Bloody Shadows

Some depressing poems and such, it could cause some triggering.


20. Art Of Insanity

Tonight I become an artist,

Every sketch a crimson red,

My body is the canvas and the blade is the brush,

I have turned away the light again,

Running from the shadows that dance in my mind,

The voices keep screaming,

No one hears those cries at night,

They fall for the smile and light,

My life is the storm that never ends,

Each hour passes by with another scar,

Line after line the paint becomes dry,

But everyday I add to the painting I see,

In the mirror there is a girl,

I knew her once but then she died,

Years ago a smile was true,

But now my smile is just a ruse,

I follow the paths my heart lead to,

I walk along the ocean of my tears,

Every shadow lingers within my mind,

No one ever sees the twisted thoughts I think,

Blood scatters everywhere for art is true,

The emotions inside flow to the canvas,

The crimson mixes with the black and blue,

My heart lays broken from life's stain,

I am a artist, I paint in red,

My reflection is the ghost of the girl I was,

My scars are my masterpiece,

And my mind is my insanity.

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