Living In The Shadows

Dark poems about our lives. May be triggering. Without my best friend -TartanWolf- I don't think I would be around. We have been through so much together.


11. Dance Of Death

A shadow sets itself upon my heart,
Determined to keep it safe from the start,
Loved and cherished and protected from the dark,
Even if it itself is but a dark mark,

My heart isn't capable of coping with anymore stress,
My mind is about to blow with the strain of fighting,
My body goes numb with the agony I feel,
All the effects of my family falling apart,

My mum can do nothing but cry then hide it from me,
My brother is pissed at the world,
My sister is clueless as she is too young,
Then there is me, damaged beyond repair,

My body is slowly shutting itself down,
To protect it from myself,
To deal with the stress of life,
I cut it out with a sharp knife,

Nobody notices as I walk off alone,
Too busy trying to cope themselves,
A knife at hand and a locked secure room,
All that is needed to keep the horrors hidden,

Blood and tears,
Mix to become a solution of pain,
Flooding the ground,
And seeping under the door,

Whispers call my name from the dark corner of the room,
Wanting me to join in the sacrafice of life,
To die by my own hand on the eve of suffering,
To dance the dance of death and despair for all eternity,

I nod my head and hold my knife,
Up to my wrists and deep in deep,
Deep red blood starts to ooze,
Gaining speed as time goes by,

A few tears slip from my eyes,
As I say my final goodbye to an empty soulless room,
Then my knife is at my neck,
Waiting for my brains signal to end my life,

In one fluid motion my neck is cut,
Blood gushes and my eyes fall shut,
Heart beat slows as my blood runs out,
As I am finally able to join in the dance of death.

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