Still Breathing

" I closed the book, and laid my head on my hands. How can it be, that I’m knowing of this world? Of Adrian? " - Rachael

It's easier just reading first chapter and decide if you like this story or not ;) And i'm sorry about the grammar(i'm working on it :)

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14. A contract

“Thank you, for having me” I smiled at the king. He has told me all night that I didn’t have to choose right now, I can have a week to think about it, since he’s aware about my magic problems at the moment. It doesn’t hurt to think about it.

“Thank you for coming, Lucem will get you home” he noticed.

I smiled and messed a bit with my hair. “I’m sure I can get home safely by myself” I noticed. He grabbed my hand and pulled it gently to his mouth and kissed it silently without his eyes leaving mine.

“One of the things that will be in our contract if you say yes… when we have you over” he started with his lips only centimeters from my right hand “we’ll make sure you get home safely, since you’re our guest. Please let Lucem follow you home” The last sentence sounded like he was begging me. I bit my lip and hoped he couldn’t see my confused mind. So many things to think about.

“Sure, thank you” he let go of my hand and smiled while nodding. “I know i took a lot of your night, I’m sorry if it will affect your school day”

“It’s getting late” I nodded “I should get home. I’ll visit in a week with my answer” He smiled and nodded.

“Lucem!” He appeared and we walked out of a door into a black forest. The trees around me didn’t have dark brown bark, it actually had black bark! The trees leafs was dark brown, but so much it also looked like pure black.

“You’re in our world” he noticed when he saw my wondering look “For our eyes… it aren’t all black”

I nodded and took a deep breath.

“When you’re ready say the word and jump on my back” he noticed. I stared at him for a second. “Your back?” I bit my lip. I’m going to sit on his back, while he walks?

“There is nothing wrong with my le-“

“I know” he smiled at me and walked to me, he took a lock of hair and placed behind my ear. The touch was cold as a snowy night, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. “But it would be a lot faster if you were on my back, and we’ll have to do this before sunrise you know”. I took a deep breath.

“Fine” he laughed and turned his back at me. I got up and had trouble not jumping off, since he was so close. I don’t like this kind of transport at all… he ran through a portal of a sort, I could see it from a far. The night sky without clouds twirling around in a round shape towards the center… like a drain. I love those kinds of portals, they are so beautiful…

He kept himself from the humans around us, my eyes could barely follow the road, and that made me feel dizzy. I closed my eyes and leaned my head between his shoulder blades. I always thought vampires felt like rocks, but he is a bit soft actually. He suddenly got me down and I took a deep breath. We were on the last street before mine; he was standing before me checking why I seemed so dizzy.

“I’m not use to that form of transportation” I noticed and then he laughed. “Sorry, I should have been more careful”

I smiled at him “It’s okay” then I turned around. “See you some other time perhaps”

“Rachael before you go” he suddenly was in front of me again, his eyes was calm and he had a serious smile on his face.

“If you say yes… I’ll be responsible for you… When you’re in our world I’ll work as a bodyguard, and when you’re returning to your home after staying in our world or after a meeting I’ll be the one following you back. I’ll make sure you get home safe… so if you’re worried about anything like protection… don’t be” I guess it’s hard for them to lose so many people every month, every week. They were once human too, emotions follow that. If I were a vampire I would constantly be sad.

“Thank you, Lucem” I coughed and smiled at him “But right now I’ll have to think of the consequences… You must know that if I say yes I’ll be doing something illegal in Amalion”

He nodded and then his arms were around me. “I know, and that is why I’m telling you I’ll make sure nothing happens to you while being in our care” then he was gone, leaving like that… I took a foot in front of the next and started walking home. If I say yes I’ll get the contract to read through, if I’m unhappy with any of it I’ll have time to discuss it with the king that will discuss my changes to the VCC, that will respond what they thing is fair to change and not. If I say yes… I won’t be able to tell this to anyone. Not even dad. Even though he tried his best to get me into politics. I opened the door and threw myself on my bed and stared into the celling. Once I get figured out I’ll be in big trouble. People my dad have hurt will try to take me down, and I’ll have to prove that I’m a white lighter, if it gets out that I have such a contract with vampires I’ll be marked as a dark lighter. An image of me in black and purple leather clothes with 17 different knives hidden around my body flashed before my eyes. I’ll be hardcore anyway…

If I don’t take this step who will? Lighters shouldn’t think so much of them self… “Yeah, it’s a lot like flies. One die, another ten takes it place…” Adrian, you’re an idiot. Like any other lighter out there. How many years didn’t it take before our race could co-live with humans between other races without getting figured out? I could feel the need for sleep and fell asleep instantly.


“Rachael” Tyler smiled at me, sitting next to me again huh? Adrian didn’t show up that day… I have questions I need answered before i can even consider their offer…

Perhaps Tyler’s opinion could be important too…

“Tyler” I turned towards him “what do you think of-“

Jenny got in, my mouth stopped and I got my papers up. That will have to wait; this will take time… perhaps in break. Jenny took me out of the work group to practice with me.

I got back all tired and wished I could sleep on this. P.E. Was hard, but not too hard this time. After class I was sleepy again, I should take more energy pills…


Adrian tells…

Great. Another day away from her. Will Tyler make a move on her, now that I’m away? Or some other boy at the school? Is she listed as hunted already? I got up from the bed and looked out the window. Goldilocks aren’t so happy for me. I guess he hates the fact that his permit to leave Amalion expired not so long ago. It must hurt a bit. He knows where she is, but he aren’t able to go get her. And he knows that if he do then he’ll be called ‘controlled’ and people will kill her. So as long as I can keep her away from Amalion, away from him, she’ll be safe.

I took some clothes on and ran down the stairs to the only person eating breakfast.

“Mom says they need to go and talk with the king too” Quinn said. I just nodded and took some breakfast. Maybe I should visit my friends - they are still in the country. Or train a bit? Or go in town and shop a bit?

“Quinn” I smiled at her “What are you doing today?”

Quinn smiled at me and looked down in the table. “Sorry Adrian, I meeting with my friends” I forget sometimes. Before we moved Quinn was highly social, not a day went by without her leaving to talk to her friends. When we moved to the human world, she started to be quiet and closed in. It isn’t easy getting friends in the human world…

She got up and left. Perhaps I should train a bit; I think I want to be alone.


Rachael tells…

I got him to let me come home with him. This is perfect! A chance to talk alone about this. Tyler is very adult-like so, his opinion will be important.

He did as always: Poured me a beer the second I got in.

“Tyler, I want to ask you something” I said smilingly.

He just nodded while looking concentrated at the glass. I really need your opinion Tyler, this is important to me.

“What is it?” he smiled while giving me the beer, I leaned over the kitchen desk and started looking down at my hands.

“If.. I-f-f “ why am I stuttering? Am I struggling with this?

I took a deep breath and smiled to him. This shouldn’t be too hard.

“Do you think every creature in every world is able to live side by side one day?” I asked smilingly. He looked surprised at me, but then laughed. “I don’t know” he got into the couch and I followed him.

“Don’t know?” I bit my lips, that is not a good answer.

“I mean” his right arm was around me “I don’t know. If lighters keep the same attitude as they have right now… then no. Not ever” I bit my tongue and sighed.

“But if… if lighters got the same attitude as you, then yes I believe the world would be a better place to be any creature. Lighters could relax more, you know” he laughed “When you don’t have to kill as much as you do, you could do more helpful things to the world. Instead of killing” He suddenly smiled bright “But I don’t think that will be possible in our lifetime” I just nodded. No matter what he’s right; even if I take this ‘job’ it won’t do every creature good. Not every creature will be able to handle this at the moment, but I can start it… I can begin a new way of being…

“What are you thinking about?” he asked, I shrugged “Not much… I just think it’s sad that none of the lighters in Amalion are known for anything like helping other creatures”

He smiled suddenly. “Actually, there is a lighter I like”

“You do?” I stared at him “Who?”

“Besides you, I have met a lighter… a long time ago. When I was kicked out of my world, he helped me to the human world. He didn’t kill me, even though he had an order to kill anything except lighters”

I smiled at him. “Some lighters have good hearts”

He nodded. The door opened, Ray and George came in staring at us.

“So” Ray smiled “What are you two talking about?”

They sat down at the table in front of the television.

“Do you two think that it will ever become possible in every world to live side by side with every being?” I asked. They looked shocked and confused.

“What do you mean?”

“Like lighters living with… vampires” I said. They stared at me and at Tyler. OH! I forgot to tell them…

“We forgot to tell you…” Tyler mumbled “Rachael is a lighter”

They stared at me with mouth open wide. Why do they look so surprised? Tyler told me he thought so when he first met me...

“W-what?” Ray stared at me, George suddenly relaxed and laughed.

“I’m a lighter” I said smilingly “A mix of two kinds… to be precise”

He was still staring at me.

“Let’s give ‘em a moment” George said. Both Tyler and George walked to the kitchen desk, while Ray threw himself at the couch beside me.

“But you…” his eyes didn’t leave mine. “What kind?” he suddenly asked.

“Wind and Ferike”

“Ferike?” he stared at me “What is a Ferike?”

I sighed and took his hand. “To be short it’s a lighter that controls the body and mind”

He pointed into thin air and then took a deep breath. Is it really that hard to accept?

“…why did you never tell us? You must have recognized by now that we aren’t human…” he noticed.

“I couldn’t remember myself” I answered “Ray it’s a long story, and I’m not that happy about it. Let’s just say that my mom is a bigger asshole than I thought”

He just nodded and then got up. “Okay” then he walked out the door, making me stare after him. George sighed, but then threw himself besides me. “Relax Rachel, he’ll be back sooner or later” then he turned on the PS3 and started playing. I need a nap. I seriously need one.


I went home a little bit later, since I’m sure Ray doesn’t want to come home when I’m there. I guess he haves problems with lighters. I can’t blame him… maybe his family was killed by lighters… I started walking, and saw a familiar face at the corner.

“Jeremy?” I walked to him “What are you doing here?”

His arms surrounded me and he laughed. “Reminding you that you have to visit your dad tomorrow” Oh, right!

He didn’t let go of me, and I don’t want him to. Jeremy has always been my best friend, before I lost my memory.

“I’m sorry I forgot who you were” I mumbled. He just laughed and we started walking towards home.

“That’s okay Ra” he said “that’s your mothers fault, not yours”

I just smiled. Jeremy was my ‘babysitter’ when I was younger. When dad had too much to do, or mom didn’t want to, he played with me, watched out for me, took care of me, helped me training, learned me to play piano, and was one of my training partners once a week.

“So, I saw that protector you brought to the castle… is he your boyfriend?” he asked. I instantly blushed and my hands waved back and forth while I instantly said “NO!” He started laughing again, making me glad. I have missed him so much.

“So, I heard about your little sister… does she have any powers? And don’t worry, this is of the record” I bit my lips and sighed.

“I know that Silencia aren’t dads daughter… they look nothing alike, and they don’t act at all similar… And in the powers… I think Silencia have none. And that makes good sense, you know… Moms lover were a warlock, you know a warlock and a lighter can’t get a lighter or protector baby”

Because of the differences in the DNA all that will come out of it is a human baby. He nodded and smiled. “But you still protect her… I have missed you so much” we walked in silence, at the last street before mine, we stopped.

“I’ll go home now” he noticed “But I’ll see you tomorrow. Good night” He walked away, towards the forest. I walked towards moms house. When I got in, I couldn’t hear anyone. When I checked, both Silencia and mom slept. How would it be for them if I left them alone? Would Silencia stay out of the mess I’m in? Would mom protect her? It’s hard to tell. Silencia and I aren’t similar. I would never let a part of my family leave me. I wonder what she would do…

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