Dynamite {h.s}-ON HOLD

"What would you do?"


2. It's Chiara


 As soon as we arrived at the party I was blinded by flashing lights. We climbed out of the car to see hundreds of screaming girls and paps taking photos and yelling their heads off.

"Wow this is mental," I said to Tyler.

"Totally," He replied "kind of feels like being famous".

It did feel like being famous. As we made our way over to the door where a large bouncer was standing with about a million security guards everyone started screaming and yelling, even though they didn't have a clue who the fuck we were.

"Damn is Gemma's brother, Justin bieber," I said sarcastically.

"Seems like it," he sniggered as we were let in.

The place was packed out with hundreds of people singing and dancing. I couldn't see a thing as it was so dark but I eventually noticed Gemma coming towards me.

"Hey guys so you made it, this is Liam".

I looked up to see her pointing to a boy with a crew cut. Liam, as in Liam payne from one direction. Wow now that's a big suprise.

"I'll leave you guys to get to know each other," She smiled grabbing Tyler's arm and pulling him away.

Liam gave me a shy smile, and said hi but I still felt to shocked to answer. Liam payne from one direction was standing right in front of me. Ok so I don't actually like one direction but it was still a shock.

"So what's your name"? He asked me, walking over to the drinks table.

"Chiara," I stuttered still feeling a bit shocked.

"Kieria"? He replied.

"Chiara not Kieria why does everthing make that mistake!" I snapped gulping down a whole bottle of vodka without drawing breath.

"Well Chiara- not- Kieria what brings you to Harry styles' party"? He smirked.

I choked on the last few drops of vodka in suprise and Liam patted me on the back, while I leaned over coughing to death.

This was Harry fricking styles party, Gemma's brother is Harry styles. Jesus christ she never told me her brother was a member of one of the most famous boy bands on the planet. Plus I thought he was a complete ass (not that I knew him).

After I'd got over my intial shock I made my way over to the water machine in the corner and got myself a cup. As I was gulping down the drink I heard some one come up to me.

"Hey," they whispered.

I turned to see the one and only Harry styles standing there, looking down on me smirking.

"Are you liking my party"? He asked popping the word my as if he wanted to show off how fricking rich he is.

"It's ok," I shrugged trying to walk away.

He put his hand on my shoulder and pulled me back.

"What's your name"?

"Chiara," I replied moodily I just wanted to find Tyler and to get out of this mad place.

"Cool name!" He said pulling his arms around my waist.

I wasn't in the mood for him basically trying to fuck me though. I just pushed his hands away and walked off. As I stormed away I turned to see him standing there gawping, I smiled to myself I bet I was the first ever girl to say no to him.

And let me tell you something I liked it. I'd put that knob in his place.

"I can't believe you pushed Harry styles away," some girl with black hair, and brown skin gasped.

"So what, he'll probably fawn all over you later," I snapped pushing her out of the way.

I pushed my way past endless creeps and drunk people trying to find Tyler but I couldn't. In the end I some how found myself back stage where Zayn malik and Niall Horan  were standing in front of about ten girls yelling their names out.

Seriously this just get's weirder and weirder, I thought to myself as I turned to leave.

"Hey!" Niall  yelled in a thick Irish accent.

"What!" I snapped with so much anger in my voice he took a step back.

"Are you part of the auction"?

"What auction".

Zayn spent the next five minutes explaining how, Harry just couldn't decide who to dance with (aw diddums) so he was going to pick out of all the girls who put themselves forward.

"So what's your name"? He asked shoving a clip board in my face.

"Bob the builder," I snapped pushing him out the way.

Just as I was making my way to the other door the curtain rose up and I found myself, in front of hundreds of Harry's guests. Fuck could this night get any worse.

"So Harry which girl do you pick," Zayn yelled into a microphone.

Harry stood at the front eyeing up the girls. I hobbled to the side trying to stay hidden but his green eyes turned to rest on me.

"Her," he yelled pointing at me.

That's nice isn't it called me her and pointing. Didn't his mum teach him it's rude to point? Of course that didn't really matter what mattered was that I was forced to dance with that. He gave me a small wink, there was no way I could leave now.

"And the winner is-," Niall started.

"Ur what's your name"? He mutterd in my ear.


"Chiara. Well done  Chiara you've won a dance with Harry styles".

The whole room started cheering as Harry grabbed my hand and pulled me down the steps. God this thing was so cliché. But however much I hated it I was still stuck with styles for the rest of the night.



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