Living In The Shadows

Dark poems about our lives. May be triggering. Without my best friend -TartanWolf- I don't think I would be around. We have been through so much together.


9. Tragic Family

A girl cries in the corner of the room,
Sitting in the loneliness of life,
Surrounded by her dreams of forever,
Of finally having a friend to trust,

Never knowing the joys of friendship,
Not having a shoulder to cry onto,
Someone to talk to about her problems,
Having to keep her pain to herself,

Her pain can be seen in her eyes,
All you have to do is look,
It is hidden behind her mask of indifference,
Away from unwanted attention,

She doesn't want people to see her pain,
She would rather keep it to herself,
Rather than bother someone with her petty problems,
When they don't even truly care,

She sits at night watching the stars shine,
And watching her blades glisten in the moonlight,
A silver light within the blackness of night,
Storm clouds hang over head,

Her liquid life leaks through her fingers,
Flowing steadily from a cut to the wrist,
A bloody blade left forgotten in the grass,
As she wraps her arm in crystal white bandages,

Walking home in the dead of night,
Surrounded by nothing but eerie silence,
Birds caw from the tree tops,
Making her heart race with adrenalin,

Heart beat racing as she runs to her home,
A place that is supposed to be safe and secure,
But is nothing more than another place to be tortured,
Left all alone with only the voices in her head,

The whisper things to her that she shouldn’t know,
Things that a child shouldn’t know,
Dark and dangerous things,
And beliefs that aren’t her own,

Sadistic people floating inside her head,
Telling her to do things she truly doesn’t want,
Violence and anger,
All lead to a bloody end,

Screams and shouts come from the room next door,
Her parents are at it yet again,
Earphones go in and Music is on,
Trying to block out the sounds of her mothers cries,

Waking in the morning to a rain filled day,
Her father at work and her mother out to play,
Left all alone in the house again,
No escape even if she had somewhere to go,

Sitting on the couch in a state of boredom,
Nothing to do throughout the day,
Watching the clock as the hours go by,
Waiting till her parents come home to make her cry,

Going to her room as the front door opens,
Acting like she has been there the entire time,
Wiping away stray tears that had made their way,
Down her cheek and to the ground,

Taking the bloody blade from the night before,
Cuts her Mother and Fathers names into her skin,
Symbolizing that she still cares,
Even though they have caused her so much pain,

A letter lies on the desk,
Her farewell letter to her parent,
Telling them just how she has felt,
Through all her years of life,

A single tear falls from her eye,
As she gains the courage to end her life,
Taking the blade in her two shaking hands,
Stabs herself straight in the heart and crumbles to the ground,

Her heart beat stops as her parents come running,
Opening her door to find her dead of the floor,
Reading her letter that is tearstained,
And breaking down as they realize their mistakes,

Their selfishness had lost them their daughter,
One who used to be so full of life,
They never saw her slip away,
Just to become the girl she was today,

Her parents prepare a funeral for their only child,
Hearts full of grief and hatred for themselves,
For not noticing the struggles of her life,
For ignoring her in order to fight,

After the funeral was all over and done,
They went and spent the day in the sun,
Crying and screaming,
Wishing for things to be undone,

Holding hands for the first time in years,
The Mother and Father jump off the pier,
They couldn’t live in the world with what they had done,
So now they will be together for eternity and fixing what they had done.

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