Dynamite {h.s}-ON HOLD

"What would you do?"


1. Work,work and more work


"Right I need you to have all these done in a hour," my boss snapped shoving a pile of papers onto my desk.

Oh joy I thought to myself, as I gave my boss a big fake smile and picked up the first piece of paper off the pile which was as tall as me. I snatched a pen and angrily started filling in the forms, seriously fuck my life I seem to spend every flipping second of every day filling out papers.

I work as an assiant to my retarded boss, who happens to be one of the richest men in the country. And because of that he spends his life asking me to do fucking everthing! 'Chiara pick up my dry cleaning, will you'? Chiara clean up my desk' 'Chiara write me a speech'. God it's a flipping miracle he doesn't make me clean round the flipping toliet seat after he uses it.

"Steve (my boss) got you doing more work then"? My friend Gemma laughed noticing the disgusted look on my face.

"No I make these face's when I'm happy," I replied sarcastically.

She laughed and prentend to hit me.

"Cheer up my 'famous brother' is  having a party tonight want to come"?

"Who's your brother then"? I asked trying not to sound bothered but I was secretly really intrested.

"James bond," She laughed.

I sniggered and started fiddling with my long blond hair. "If your brother's James bond then Steve's a teletubbie".

"Which one"?


By this time we were both in hysterics as Steve's so unlike a teletubbie  it's actually amazing. You've all seen or heard of the Teletubbie's right? They're  cute things who squeak eho and hug each other. Steve's as cold as ice and as hard as steel, we're not exactly into hugging each other and squeaking eho.

"So are you going to come"? Gemma asked.

"Sure," I shrugged fiddling with my pen, "when is it"?

"Tonight at the local club, dress code slutty".

"Slutty what sort of dress code is that"?

She smirked, "Trust me as long, as it shows your ass you'll be safe."

With that she turned on her heel and left my office. I picked up the next sheet of paper and with a groan started filling it out, even though this was still mega depressing. I still had the exicted thrill of finding out who her brother is.


Eventually the clock stricked 6pm and Steve finally let me go. I picked up my bag and hurriedly left the building before he asked me to do some other disgusting job for him.

It was freezing cold outside tonight and pitch black, the closer it got to christmas the colder my journey home was. I desperatly wanted to order a taxi but I couldn't afford it seeing as I blew neraly all of my money for this week at a bar last night, I only had a fiver left to run down the chippie. Hopeful if Gemma's brothers so famous he might buy everyone drinks.

I arrived back to my flat at last. I slipped of my horrible work clothes and changed into an old tshirt and jeans, I was going to have to chnage later anyway.

I picked up my phone and saw I had two unread messages.

From: Tyler

Hey Chiara, you going to Gemma's brother's party tonight. Pick u up at 8 if u r?

From Ally

This guy came up to me and said, dam Ally you're so stupid. So I said yeah you're so stupid you stared at a carton of orange juice for 2 hours just cause it said concentrate.

Haha suck on that Tyler

I sighed and lay down on the sofa. Tyler and Ally are my best mates, as well as Gemma but they can't stand each other. It's so fucking annoying everywhere I go with them they keep nudging me and moaning say, why did you invite that ass? And Chiara tell him/her to leave.

It wasn't always like this they used to be dating, until Tyler was caught making out with Ally's sister. Ever since then they've been mortal enemies.

To Tyler

Yeah I'm going G invited me, btw Ally just sent me some random text and I have no idea what the f she is talking bout?

Chiara xxx

I swicthed off my phone and started searching for an outfit to wear. It took forever but I eventually decided on a tight purple dress which was incredible slutty. I'd never worn it before though in fact, I only bought it because Tyler dared me to.

I fixed my long blond hair, shoved on a bit of make up and waited for Tyler to arrive. While I was waiting I switched on the tv and flicked to celeb gossip.

"Breaking news," some woman trilled in an american accent. "The ladies man strikes again".

A video of Harry styles from One Direction, being attacked by paps and being asked a million and one questions appeared.

"Do you believe you're a heart breaker," a reported asked.

"No Alexis just wasn't the right girl for me," He replied. As he said this I noticed him look directly into the camera with his big green eyes. Huh it was sick the way he excepted everyone to fall at his feet.

The camera then turned to a skinny blond girl who looked just like barbie. I guessed she was Alexis.

"Harry styles wrecked my life, he's an ass hold who just loves attention. He's possesive I'm warning you don't go near him".

I snorted and switched the tv off. Possesive what is he a flipping wizard? People are just so stupid these days, as if Harry can actually control you everyone just needs to get a life.

A few minutes later there was a bang at the door. Tyler was standing there looking pretty hot with his messy black hair sweeped into a fringe, and his tight black tshirt showed off his abs.

"You ready"?

"Oh I'm ready".

With that we left my flat to go to the party.


Heya guys new book. Don't worry I havent given up on change me I'll try and update later or in the next few days. 5 likes for the next chapter


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