Bloody Shadows

Some depressing poems and such, it could cause some triggering.


15. The Devils Dance

The devil laughs in sadistic joy,
The pain is his pleasurable thrill,
Who's mark is branded upon my scarred flesh,
Created to wonder in endless pain.

To dance with the devils flight,
Our blood curling screams fill the dark abyss,
Echoing in the shadows we dance with him,
Present in hell yet living on earth.

Breathing is like a toxic sin,
Agonizing tears that bleed from the burning sensation of life,
Pain filled soul that shattered to dust,
Our ashes blowing away into the screaming wind.

From the embers rises dark flames,
Pleas for freedom denied with blood,
Cussing each slit,
Cursing each scar,
The devil plays his melodic chant.

Hearts stop as we stare into his eyes,
The shuddering cold freezes hope,
All light dims as we take out last breathe,
Hand in hand as we sway,
We dance the devils dance.

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