Living In The Shadows

Dark poems about our lives. May be triggering. Without my best friend -TartanWolf- I don't think I would be around. We have been through so much together.


10. Parenting Unfairness

I stand in a shaded place,
Watching the people that walk on by,
They don't even feel my eyes,
Studying them for all they are worth,

Feeling tears gather in my eyes,
As I see a family happily chatting,
All content and happy with each other,
Making me jealous of their relationship,

My family don't care about me,
They don't even notice im even there,
I am the black sheep,
The unwanted one,

I am the one that is left in the corner,
Alone in the dark with my nightmares,
Always last to be though of,
One step behind my siblings,

My sister is the youngest,
Hence the most important,
She is a little angel,
That can do no wrong,

My brother is the oldest,
The one to trust,
Always knows better than me,
Even with my life,

Then there is me,
The one in the middle,
The child that is forgotten,
In the sibling three,

I can't do anything right,
And everything was me,
Noone cares to hear my side of the story,
Is it already two against one,

I have no reason to live anymore,
My family don't care,
They haven't even noticed,
The cuts that are sliced all over my wrist,

Laying on the floor,
To write my final goodbye,
Telling my entire life story,
And correcting all the lies,

I close my eyes,
As the darkness dawns,
My heart beat slows,
As my tears finally flow,

Hours later I am found,
Covered in my own life's blood,
Dried tear tracks down my cheeks,
Glistening in the light from the lamp outside,

A message to parent, (mines included)
Treat all your children equal,
And hear all sides of the stories,
Just because one said it was true,
Doesn't mean that they aren't lying to you.

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