Bloody Shadows

Some depressing poems and such, it could cause some triggering.


4. Don't Try To Help

I sit in the corner observing the world,
Everyone stares at this freak of a girl,
They watch me close and say they care,
They other a hand but no one cares.

Do not look me upon the eyes,
Listen close as I beg to die,
Each scar I have will be covered by a new,
They tore me away from all I knew.

In the silence I am safe,
In the loudness of this world I want to run away,
My heart to shattered to become whole,
Eyes of so many bloody tears.

Blades and knives are my friends,
They keep me secure until the end,
A lifetime of pain is all I know,
There is not much here for me the hold on to.

Eyes looking at me wherever I go,
They say they want to help so they can do a good deed,
I am not a charity case just a lost soul,
I have secrets none will ever know.

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