Bloody Shadows

Some depressing poems and such, it could cause some triggering.


3. Burning And Churning

Little girls who play with fire get burned,
Ugly smells making stomachs churn,
Little laughs from the distant,
Your nightmares are coming reality.

Crowing crows come and feast,
The chill to the bones,
Hear those screams screeching in your ears,
Blood on the ground, on the walls, everywhere.

That blood curling screams from the ally way,
All those shadows dancing around those churning flames,
Creepy looks from behind window pains,
Blood just washing away down the drain.

The hoodied shadow lingers behind you,
Its cold breathe on your neck,
Little shadows upon each grave,
Lost souls which can never be saved.

Speak any words and be sewed shut,
That horrid smell creaking up your nose,
The only thing left from the blackened corpse,
Dancing crows setting to their flight of this killer night.

Flames burning away until only ashes remain,
Little bits of you now blowing the wind,
Watch your back upon the cold breathe on your neck,
Death is sneaking behind your back.

Those little cries that echo across the walls,
Blood streaming till its dried,
No more playing by those flames,
Burning away wiping ever deadly sin.

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