Bloody Shadows

Some depressing poems and such, it could cause some triggering.


17. Within My Memories

I am fogged by judgement,
Crushed by fear,
All I see is the blood and dark,
All I hear is the screams I screamed.

So alone within my thoughts,
On the wall is stained drops.
On my wrists blood falls,
I look at myself like a younger reflection,
White as paper painted black and blue.

The demon dances around my shadow,
Laughter now the taunting melody,
Whispers flowing in my head,
The knife is my last decision.

Living in the present yet seeing only the past,
Pushed to the last lullaby,
Shattered within as I focus close.

I see the light but greet the dark,
Cloaked in my own pain,
That is when I feel the memories pierce my heart.

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