Bloody Shadows

Some depressing poems and such, it could cause some triggering.


22. The Letter

She walked alone once again,
Cold air clinging to the back of her hands,
Blood dripping from her wrists,
But she smiles and pretends nothing is happening,

Walking home like she always does,
Down the streets and happy people,
They stare at her like she is air,
Not even meant to be there,

Her home in sight she takes a breathe,
Her heart tightening within her chest,
With slow steps she opens the door,
Once it shuts she is on the floor,

Parents shouting in her ears,
Hits and screams is all the neighbors hear,
No one comes they just listen,
She must of done something wrong again,

Hours go by and on the grounds she lays,
Parents out yet she is still in the same place,
Sprawled on the floor drenched in blood,
Her eyes cold from the tears that fell,

Darkness falls and to her feet she climbs,
Up the stairs one painful step at a time,
Into her room where she hides,
Locks the door to give her time,

On the desk a paper and pen,
She grabs the blade and cuts again,
With every slit and word she writes,
Her story unfolds as she carries on the night,

Soon the creek from downstairs,
She wipes her tears and hides her fear,
Signs the letter then hides it away,
The banging on her door begins,

With her parents shouts and anger boiling,
She curls up far away,
With a gun in one hand and the other on her heart,
Her eyes linger at the door,

A deep breathe is taken as she starts to shake,
Her time has came there is no mistake,
Wood flies here and there,
The hatred on her parents face,

Grabbing tight to her gun,
One bang down goes mum,
Two bangs daddy falls,
Three bangs later and the house is still,

Sirens blare outside the house,
Lights hit against the walls,
Into her room men pour in,
Yet all they find is three figures gone,

A mother and father sprawled in anger,
A little girl with pain on her face forever,
Around they look past all the blood,
On a desk a letter lays and says,

Here they come with thunders roar,
My heart so tight and body sore,
Daddy's love hurts too much,
Mummy's words hurt me such,

Years and years of constant pain,
Everyday I become insane,
Tonight I know what future await,
Sadly tonight will be too late,

A life of pain was my play,
People hear and see but still I stay,
No more breathes will they ever take,
In moments they will regrets their mistake,

My hand on heart I hold hope,
This life has became too much to cope,
I take my leave and say farewell,
I may be gone but my pain shall always dwell,

To the girl the man looked,
Tears fell from his eyes,
A little girl raised in pain,
She never knew love nor shall she now,

In the silence he laid that night,
Alone in his room he thought,
How could someone be hurt so much,
In days gone by no one saved her,

From a girl who live in pain,
She got revenge and now rests peacefully,
A man who read a letter,
He loves his children like her parents would never. 

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