Claws & Wands

Mareyll (a born magician) and Shaw's (a royal dragon) lives are given a turn when a group of strangers visit their village. In order to go on an adventure far away from the kingdoms that they both hate, they must tag along with this group.


2. The Promise

Mareyll's Perspective 



       The Mages were using long robes with lots of colors. They all had long sleeves and weird shoes. In their hands were long sticks, more like staffs, made of some kind of metal it would seemed. In the top of their canes were different shapes, and in each shape was a light of a different color. They were all from Cylon, it was obvious. In Triva nobody wears robes, not even women, they use  long skirts that go all the way to their ankles. Men used pants. Also, most of the people in Triva had light hair and green eyes, while in Cylon people had dark hair and blue eyes. So there was no mistaking a Trivian or a Cylonian. I could tell who the two dragons were because they didn't used staffs. When one of them looked our way both me and Shaw hid a little behind the door. They started to wave and smile, doing some fireworks and minor tricks. Something was telling me that they were not show mages.. They were older, some in their twenties, another looked like thirty (one of the dragons), and the older Mage looked like he was in his forties. There were five mages and two dragons, a total of seven. I heard that show mages usually traveled alone and with no dragons.. My brain was telling me that this people were warriors, and if that was true it meant trouble. Either they were rebels or assassins, and in both ways I knew that Candon would be on great danger. 

- Hello there - the magician of twenty something told us. It seems none of us was paying attention because we both jumped when he talked. 

- Hi - Shaw said coldly. And since he was acting this way it meant he felt a sly threat coming from them. 

- Are you from Cylon? - he asked smiling. I was able to see how Shaw went from bad boy to shyly and not smart kid. So I had to help him.

- He used to live there, now Candon is his home - I said serious. Even though Shaw was nineteen, two years older than me, he sometimes acted more childish than me. 

- Is that so - another voice came from behind us. We both looked behind to find the oldest Mage standing there, and we did not had a clue of how he got there. Suddenly all the new strangers were around us, making us nervous. Until my dad cut the tension. 

- Hello, can I help you with something?- he said almighty. He was really big, tall and with a deep voice. Bad people would usually  run after seeing him.

- Yeah, in fact we need your help! - said the Mage girl.

- A card send for us was suppose to arrive today - said the grumpy dragon. 

- Oh well, if that's the case then come on in - he said giving us a get inside now look. We didn't protest, we actually came in as faster as possible..

         Dad went inside the mail room, while my mom offered them something to drink. My families house had been the village's mail house for over 50 years. All of my brothers were in the army so I was suppose to inherit the job. My sister was a year older than me and she only helped mom with the house work. I was the only one in the family with purple eyes and white hair, and many times it occur to me that I might have been adopted, but I couldn't really asked them that. I felt it would make them feel bad and always threw the subject away. I felt Shaw pinching my shoulder and I stopped my usually day thinking. He was doing some kind signals that I could understand, so when I asked him what? with my eyes I heard movement. 

- Are you the only one with purple eyes in your family? - said the voice of one of the older mages. 

- I am - I said without looking at them.  

- It is a strange color, in fact, I've never seen such a color in my life - said the dragon girl. 

- It's because his sick! - Shaw barked - He has a weird sickness that changed the color of his eyes.. - Shaw said more relaxed. 

           Weirdly, all of the Cylonians nodded in understanding and stayed in silent. After that dad came back saying that the letter would arrive tomorrow. The oldest Mage gave him thanks and they left. Shaw and I waited some time before going out. When we did we were determined to follow them. We had already walked a while when a voice from behind us startled us. 

- Are you two boys trying to follow us? - said the younger Mage. Who was standing there alone. 




Shaw's Perspective

        Our jaws dropped open as our minds tried to make something up. The guy was still smiling, which made me creep out a little. I smelled the other two dragons closed by, but I didn't dare look away. Mar was looking more puzzled than me so I took the lead. 

- Yep! We just wanted to ask if you guys were going to give a show - I said so fast that Mar had trouble digesting it. 

- Oh my! Did we? Well, I'll guess we'll just have to ask the leader - he said as he started pushing us towards a tiny hotel. We were to scare to fight, so we just follow. Inside of it was a little table with some fruits and the old man, sitting there eating. As soon as we got closer he stopped eating and looked at the weird Mage then at us. 

- What is it Owell? - the old man asked. 

- Well, I found this boys sniping around and brought them here when they asked if we were going to give a magic show - he said smiling. 

- Magic show, eh? We will give a show when the night comes, not that you'll like it though - he said serious.

       Something in his voice told me that a war was going to occur here when the night came. I said a fast thanks and dragged Mar out of the place. Outside we almost crashed into the two dragons. They looked at us weirdly, then I cut the silent talked and pulled Mar away until we were alone and safe. 

- Mar, I think a war is going to happen tonight - I said releasing all my stress. 

- I know, the moment he said that I knew it too - he said a little distant from reality. 

- What are we going to do? We can't warn the village until we are sure about it - I said worried, but trying to give him an idea. 

- Something tells me that you want me to use magic to look into the future - he said smiling and I smiled too. 

- Maybe! - I said walking towards the Forest's path. 

- Well, if it gives me a headache you'll pay the prize - he said threatening me. 

- Then I'll have to take the risk - I said as I started running. I heard Mar laughing and then we were on the forest, looking for the pink leaves tree. When we found it, we rested for a moment before starting the ceremony. Mar sat in front of the three with his eyes closed and his legs crossed. I could only see his back since he had to touched the three. When he did the leaves started to shine. As they always did.. The three was known as the "After Teller". People would constantly come here to know their future, but since Mar was a Mage he could look for a specifically part of the future. When leaves started to fly around him I knew that he was seeing the future. I sat on the ground and waited patiently for the ceremony to finish. As soon as I saw that he was going to faint I ran towards him and put his head on my lap. Some minutes passed before he woke up. I helped him sit correctly, then, when he was better he jumped from excitement. 

- I saw it! Lots of men from the Cylon army will attack the Mages, and since their here the village will suffer, but it will not be tonight, it will be tomorrow at midday - he said worried. 

- That's not so bad.. - I said in relief. 

- There's more - Mar said worried. 

- Uh oh, I knew I shouldn't have said that! - I said worried. 

- You know that your a supposed wanted criminal, right? - I nodded - Well, they are going to try to capture you, and it seems that there is someone who knows you.. - he said thinking aback. 

- Who!? - I said desperately.

- A captain. Hey! Weren't humans supposed to not use magic!? - he said confused. 

- Uh.. - I had to tell him - My kingdom found a way to use magic without being a Mage.. - 

- Like the time we met? - he asked puzzled. 

- Yes, they use the Light stones, which have magic, and use their power - I said feeling bad. 

- Light stones? - he asked, but not confused, more like thinking of something that had happen long, long ago.

- Yep! - I said trying to shake him up.

- Well, I suggest that the village's people leave tonight, through the third passage, and we need to stay, we gotta find out what's inside the card their waiting for - Mar said so sure if himself that I couldn't help, but to smile. 

- What? - he asked confused.

- Nothing, lets go tell the others, better be prepared! -  I said as I started to walk away. I heard Mar complaining and running behind me to catch up. 

        We held a reunion with all the important people from the town, there Mar told them about what them Mages had said and about his vision. Nobody questioned him, they never did.. I was happy to see how much he had grown over the past year. He was now a real men! Talking like that with no trace of fear, he was definitely someone I wanted tone like. I could always act tough, but in reality, I was as scared as an elephant was scared of a mouse. But I could never show him that side of me, he though of me too high, and so did I of him. Believe or not, I think that inside me I had chosen him to become my rider, my true rider. As we walked over the town I remembered when they first presented me to the prince, I was supposed to be his dragon, but it never felt right. I never told anyone that I hadn't done the ceremony to turned him into my rider, but they eventually found out when they saw no trace of dragon marks on his body. I was going to do the ceremony, but his actions stopped me from doing it. After seeing how bad he treated the poor I ran away heart broken. I think I said that I would never do the ceremony, yet, now I felt I wanted to do it with Mar. Something inside him told me he would never be bad, that even in the hardest time he would endure pain and keep going forward. And wanted to be there to see him become a hero. Even help him I could, I wanted to help the poor, but never did anything, maybe now was the time to do something..! 

- Shaw? - Mar asked me. 

- Hmm? - I said as I returned to reality. 

- Do you want to stay with me? I mean, since everybody's going to go I though we could- - I made a little chucked.

- Of course, don't worry about it, I swear I will protect you no matter what - I said with my head high. I had just started the rider's ceremony, the only thing left was Mar's part.. Which would never happen..

- I swear I will protect you too no matter what, so that means we'll be together for a long ride, huh? - he said without knowing the meaning of his words. He had just sealed the ceremony. Now we would become partners for eternity. Which meant that if Mei ever knew about it, he would try to killed him, but I would never permit that. We went to sleep earlier, while everybody else packed. Mar was in his room, while I slept in the hall. When my senses started to warn me about trouble, I went upstairs to wake Mar up. 

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