The Hunger Games HeadCannons

A Collection of my Hunger GamesHeadCannons


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It's quite peaceful walking along the beach. I've always loved it, since I was very little. It's something we do a lot of in District 4 since most of our work involves some form of fishing, whether it's being the catchers or making the nets which the fishermen use. That's what Annie's family does.

Annie… I miss her so much. Whenever I turn on the television in my house in the victors village, I see her, traveling through the arena with the male tribute from our district, Kai. Annie and Kai have been best friends for longer than I've known Annie. I think they are family friends so it must be hard for both their families since only one of them can come home - if either of them survive. If Annie doesn't come home… I don't know what I will do. It's probably a good thing I'm not on mentoring duty this year.

I met Annie a few years ago when I saved her from drowning. Her father decided it would be fun to take her out on a boat without first teaching her how to swim so when she fell out of the boat, she almost died. I heard her screaming as she drowned and managed to get to her in time to save her. I would really like to know what her father was doing instead of saving her, not that it bothers me. I got to meet the most beautiful girl in the district.

Before my games, I considered us just friends but since I've come back, she has meant more to me than that because, compared to the Capitol citizens I have to deal with every time they visit or I am on mentoring duty, she actually really knows me and cares about the real me. Not the Hunger Games victor who I have to be everywhere else.

Before I go home, I will go for a quick swim to try calm my emotions. It is so quiet down there, it is very calming. When Annie comes back, I should teach her how to swim. I will not give up on her - I will try to get her out of the arena alive, whatever it takes.

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