Bloody Shadows

Some depressing poems and such, it could cause some triggering.


14. Off The Edge

Walking by times clocks, 
The ticking sounds counting my last breathes,
The wind pressing against my scars,
Moonlight dripping down with my blood.

Each heartbeat thumping like a drum,
Silent screams with the loudest tears,
The call of death beckons me to listen,
Its hold grasping my neck,
Pulling me to raspy gasps.

Small steps against the wind,
The waves crashing down below,
Tear after tear like the rain they fall from my eyes,
Pulling the blade blood starts to drip,
Every tear brings another slit.

Steady steps as I rock back and forth,
The moonlight faded now only the black path,
Deeper and deeper the blood pours,
Farther and farther the tears fall,
Time slowly coming to a stop.

The whispers in my head now shouts in my ears,
Memories replaying scenes before my eyes,
One more silent scream echoes in my mind,
Deeper cuts for each painful memory,
As the waves hit the cliff I am upon,
Questions of what I have done wrong leek into my thoughts.

The wind takes my hand,
It eases the pain to determination,
The blade spirals up my wrists,
Sweet freedom at my fingertips.

Slowly the edge becomes ever so near,
I dare to shed one last tear,
Slowly everything comes to a halt,
No sound from my heart or those voices,
I cut one last time then I fall,
Becoming lost in the sea of all my tears.

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