Bloody Shadows

Some depressing poems and such, it could cause some triggering.


7. Memories Haunt Until Death

Taunting voices echo in her mind,
Twisted thoughts repeating with time,
Wondering souls from her past,
Flashing before her emotionless eyes.

Blood curling screams ring her ears,
Passing cuts upon her scarred skin,
Trails of scars old and new for stories untold,
Heartbeats stop with flows of her sins.

Black birds call sending chills up her spine,
Creaking memories surrounding like shadows of shadows,
Holding her breathe as the ghosts of past stalk her light,
Flames burning with the embers of her soul,
But the ash still does not leave.

Silent prayers with tears so soft,
Dusty wind in the dead land she walks,
Shattered hopes and dreams now decayed,
Taking her hearts dare she dances among the shadows,
Following each step the ghost left as a mark.

Walking by times own clock,
The ticking sounds counting her last breathes,
The wind pressing against her scars,
Moonlight dripping with her silky blood.

The whispers in her head now shouts in her ears,
Memories now scenes replaying before her eyes,
One more silent scream rattles through her soul,
Then the silence of the wind drawing her to a numb close.

Blissful tears with bitter sorrows,
She sits alone gathering dust,
Her wrists are flowing with utter crushed blood,
No one looks her in the eyes that once held light.

Tears she cries with painful fears,
The numbness eats away at her dead soul,
Only sadness stalks her dark mind,
No happiness or joy,
No peace or hope,
Just the bitter emptiness lurking in her thoughts.

Her sky is grey and the rain falls with every tear she cries,
She cries each night so she is drowning,
Drowning in her bitter despair,
No dreams to want just nightmares to run away from,
She has no happiness, only pain and numb.

Her wrists are filled with scars upon scars,
The reflection she sees is the girl she used to be,
She plasters a smile upon her face,
She has forgotten how to smile.
Tears trickles down her cheeks.

Her eyes hold no emotion but sadness,
Time has frozen her with these memories and emotions,
So dead inside as her past chases her,
It taunts her in the weakest of moments.

Her days are nights and her nights are days,
Her on going life is set on replay,
Pain after pain soon she will just fade and decay,
She sits upon the edge of her life,
Swirling the blade with every bl ink of her eyes.

Hurting inside she tries to run,
No voice to scream or beg for mercy,
Los with the cold and alone with the bitter,
She counts each tear with a new scar on her body.

She closes her eyes and remembers those days,
The days when she would smile and laugh,
Those moments are gone,
Now she is forever alone,
Cast aside from the world,
Unwanted and unloved just like when she was born.

Frozen in place she wipes the tears from her face,
She looks grimly at her scars and fakes her last smile,
No one knows what truly is on her mind,
No one cares that she is completely dead inside,
She takes each word like a bullet to her already broken heart.

The wind beckons her with silent promises,
With each step she takes she loses her pain,
Steady steps as she rocks back and forth,
The moonlight faded now only a black path,
Farther and farther the tears fall,
Time slowly coming to a stop.

The wind takes her hand,
It eases all the pain until she is numb and full of determination,
The blade spirals up her wrists,
Sweet freedom at her fingertips.

Slowly the edge becomes so near,
She dares to shed on last hurtful tear,
Slowly everything finally stops,
No sound of her heart or those voices in her head,
The ghosts of her past fade away,
She cuts one last time then takes her fall,
Becoming lost to the hangman’s noose.

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