Living In The Shadows

Dark poems about our lives. May be triggering. Without my best friend -TartanWolf- I don't think I would be around. We have been through so much together.


14. Finding Myself

What is the point in living,
When all I want is to die?
To leave behind the pain and sorrow,
That is my everyday life,

No-one can understand the pain that I feel inside,
I have been abused and broken,
Time and time again,
Someone always fixes me just for their own gain,

My hearts as black as a withered rose,
Crying the bloody tears,
Streaming all the hurt and anger away,
My life is just one big failure,
One after another,

Every guy that I have been with,
Has turned cruel to me,
Possessive, Controlling, Clingy, Rapist,
All sum up my past lovers,

They believe they own me,
That I am nothing but their shiny new toy,
For them to play with and break then throw away,
But not anymore,

Now I am stronger than ever,
I know that I don't have to put up with this,
I don't need to let them abuse me,
Hurt me,
Someone that has been hidden behind a mask,
A meek scared little girl that gets abused,
But from now on, I am me.

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