Bloody Shadows

Some depressing poems and such, it could cause some triggering.


12. Sleep Forever

This world makes no sense anymore,
Slits and cuts running my blood,
One step closer to the edge,
Trying my best to escape the hurt,
But there is a hole in my heart.

Keep watching me as I fall in tears,
You say that you understand but you do not,
Quit the lies nothing is okay,
If there is a will there is a way?
Well point me in my direction.

With the blade I escape from this life,
I run towards the light only for it to turn to dark,
Listen close and you will hear my cries,
They echo in the wind,
They are carried throughout the night.

Memories frozen in my mind,
Inked into me like a photograph,
What if I was different?
Would I still be laying here in tears with bleeding wrists?
I guess I am just the stupid mistake.

When I thought there was a chance to smile,
Life laughs and crushes me down,
I am nothing but dirt under you,
The dust that no one ever sees,
I reach for someone but no one is there.

When I look to the sky I hope to see a friend,
But there is nothing there but the empty stars,
So now I cry like I do every night,
I bring my blade and cut the pain away,
I breathe in deep and close my eyes for an ever lasting slumber. 

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