Bloody Shadows

Some depressing poems and such, it could cause some triggering.


8. Lost Reflection

Misty shadows hide the stains,
Each tear drop falls with the rain,
Gleaming blades covered with blood,
The key to the unloved.

Scattered and smashed,
Broken and crushed,
Fogged in the mind,
Scars upon frail white skin,
Cracks fill with no remorse.

The howling screams of crooked temptation,
Wiped eyes that cry more than a waterfall,
The moon shine no life only a sad light,
Demons taunt with darkened laughs.

Bleeding tears and crying wrists,
Shadows lurking in the secrets,
The dark forgotten untold tales,
The blood curling screams fill the heart.

The pain consumes the scattered souls,
Daggers are lies stabbing the mind,
Bitter and cold,
Running from the dark fears that reach with a cold hand.

Little lies become the larger truth,
Nothing but emptiness left in this room,
Stand and watch the lurking shadows move,
Each flash is a memory of all the pain that was released.

Black birds call to the chill of death,
Red eyes staring right down to the bone,
The sky is so grey,
The rain falls with every tear that escapes.

Hurt and anger is all that is left,
The burning hatred within the eyes of a reflection,
Pain and sadness always crawling through the soul,
Will the sun ever shine on this dead world.

Cuts and scars upon the bleeding skin,
Sins carressing the reflection like flames,
The hollowness that is left when a heart is taken away,
A hole is where the love used to be.

The curse of living is always filled with such pain,
Each cut is just like a new tear,
The sadness is always reflecting in the smashed mirror,
Balance is always to feel hurt.

Scarlet red is left with the blue within the pit,
Black abyss openning up to swallow each tear whole,
In this wasteland living is a burden,
Death is the ultimate reward.

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