I get too take care of her” I noticed “Since I met the lord I have wanted to meet her”

Jeremy’s hand was on my shoulder. “Sorry, Laina. Rachael has always been my responsibility, since she was completely little! The lord have already told me to get back in that position” I stared at him and then at her. Jeremy is normally not so interested in working - things that have made me question why the lords keep him. I guess this is why.

“Why?” I asked “You don’t like working anyway”

“Laina, I were her teacher, her friend and her protector. The lords weren’t the only ones that were devastated when she was taking from us” Jeremy said. I could see old sorrow in his eyes. I guess it’s because I don’t know her, that I don’t feel the same sorrow.

“I’ll like to meet her someday” I noticed “I feel like I know her… I guess it’s because I have helped the lord with her room so much”

From what the lords told me… I guess she isn’t anything like me. She talks for herself, stands up for herself, doesn’t worry about everything and as the lord said himself… she is passionate. About the things she loves. “The lord has called for you” Taylor noticed.

My head returned to myself. Laina’s memories? I guess so… Was Jeremy really devastated when I was taking? Jeremy keeps his sad feeling to himself that he has always done. Even though I jumped into Laina’s head she didn’t respond, she hadn’t stopped moving, she just kept going. I guess she couldn’t feel it. That’s dangerous, not only for her, but for dad and granddad.

The garden was bright and lighted, the circle of dust was calm and ready to be used.

“Who is going to be my opponent?” I asked dad. Dad smiled and his head made a little gesture towards Jeremy. Jeremy walked into the circle with me, and he took out his little knife.

“Don’t hold back” I told him. He laughed and ran towards me, his knife went after my stomach, and I fell back and crawled between his legs, then I took the knife to his neck. He froze. “Your fighting methods are different” he noticed “You didn’t show of”

 “I know” I smiled and kept the knife still “I took defense classes in the human world”

“I give up for this round” Jeremy said, I took my knife back in the shorts belt.

“One more time” dad said. We stared into each other’s eyes, waiting for the other person to make a move. He knows I don’t hit first.

He ran towards me and pushed me into the ground, my right hand grabbed his left leg and I swung myself to the other side of him, I quickly got up, while he turned around to see where I went, he started to stab after me, my right hand took my left arm knife and dodged the attack. He kept trying to stab me while moving me back, at last his knife touched me palm, while knocking the knife out of it, I took the knife from my belt and stabbed towards him in response. I hope she doesn’t get more hurt than that. I hate to hear people’s thoughts, it’s so irritating! He punched me in the stomach, so I glided over the hard rock dusty ground while coughing. My stomach! I took the knife and dodge his attack, then I grabbed my other knife and pointed with both of them to his neck. He stopped instantly and sighed. “Let’s get you patched up” he noticed. Dad walked into the circle and healed my hand; they gave me a break in a few minutes to make sure nothing serious was wrong with my stomach. I sat on the stones around one of the flower parts of the garden.

“So sweety, how are you doing?” dad sat down beside me “I know you are having some problems with your abilities”.

I bit my lip “I can’t control the mindreading thing - it’s so annoying” I responded. He smiled “I know, we’ll have to train you in that again”

“Isn’t that what Jenny is doing?” I asked. Jenny was in Amalion with us long ago. Before I was taken, I guess she followed mom when she left dad.

“Jenny?” he asked surprised “I didn’t know she was here with you”

“She’s training my ability to read thoughts… it’s hard but I think I can handle it”.

He nodded and just sat and relaxed. I have missed dad much… I miss Amalion.

“Dad… what happened after mom took me? Is the house in Amalion still standing?”

I saw Jeremy looking surprised at me. Dad sighed.

“A few hours after your mom had taken you; the soldiers came and looked for us. We barely escape… But we got away, I found a new warlock to make another hole in a dimension to let us hide in peace”

I nodded, and got up.

“I’m sure I can take a round more” I said to Jeremy. We met in the circle and started fighting again, I guess this will we tough, but this is only the beginning to everything, sooner or later the challenges will become too great for me to comprehend. My knives were in my belt, and I took my arm-knife in my right hand. “Ready, go!” Dad said. Jeremy stabbed towards me instantly; he only missed because I fell down. I rolled in the dirt and got up behind him again, he turned around in the meantime and cut in the air, trying to hit me. I pushed him back and made him fall on the ground; I sat down on him and laid the blade of my knife on his neck again.

“Do you give up?” I asked him. He nodded and I got off. I have never taken a life of a thinking being before. I guess I’ll have to sometime. Even though I don’t want to…

“Time to your magic lesson” dad noticed “Jeremy, you’re up”

“Rachael” he got up, and smiled at me. “Can you remember how to change your form to wind?” I sighed.

“No”. He smiled and started giving me the instructions to change form, I made my hand to wind, but I couldn’t come pass that. Jeremy and I moved to my room, while I kept trying.

“It’s hard” I noticed. I don’t remember having this problem before, but then again, I can’t remember everything yet.

He smiled at me and just started playing the piano while I kept rehearsing. My phone rang, I took it to the ear. “Yeah?”


Adrian tells…

I have missed my room so much. Seriously, I can’t wait to have that date with her. I have to find a flower in her favorite color. I grabbed my phone and dialed her number. “Yeah?” I heard her asked.

“You need to remember to say your name” She didn’t answer, but I could hear piano music in the background. I guess she’s at the school.

“Where have you been?” she then asked “You haven’t been to school in a few days… should I be worried?” she said it with a calm voice, like I didn’t even interest her at all. I guess she is in that kind of mood sometimes.

“Never mind that right now… I wanted to talk about our…date” I bit my lip. How’ll she dress? Fancy? Sexy? Normal? I don’t know… the picture of her in the dress in the garden flew before my eyes.

“What about it?” she answered with a voice of a little child “Is it about when?”

So she gets it.

“Yeah, I thought I could come by your place, and we could pick a movie…”

A voice talked in the background, then suddenly she said “A Second, Adrian!” She sounded like she was in a hurry. I could hear her move, a boy talking, and feet kicking.

Jeremy! You meanie!” I could hear her yell. Jeremy? Who is Jeremy? Some new guy?

RA! Don’t do that, it hurts you know!” the guy answered.

THEN GIVE ME BACK MY PHONE, MEANIE!” I could hear her yell in the background. A picture of her jumping on a guys back suddenly hit me. Is she ‘playing’ with him? When did she change that much, that she could be comfortable with that?

I heard a struggle, and then someone breathing hard.

“Sorry, I’m back” she said through the phone.

I took a deep breath, I guess we’re not a couple, so I shouldn’t be jealous… right?

“It’s okay” I tried to say, it came out wrong. Damn it! “where can we meet?”

“Oh, sorry. You weren’t here so I couldn’t tell you, but I’m home”

Huh? What is she babbling about?

“Then I’ll just stop by and-“

Is it that water-lighter you brought earlier, Ra?” I could hear in the background. Shut up, and keep yourself out of our conversation.

Should I be jealous, since you’ve found another guy?” the voice asked. Another guy?

“SHUT UP JEREMY!” She yelled to him. I could hear him laughing, so is what he meant true?

“Rachael if you’re seeing another guy, then just tell me-“ I started.

“Adrian, you’re an idiot” she mumbled “I’ll explain it another day okay? The date, what about tomorrow night? You pick a movie; I see almost everything - from thriller to comedy. As long is not a romantic one”

“Oka-“ then she hanged up, and I kicked my bed. Another guy after her?


Rachel tells…

I looked as angry as I could at Jeremy, he was sitting on my bed with a self-satisfied look on his face, I took my phone and threw it at him. “WHY did you have to do that?” He just kept smiling. “Because I could, Ra”

I walked to the piano and sat down, sometimes Jeremy does things that make no sense, later on when he tells me why, it all suddenly seems so clear. Sometimes he’s just an ass.

I could feel him behind me, listening to the music I was playing, every time I make an error he stops my fingers and make me do it over. Suddenly he stopped, and I could feel he was brushing my hair. I played it over and over, without hesitating and making errors.

“Jeremy?” I bit my lip, and kept on playing. He didn’t stop brushing my hair.

“Yeah, Ra?” he asked. I love him, but secrets aren’t good. Like Tyler I have a feeling Jeremy and I will always be together. No matter what. We can’t have secrets for each other.

“Why did you make Adrian think, I’m dating you?” I asked silently.

He sighed. “Sorry, I don’t like him”. I turned around a bit, but kept playing. “What? You barely know him, yeah I know he is annoying sometimes but-“

“That’s not it” he was laughing a bit “You already know… why I am, like I am”

“Yeah” I answered “A wind lighter trapped at the threshold to death”. As the only person in this castle I haven’t tried to kill him. Everyone else got a shot, but I haven’t. He provokes people who question his state, and push them to their limit until they try themselves. As a little girl he forced me away from the battle before it happened. He could read everyone, and I guess that’s how he knew to get me away.

“Yeah” he laughed “It always wonders me how you say that so calmly”

“The rules of nature are that every life has to end, but as you know… every rule got an exception… “I noticed “Death is a natural thing… even though it’s sad… And as I see it Jeremy… this exception let me grow up with you” If he hadn’t had his incident, he wouldn’t be like he is, and then he would never have met my dad. Even though I feel sad for Jeremy, I’m also happy.

“But… a few years back… actually your age and a year… I was in love with a girl named Sarah”. I can’t imagine him in love. It’s too hard.

“Sarah? What happened between you?” I asked calmly, often these stories don’t end well for the people around the castle.

“A girl water lighter killed her” he said without hesitating “I was in Amalion, we were planning to leave, escape to the human world… but before we knew it, she was accused of being a veneficalux… because of my state… They burned her, and I ran. A year after I met your dad, and he promised me I could watch after you… as the protector you should have. You would be protected and have a teacher unable to die by your strength, and I… I got a friend for the rest of your life”.

I bit my lip and kept playing. “So the reason you got angry at Adrian is because he’s a water lighter?” I said with a trembling voice, while trying to hold back the tears. “Laina, I were her teacher, her friend and her protector. The lords weren’t the only ones that were devastated when she was taking from us”.

“Yeah… but don’t worry, I won’t break you two up” he noticed “Even though I hate his power state, he’s still your boyfriend, I don’t want to do anything that can hurt you”. His hand felt my hair, a second after the brush continued.

“It doesn’t matter anyway, Jeremy” I noticed “He’s not a lighter. He’s a protector. If Amalion found out - they would hunt us down and kill us without hesitating”. I felt a rush in my stomach when he pulled the chair out and got in front of me.

“Rachael! Have you completely forgotten what I taught you?” he asked accusingly while staring into my eyes. Huh?

“I…” I don’t know what to say or do.

He suddenly smiled at me. “The first thing I taught you, and your dad taught you, was not to stop loving someone because of what they are. Only judge their actions” his hand gently touched my cheek. “I know you don’t think like that. While I was gone… did you ever fall in love?” he asked.

I bit my tongue and smiled. “No” I said “I… I didn’t really…”

Talk to people. Fall in love… I don’t want to… It just makes problems.

He laughed. “Alright… don’t worry, I’m sure he won’t do too much damage to you” then we relaxed and he gave me a lecture in how to dress ‘fancy’. After that we got some dinner with dad and then I got back to my room, while talking with Jeremy. I guess it was Jeremy that requested I came home this weekend. I now dad has too much work at hand right now, if I say yes to the contract… I’ll be just like him.

I got in my bed and fell asleep instantly.


When I got up, I took a ride with dad around the garden. He talked about what had happened the years I was gone, I told him about my education, my priorities in hobbies, and my little travels with the schools I have gone to.

“I’ll miss you” he mumbled when I left the castle to go home.


I barely got home, before I had to leave again. Silencia had been to a birthday party and I had to go get her. Her party is in the other end of the town. I hate walking, it is so slow! And there’s nothing interesting to watch in the middle of the town.

I started walking faster. The streets I’m taking are darker and a lot creepier than most streets, but they’re faster.

I reached the party, and knocked relaxed on the door. A woman in her mid-30’is opened up.

“What can I help you with?” she asked smilingly.

“I’m Silencia’s big sister” I noticed “I came to get her”.

“Oh!” she smiled “A second” she walked into the house and left me standing in front of the doorway, I could hear a lot of girls talking and then a bunch suddenly stared at me from the living room the door was leading into, Silencia was putting on her shoes and jacket, while I stood and waited. I could feel them staring. This is awkward. OH MY GOD! I LOVE HER SHOES! An unfamiliar voice spoke in my head. I guess it’s doing it again…

Jeez, I wish I had that jacket. I don’t know why, they are thinking about my clothes. And if I start looking at it… they’ll think I’m weird!

Silencia was done, said goodbye and then we left. I took the long route with her - I don’t want to risk anything.

“Where did you sleep last night?” Silencia asked before I had a chance to say anything.

“I… I was with a friend” I lied. Technically I was with Jeremy, who is my friend, so…

“Haha” she started “Do you have a boyfriend?”

“No” I answered straight. “By the way, how was the party?”

“Fun” she answered. The silence got awkward… But we kept walking towards home; finally we reached the woods near our house. My phone rang. “Hey, what’s up?” I asked.

“Hey” it was Adrian, not Tyler. I blushed instantly, and took a deep breath. “What do you want to talk about?”

“You know… I would like to spend the afternoon with you” he said “I can come by your house and pick you up… if you like?”

“Ehm… sure” I mumbled “I’m on my way home, you ca-“

“Sis, why is your watch ticking?” I stared at it for a second before I realized it. “SEE YOU!” I yelled in the phone, then I hanged up and looked around. From the forest a creature appeared. It was tall… like if Silencia was standing on my head and was a meter higher than me, it had fur all over, and one big blue eye. A Mika!

Silencia screamed beside me, I took her hand and got her behind me. “No matter what” I said relaxed to her “Stay out of its way… and don’t look it in the eye”

“W-w-what?” she said.

“If you look it in the eye, it locks on you” I answered “And it won’t stop until it kills you”.

I took the sunglasses that was hanging in my t-shirt and gave it to her. “Take these on, with them it won’t have a chance to lock on you”

“B-b-but what do… WHAT ABOUT YOU?” she asked scared. I started to take my jacket of and handed it to her, and then I took the knife on my arm, hidden behind the jacket, and the knife in my belt, hidden by my long t-shirt.

“I’ll be fine, just watch out, and don’t get in its way” I said calm and then I took the first basic fighting position. My feet spread a bit, and my knives ready to cut.

“Run back to the store we just passed, and stand against the wall” I whispered to her “then you’ll be fine”


“NOW!” I could hear her running, when the steps stopped I took a deep breath.

“MIIIIIIIKAAAAA!” I yelled as loud as I could “MIIIIIKAAAA!”

Its eye looked into mine and locked on me. Bye bye, Mika.

I ran towards it and felt its fist hit me in the stomach; I hanged on and got lifted up to its head.


Silencia tells…

My heart is racing insanely fast. What is she doing? Is she crazy? I stared at her for a long time, seeing her fight with that… that MONSTER! Its eye! It’s so… It’s so big! It’s bigger than my palm! I took a deep breath and tried to follow sis with my eyes. It’s so hard with the sunglasses on, but I guess it’s best they stay that way. Sis suddenly were on its shoulder and jamming the knife right into it, it barely touched her, while crying out from the pain, but it was enough to make her fall off. “GET UP!” I yelled to her, she was lying on the ground behind it, not moving at all… it turned around and with a giant roar it hit down in the ground. Sis barely got away by rolling to the side. It cried out again, when I saw its hand I saw why; the knife she used before was now in its hand. I guess that’s why she moved in the last second. Watch out!

“MIIIIIKAAAA” she yelled once more. Why is she yelling that? Is it its name? Or something that attracts it?

My eye saw a little pool of blue liquid on the ground; I followed the trace with my eyes. Is it bleeding blue? The liquid is very dark blue… I guess it’s because of the sunglasses.

Sis ran to the forest and started to climb up the tree right at the edge of it, when she was at the top, and in the same height as its head, she jumped towards it and managed to make it fall.

“RACHEL!” I followed the sound. A guy with awesome hair stood with a knife in his hand and a scared expression on his face.

 Sis landed on the ground and ran towards the monster, while jumping through the air she jagged the knife where a human heart would have been, while flying just above it. She kept holding the knife, even though it was in, since she was in the air her body spins around the knife, before she suddenly got up and landed on the handle of the knife. While standing there, the knife slowly sank into the chest of the monster.

“Rachael” the guy ran to her “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine” she said. Her t-shirt was ripped into pieces, her jeans had blue and red blood on it, and from her hair a little line of blood was running down onto her chest. HOW CAN SHE BE FINE?

He was checking her wounds, while I stood unable to speak. The thing disappeared into thin air.

“Silencia!” Rachael suddenly ran back to me, I was pointing out in the air, without saying a word.

Rachael suddenly smiled. “You know… you can take of the sunglasses now”.

“Oh” was all I answered before taking them off.

“Rachael - where did it come from?” the guy was standing right behind her, she turned around and gave me some space.

“The forest, I know who sent it… don’t worry, I can handle it”

“We need to get you patched up” he noticed.

“I’ll be fine” she answered “Adrian… can you give us a minute?” He nodded and walked a bit away.

She turned towards me and then smiled. “Can you talk now?”

“What was that?” I asked, my voice sounded soar.

“It’s called a Mika” she answered “They don’t usually show up like that, they usually lives in the mountains…”

“Why… why have I never learned a thing about ‘em?” I stared at her “… shouldn’t I have?”

She smiled “Let’s sit down for some coffee” she found a little café a street away. With the guy Adrian we all ordered something.

“Adrian… can’t you explain… Silencia, what you are?” Suddenly sis looked a bit guilty, staring down in the table like she didn’t want to look in my eyes.

“I’m a… lighter” he said “Actually I’m a light protector, not a lighter

I stared at him for a moment… but he isn’t small and full of gas.

“A lighter is a creature with powers of the nature around them, there are five different kinds of lighters” Adrian said, he looked good. Kind a cute.

“I’m a water lighter” he said.

“But you said you were a light protector” I noticed. He laughed and nodded. “In every family of lighters and protectors there is often only one light that is born, that gets tested at birth… if you have a light inside you, then you’re a lighter. If you don’t then you’re a light protector. The five kinds have very little to do with protectors and lighters, we all have the same powers; lighters just have a little more.” He said smilingly.

A plate of cookies came with a waitress. I took one.

“So… what can you do?” I asked.

“I can control water, in every way possible” he answered.

“Getting a little cocky are we?” sis said smilingly “You can’t possible do all the water-light-magic there is!”

“I can do a lot of it!” he said smilingly.

“I seriously doubt that” sis laughed.

The cookie is delightful!

“Mom… is a lighter” Sis noticed.

Mom? Mom is a lighter? These hardcore - super hot! (I glanced Adrian up and down fast) - creatures with magic?

“So are we… lighters?” I asked sis.

“Sometimes lighter kids can be born human” she said “That’s… your case” she said smilingly.

“What?” I asked irritated “So I don’t get to be awesome?”

Adrian started to laugh; sis stared at him with a look that could kill.

“It isn’t all fun and parties you know” sis turned towards me again “Like with the Mika. The ‘job’ of Lighters is to make sure that other creatures don’t harm the humans in this world”.

“Like vampires” Adrian said. Vampires? THEY REALLY EXCIST?  OH MY GOD!!!

“How are they?” I asked excited, Adrian made a funny not-happy expression, sis shrugged her shoulders.

“They are fine… I guess” she mumbled. He stared at her for a moment.

“They tried to kill you… twice” he noticed “and you call them fine?”

“The streets vampires are hungry, it aren’t their fault!” sis said with an irritated mine. “Besides that, you kill them before you have a chance to talk with them, if you talked with them, you would see how they really are”.

He stared at her, and she stared at him. I took another cookie.

“Vampires can’t think like hum-“

“You’re wrong” she said “They are smarter than most lighters”

“You are-“The waitress came with my coffee, sis got a sandwich, and Adrian got some fries.

“Let us not discuss that” he proposed.

She just nodded.

“So… if Mom was a lighter… then what about you?”

I stared at sis, who was blushing; she took a bite of her sandwich before nodding.

“Your sister is a mix of two kinds of lighters” Adrian said smilingly “A wind and a ferike”

“Ferike?” I asked.

“Ferike lighters control the mind and body” Sis said.

I looked out on the road, and at the people walking there.

“So… can you… make your boobs bigger?” I asked sis. She blushed instantly and almost choked on her food. Adrian was laughing, like he had never heard anything as funny as that, and I just stared at them.

“Yes” she then answered.

“That explains a lot” Adrian mumbled. Sis suddenly threw something at him, making him laugh. It turned out to be some of the sandwich.

I started drinking my coffee. It tasted awful, but I need to get something in my body.

“Can you do a lot of cool stuff?” I asked sis.

“Sure” she said “But not at the moment, my magic is a bit out of control… so I just… don’t use it at the time being”

I nodded. Out of control? Why is that?

Sis suddenly took a deep breath. “Listen… ehm… Our family isn’t that popular in Amalion, so these creatures” she pointed towards the street the weird Mika-thing had been “will appear time to time. This watch rings when a creature is coming”

She gently tapped it three times, before taking another bite of the sandwich.

“I guess there won’t come another one today” sis said “So you can just relax”

“Can’t I stay with you?” I asked. Sis suddenly looked down the table.

“Sorry, I got your sister for the day” Adrian said “But I promised to deliver her back in one piece”

I sighed, but smiled and nodded. Fine, then I can come home and relax a bit, while getting use to this.

“One last thing” I looked at them “… Harry potter…?”

Sis laughed and Adrian looked confused.

I guess no then…


Adrian tells…

“Where are we going?” Rachael had just dropped of her little sister and was now following me.

“I thought I’ll teach you something” I noticed “Do you know how to shot an arrow?”

“Not very well” she answered.


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