Bloody Shadows

Some depressing poems and such, it could cause some triggering.


11. Carved

I count all the stars that fall from the heaven,
I sit and watch as my tears become ice,
Dragging along the blade I watch my blood pour out,
Whispering my thoughts to the empty shadows.

I do not want to talk or look you in the eyes,
Here I sit alone waiting for my time to take its strike,
Living countless pain it is a wonder I have made it this far,
Life can carry on but now I am frozen,
Feeling so dead, no happiness.

Carving all the painful words ever spoken to me,
Placing on the scars that make me scream,
My soul is long gone- shattered into dust,
Are you laughing now at all my misery?

Day in and out I walk a lonely path,
The only hand there for me to hold is the memories I own,
The past may be the past but it always finds me,
Playing by the rules and walking to the end,
All there is to do is smile and pretend everything is all right.

Caressed by the tears that fall from my eyes,
The cold takes me to a time where I feel something inside,
May I be dead or alive I will still have this pain,
Plenty sad words flowing in my mind,
Carved upon my skin scarring me for life.

They say words will never harm you,
Then why am I in tears from the actions placed?
I unfold my cards playing by the game,
Gambling my life, running on the line,
Too much pain to even fake happiness.

In my mind each memory is there,
Carved into my thoughts and haunting every word,
So I look with the tears I cry,
Watching as those of my past carry on with their lives,
I carve my thoughts with the dagger of mine.

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