Emma Potter: The Girl Who Lived?!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Harry Potter had a twin sister? The girl who lived? Well your in luck. This is a story about Emma Lily Potter. This is set in there fourth year. So much has happened and so much is about to happen. Filled with drama and mischief this year will be so much more.


16. The Second Task

Fast Forward to next month

“Hey have you seen Jake Harry? I can’t find him anywhere and I am starting to get worried.” I say looking at my brother.

“No I haven’t seen him or Hermione or Lyrica for that matter. Weird. Maybe they are already at the lake.” He says looking worried.

“Yeah I am so nervous for today. I am just happy I finally perfected the charm I am gonna use. Are you nervous at all bro?” I ask him.

“Yeah a lil bit. I still have no idea if Gillyweed is going to work. I guess I just have to hope it does.” He says rubbing the back of his neck. That’s number one sign he is nervous.

“Awe I’m sure it will be okay big bro. No need to worry.” I say giving him a hug. Now I may seem confident but on the inside I am freaking out.

“Okay champions now get ready. You have an hour to recover your stolen treasure.” I hear Dumbledore announce.

I jump into the cold lake and do the bubble head charm. I am swimming for what seems like forever. When in reality it has only been 15 minutes.

As I get closer to the bottom of the lake I hear voices and I have feeling I am going in the right direction.

As I get to the bottom I see what seems like millions of merepeople. And let me tell ya they are nothing like Ariel. Disney was so wrong it wasn’t even funny. If anything these creature were scary. Okay back on subject I see 5 people tied to the bottom of the lake and one of them is Jake. Finally it all clicks. They were our treasures. God I am so dense I swear. I see Harry come out of the corner of my eye. And from what it looks he is trying to save them all. God he is dense. I just point to Lyrica and then to the top of the lake. I don’t think he gets what I am saying.

I untie Jake with a spell and start swimming off hoping he gets what he has to do. As I am swimming to the surface I feel something grab my leg. I say a spell and shoot Jake towards the top of the black lake. That’s the last thing I remember before blackness over takes me. I feel being lifted up though.


I gradually start to wake up and sit up. I hear someone talking to me but I can’t seem to respond.

“OH my god Emma are you okay? I was so worried you wouldn’t wake up. You have been out for a week.” Jake says looking worried.

“Yeah I am fine. What place did I get?” I ask him.

“You got second since you were the second to arrive. Cedric saved you and insisted you both get first but the judges just wouldn’t listen to him.” He says cutely. God how I love this boy. NO this cannot be happening. I cannot fall for my best friend. Oh who I am kidding I already have.

“Wow. A week you say? Can I leave yet?” I ask finally regaining strength.

“Yeah I will go ask Madame Pomfrey.” He says walking away.

As we are leaving I hear people telling me congrats. I grab ahold of Jake’s hand and hold it. I am sick of hiding my feelings for him.

I look up and see him smile. We just look into each other’s eyes. I see the rest of my friends and brothers.
I hear a bunch of how are you’s.

“Guys! I am fine. I am not dying anytime soon. SO calm down please."

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