Bloody Shadows

Some depressing poems and such, it could cause some triggering.


18. Reality Of Memories

She carries a burden like the wind does dust,

Her eyes see only her spilling blood,

The cruel laughs and chilling screams lurk within her mind,

Each flash aches her scars as the night gathers,

She holds onto any hope she wishes so hard for,

The shadows watching her like a hawke,

She curls in protection from something long gone,

Yet before her sight it has been there all along,

People point, stare and laugh,

She cries in the rain and smiles at the same moment,

No one sees the pain that dwells within,

She is a lost cause shattered and broken,

The creak of a floor or bang of a door,

Memories flow over her walls,

She cannot run nor can she hide,

The darkness always finds where she cries,

The skies above this broken girl are dead and grey,

No stars guide her through this dying world,

Coiled by the blooded hand within a serpants grasp,

To lookers in nothing is there but to her it is a memory reality,

Time freezes her within the past it pushes through her mask,

All the walls broken down,

The held back tears fall with the loudest sound,

A glimmer of pain shines within her hands,

The tears she cries when she is alone,

The blood she bleeds when no one is home,

She digs in deep and lets it pour,

Now the memories cannot haunt her anymore.

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