Dynamite {h.s}-ON HOLD

"What would you do?"


4. Busy? Doing what? Being a pig.

Chiara's p.o.v


 The next morning I didn't wake up till  gone 11. I had a stinking headache from last night and I felt sick but I knew I should get up.

I slipped out of bed and slumped into the kitchen. Just as I was settling down on the sofa and stuffing my face with waffles (it's what I do on my one free day off to cope with the stresses of Steve) my phone buzzed.

I picked it up and checked my inbox

How would you feel if I accidentaly gave Harry styles your number?


I almost spat out my mouthful of waffle in horror. Harry had my number, fuck now I had no way of get away from him. Even though I felt pretty bad about being mean to Steve last night, I couldn't believe he'd give him my number!

Before I could reply, I got 3 new messages from an unknown number. It didn't take a genius to work out who it was.

Heya babe looks like you haven't got away from me quite yet. :-p

Had a nice sleep I bet you looked darn sexy. ;-)

I'll pick you up to go to lunch, see you around 12 :-)

Ugh it was such a sick human being. I didn't even know him and he's calling me babe, plus the last text wasn't even a question it was more of a commandment.

No thanks at all  for the totally crap texts u sent me, thank you  for wasting 20 secs of my life! Btw I'm busy all day and I wouldn't go to lunch with you any way. :-[ Chiara xx

That showed him, I thought to myself dumping my phone in my bag. That curly haired boy wasn't going to get the better of me.


I wasn't even dressed when the doorbell rang a few hours later. I opened it to reveal you know who standing there wearing a white tshirt and a tight pair of trousers with his hair slicked back. He was giving me the same smirk as last night, and it was really freaking me out.

"What're you doing here"? I yelled "And how the hell do you know where I live?

"Tyler told me and we've got a lunch date, remember!" He replied letting himself in.

Fuck you Tyler, why would you tell Harry where I live. He's so dead.

"I told you I'm busy"! I snapped awkardly trying to pull down the back of my short night dress.

"Busy? Doing what? Being a pig," he snorted looking round my flat which was a complete mess.

"Look just go"!

"Not until we go out for lunch".

I groaned and walked to my bedroom. I give up this was a battle I definetly wasn't going to win. I quickly got changed into a hollister tshirt and a pair of jeans before going back into the living room.

Harry was sitting on my old sagg sofa, raising his eyebrows at the tiny poky room.

"Look we're not all millionares!" I snapped.

"I didn't say anything," He laughed opening the door.

I ignored his comment and stalked out of my flatholding my head high. The effect was ruined when I tripped over my neighbours muddy boots, which they'd left outside the door.

A smile crept onto Harrys face as I went flying.

"Don't say anything"! I yelled.

"Wow cool it," he replied picking me up and getting into the lift.

I angrily got in after him and punched the ground floor button. This was definetly black mail!.



"Is this really the poshest place you could think of"? I asked picking up a handful of chips.

It had been about twenty minutes and we were both sitting in mcdonalds while every person in the resturant gawped at us.

"Maybe if you were nicer to me, I'd have got  some where better," he smirked throwing his chips in my face.

That was it! I stood up and grabbed my burger before dumping it on Harrys head and storming out. I pushed past all the gawping fans outside and stormed down the street.

Ok maybe chucking my eintre burger which I'd just covered in ketchup all over his head wasn't the kindest thing I could've done, but he was so asking for it.

"Chiara what the fuck!" Harry panted running up to me.

Ketchup and bits of cheese and a gherkin were running down his face, making him look a lot like dracula caught in a snow storm.

"If you'd just left me alone, I wouldn't have done anything!"

"So this is my fault!" He spat.

"Yes it is," I replied storming away.

For a couple of minutes I couldn't hear any noise behind me so I assumed Harry had given up. But just as I reached the alleyway, someone grabbed me and pushed me against a wall.

"Harry get away!" I screamed.

I looked up to see it wasn't Harry instead it was some random man in about his thirties.

"Say goodbye girly," He spat.

He chucked a cloth around my face and in a matter of seconds I passed out.


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