Bloody Shadows

Some depressing poems and such, it could cause some triggering.


10. Broken Away

Bitter cold welcomes me with open arms,
Tears fallen like many sins,
Crushed by life and killed by hope,
Losing all has been too much to handle,
To betray fate and to leave the past behind.

Cradle me sister and tell me it is just a nightmare,
Hold me tight and wipe away my tears,
Joined by the heart we were strong,
Torn so sudden and parted for life,
My wrists shall bleed every night.

The laughs we shared since we were young,
The joy you spread with your smile,
Held by wings that shall take you high,
Here I burn in hells flames,
I will soon be just a memory,
Just a name.

Wounds heal no more,
Scars upon scars with the departure of hope,
Crushed and wounded with bleeding tears,
Captured by the dark of life to endure,
No light shall shine now you have taken your last bow.

Sister from young,
Best friend since it all began,
Now the storm has came and swirled you in,
So far away and out of touch,
Losing my strength with all I am.

Hopeless now unlike when you were here,
You kept me strong and wiped every tear,
When freedom was right in site,
You grasped the chance only to be dragged away,
All I can do is weep my sorrows.

Please hold me my sister,
Wake me from this nightmare hell,
Come back to my side once more,
Let no hurt be spread to you,
Grow your wings and fly away from me.

Soon I will be gone without a second glance,
You will forget the moments we had,
The tears you wiped,
The one you saved over and over,
Fly with the others to the night sky.

I reach but only to grasp thin air,
My heart is now a hole from all this burden I bare,
With a final hug we say farewell,
With these broken tears I must now walk alone,
Farewell my sister, my best friend,
You are the person I will always know.

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