Living In The Shadows

Dark poems about our lives. May be triggering. Without my best friend -TartanWolf- I don't think I would be around. We have been through so much together.


8. Hell's End

Bitter tears slip down my cheek,
Falling like a raindrop upon a window pane,
Showing the world an inkling of my sadness,
Only the top of the ice berg has emerged,

Slowly the walls I have built,
Are crumbling around my feet,
They can't cope with the weight of my heart,
Filled with sorrow and grief,

The rain that pours,
Reminds me of my tears,
They both pour down.
To lay on the ground,

A blue bird flies over my head,
Singing their songs of peace,
But I blur it out as I don't believe,
That I deserve to feel a moments peace,

I deserve the pain that life has brought me,
Damaging me slowly,
Making me ill,
Dying and not even caring,

So, I lay here and carve words and cuts,
Watching my blood soak the sheets,
Staining them red,
And close my eyes as the world goes black,

I wake up surrounded by fire,
Dressed in black with a cloak of silk,
Voices whisper in my ear,
Telling me stories of how they used to be,

A man of mystery comes from the shadows,
Gliding towards me like he is floating,
Making no sounds,
But filling me with fear,

The man I found,
Goes by the name of Satan,
And now I am his eternal slave,
I took my life and it now is his,

Suicide is Satan's friend,
A person who commits suicide goes to him,
The committed a sin,
The killed another even though it was themselves,

This is my life for now,
A life of servitude,
Of pain,
A life of never-ending agony,

All caused by my sadness,
My need for escape,
This is the result,
Of my bullied life.

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