Bloody Shadows

Some depressing poems and such, it could cause some triggering.


9. Bitter

Here I stand waiting for pain to come,
The bitter feeling that is only tears,
Each hit breaking me down,
Each word scarring my mind,
Nothing but the hollow hearts.

I wait for a answer when I pray,
Does god hear me when I scream in pain?
Does satan laugh at my misery?
Life is cold and cruel,
Laughing with the dagger that spills my blood.

The twist of fate that placed me in the hands of a demon,
Cradeling my tears with soaked blood,
Redemption is far gone from my eyes,
Sight is a curse with the horrors seen,
Breathing in deep as fear washes over me.

Waiting for the lighting to strike,
Cussing in my mind as pain fills with sorrow,
Balancing on the see saw to hold onto my hope,
But the balance breaks and to hell I fall,
Misery so bitter like revenge being sweet.

Heartless is what you made me,
A hole where the heart is meant to be,
Caged to the dark abyss praying for someone to save me,
Watching my blood ripple into the stream of my tears,
Placing horror within the demons grasp.

Holding onto the last light in my life,
Love is the only thing keeping me alive,
Through all the dark I hold onto this light,
The burning pain rips my shattered soul,
Crushes my broken heart,
But love gives the strength to breathe for a little longer.

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