Bloody Shadows

Some depressing poems and such, it could cause some triggering.


2. Memories Linger

Smashed scars on shattered hearts,
I tried my best to please,
Served the time of endless pain,
I am giving up on the sick game.

How many times must you end my life?
How much more must I sacrifice?
My heart is fronzen into place,
Never look upon my emotionless face.

My veins are crying a velvet red,
Bloody blood pouring until I am almost dead,
Slits and scars keep me safe,
With the blade I am in my happy place.

My screams echo around the house,
No one comes, they just ignore my painful shouts,
Empty and forgotten is all there is to me,
See my past it is the key.

Come on hurt me more,
I am the same girl I was before,
You may be gone but these memories will always linger,
All this pain will last forever.

I laugh with you but it is fake,
I know that I am a unwanted mistake,
Push me down but I will get back up,
No longer shall I be weak.

Today I close my eyes and took the pain,
Now I come with not revenge but justice,
I have found the strength within my broken heart,
Watch your back because karma is coming in black.

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