Bloody Shadows

Some depressing poems and such, it could cause some triggering.


21. The Devil's Melody

Memories dance upon memory lane,
Dancing smiles upon the night,
Two lost little girls,
Damaged within toxic mist,

Breathing deep and coughing blood,
Screaming wind against every tear,
Silently dying in the hollow lonliness of life,
Forgotten and unloved from purity of light,

The light within gives way to the deep darkness,
The dark void takes its toll,
Suffocating the child's lungs,
Serpents grasp of sinful girls,

Cuts, scars and scarlet tears,
Bloody eyes filled with hate,
Untold misery and anger,
No words spoken past crushed whispers,

The darkness calls in the dead of the light,
Broken songs of the dying angels fill the abyss,
While the evil ominous songs of the devil rings,
Sinful laughter fills the void,

A broken body with no soul,
Hollow eyes with no emotion,
Empty words meaning nothing,
Promises just lies to the mind,

A deathly silence echos all around,
Ripping the peace with crimson blood,
Secrets of the singing shadows,
Hidden within the darkness of night,

The devil's hand burns the soul,
Withering the light hidden deep within,
No heaven above, no hell below,
The heart is the devil's home.

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