Bloody Shadows

Some depressing poems and such, it could cause some triggering.


16. The Nightmare Within

My heart is burning with each scar ,
My tears so bitter and death so far,
In the cold I cry alone,
No one hears my screams tonight.

I sit and wait for the next hit,
The bruises covering me from head to toe,
My misery is just ignored,
Everyone walks by this freak of a girl.

This world is turning me to dust,
From the inside I have started to decay,
Every mark upon my flesh,
It is a stain of the past and the present.

My future should not even exist,
I should take the knife and slit,
My blood drips into my ocean of tears,
Her screeching laughter toxic to my soul.

Behind closed eyes is where I lay,
My body cached in aching pain,
Like a dagger piercing my mind,
I welcome death with every red line.

Darkness covering all my light,
My dreams now nightmares and strength now gone,
The melody in my head is shredded,
I hear screams inside my head telling me to die.

I am too scared to make a step,
Locking myself away with the memories,
Withering rose until I am a weed,
I would stab my heart but there is only a hole.

Breathing deep I fake a smile,
I wake in the morning and cry,
When my eyes shut real tight,
The nightmares flash giving me endless screams.

The sky has no moon or stars,
I am lost within this maze of life,
I see my broken reflection and fill with hate,
My screams now die out to empty shrieks.

I have fell into pieces where there is nothing,
Lost so much along the way,
I look the other way I shed more tears,
To the blade I cut away all those horrid fears.

I stand my ground but take no breathe,
The misery filling my twisted head,
Losing control of who I used to be,
Chained to hell for the bitter hate.

The curtains close and I fall down,
Within a hole I hear the cold screams,
I try to awake from this nightmare,
But at last the nightmare is me.

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