Living In The Shadows

Dark poems about our lives. May be triggering. Without my best friend -TartanWolf- I don't think I would be around. We have been through so much together.


2. Child Abuse

A poisoned dagger
Through a heart,
Killing in pain,
Making them hurt,

Not deserving of forgiveness,
As they haven't shown it,
No guilt or sorrow,
For their murderous deeds,

A little girls life stopped,
The hands of the men,
Never to be clean again,
Fate has decided to let them pay,

Suffering constant nightmares,
Sleeping and awake,
Never catching a breathe,
Unending remembrance,

That was their fate,
Reliving the nightmare they caused,
Night after night,
Forced to watch the tragic happenings,

The funeral passes,
The parents weep,
Their baby girl is now their angel,
Watching them from the heavens above,

The men are tried of the crime,
Locked up inside,
Surrounded by criminals,
But hated all the same,

The mother comes,
Searching for answers,
Why oh why,
Did the choose her little angel,

A girl so full of life,
Snatched away in the dead of night,
Taken and beaten,
Raped and killed,

All for the amusement,
For two sick men,
Finding joy in another's pain,
Never to see the sun again,

The men die at the hands of the mother,
Father watching and praying,
That the men will suffer,
Again and again,

This is a story that has forever been told,
A story that makes chills go down your spine,
A child dies horrifically at the hands of an adult,
A type of story that should never be.

Child abuse is wrong,
It shouldn't happen,
No one should defile a child's innocence in such a way,
And punished by dead of they do. 

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