You Don't Deserve To Know My Secrets


1. You Don't Deserve To Know My Secrets

You Don’t Deserve To Know My Secrets.


She walks around like an empty shell; barely showing any emotion. Everyone’s noticed the change, the difference from the girl from a single week ago, to the one now wandering the halls. The exciting, bubbly girl is but a ghost in glimpses of her grey eyes and the rare, ever so subtle tilt of the corners of her now chapped lips.

The girl with whom I did my first sleepover, person who knows all secrets of mine and the friend who I’d trust my life with, can now barely look at me.

I’ve lost count on the amount of teachers that have come to me, asking if I know what’s wrong. Painful silence always leaves my lips as I have no answer. What kind of a friend does that make me?

I’m not going to tell you about my secrets; the ones I keep bottled up inside glass and trapped by cork. Tell me YOU understand one more time and I think I’ll break down, lies is all I hear and I wish to be deaf.

YOU ask if I’m alright? Isn’t it so damn obvious that I’m not?

YOU won’t understand anything I say, YOU don’t deserve to know my secrets. There is but one person who will understand but, I care about her too much to involve her. So I remain a shell because YOU don’t deserve to know my secrets.



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