Emma Potter: The Girl Who Lived?!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Harry Potter had a twin sister? The girl who lived? Well your in luck. This is a story about Emma Lily Potter. This is set in there fourth year. So much has happened and so much is about to happen. Filled with drama and mischief this year will be so much more.


8. Surprises

All rights to J.K. Rowling. sorry if this chapter is bad. really tired. Thanks  to my friend social butterfly for the first part of this story. everything after hermiones point of veiw is mine.


Emma's point of view


I was laying awake thinking of the tournament. My brain racking in emotions: fear, excitement, terror. Pushing my thoughts away,  I smiled down at the sparkling band on my finger. “I love you, Seamus.” I smiled to myself.

“Ems!” I flipped out of bed at the shriek from Abbye. Her hair was a mess and she was in tears. This couldn’t be good.

“Abbs! Abbye what’s wrong?!” I asked, pulling myself off of me feet. If George hurt had hurt her he wouldn’t be living much longer.

“George proposed!” She shrieked a bright smile, etching across her face. I’d never seen her happier.

“OH MY GOODNESS! Are you serious?” I say playing along even though I knew what he had planned. Who did you think found the perfect location for him and help him buy the ring.

“Oh quit playing I know you helped him. Thank you it was so perfect. Him and I got even more close if that’s even possible. I lost my v card to him!!!! It was so perfect and romantic. Just how I always imagined it. So what did you and Seamus do today?” She says suddenly.

“Oh you know just walked around and he gave me his mom’s promise ring that his dad gave to her.” I said casually even though I was screaming on the inside.

“OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! Are you serious? I wanna see it pwease!” She said excitedly.

Once I showed it to her and let her get over her squealing I looked at her and said, “Abbs I am so scared. Why do all the bad things happen to me and Harry? I thought this year would be different you know. Normal for once but its not. I just want all these bad things to stop happening to me. I don’t want to be in this competion. I don’t want fame or glory.”

“Oh Ems if I could make it better I would. But no worries we will get through this together all of us.” She says coming over giving me a hug.


~Hermione’s point of veiw~

I was coming back from the library where I was studying. All I could think about was Dean. He was so perfect. And I am far from perfect.

I get to the portrait and tell her the password. What I saw when I got in there broke my heart. I saw Dean and Ginny sitting on a chair snogging. I dropped my books and they both looked up and when they saw me they both looked guilty.

“Look it’s fine. I don’t care. You two be together. I hope your happy. That’s all I ever wanted.” I say quietly.

I just leave my books where they are not even bothering to pick them up and run out of the common room. I head to the astronomy tower because that’s where I go to clear my head and to my surprise I see someone there already.

“Fred is that you?” I ask quietly. I have always liked Fred but he was one my best friends brother. He was off limits.

“Yeah. Whats wrong ‘Mione?” He asks with concern in his voice.

“Oh you know just found Dean and Ginny snogging. The guy who I thought I could trust.” I say. I can feel the tears coming.

“Oh. I am so sorry. You don’t deserve to be treated like that. No one does. I can always prank them if you want. Better yet we can prank them together.” He says coming to give me a hug and just letting me cry on his shoulder.

“You know I might just take you up on that offer. I need a laugh what with everything that’s going on. My boyfriend, well now ex boyfriend cheated on me, I like someones who is off limits, and my best friend in the whole entire world is currently in a life threatening competition that could kill her. I mean I don’t worry so much about Harry. I know he will be fine but I don’t think I could live if something happened to Tiffany.” I say trying to stop my tears.

“I know how you feel. Tiffany is my little sister even if she isn’t by blood. I would die if anything happened to her. And like I said we will take care of Dean. And as for the liking someone you shouldn’t I am in the same boat. I like this amazing girl. When she laughs its like music to my ears, and shes the smartest girl I know. She’s top in her class and has been classified as the brightest witch of her age. Have any idea who I am talking about yet?” He asks being serious. I have never seen him serious before.

“You like me Fred? I am nothing but an insufferable know it all. You could have anyone but why me? And for the record I like you too.” I ask him looking down.

“I like you because your you ‘Mione. You don’t try and be anything your not and I admire that more than you know. Please give me a chance to prove myself ‘Mione. I want to be with you and be the one who brings that smile on your lips.” He says before kissing me. Kissing him feels nothing like it did when I kissed Dean. As cliché as this sounds I see fireworks and he makes me going weak in the knees. I know this real and that its meant to be.

After he pulls away I tell him that yes I will be his girlfriend and we head back to the common room hand in hand.

“Night love.” He says pulling me in for one last kiss before he goes up to his dorm.


“OOOOOOOOOH SPILL. WE HAVE NEWS TOOOOO!!!!!!!” Abbye says excitedly.

I go on to tell them about Ginny and Dean. They are furious about it and want to hex Ginny.

“Guys wait. Before you do anything rash. I went to the astronomy tower and ran into Fred. We are um kinda going out now.” I say looking down and blushing. I am so worried about how Emma will react.


“So your okay with it Ems?? I was so worried that you would be mad. That’s why I haven’t said anything about liking him.” I say smiling.

“Of course I am not mad. If only you had told me sooner I could have hooked you guys up. Now onto my news. Seamus gave me a promise ring and told me he loves me. And I know it’s too soon but I do love him. I would do anything for him.” Ems says with a glowing smile.

“Awe that’s so cute and the ring is gorgeous.” I say looking at her ring.

“Okay now my turn guys. George proposed and I said yes.” Abbs says looking beyond thrilled. “Oh and we had sex in a field of flowers. It was amazing."

“AWEEEE congrats I am glad for you guys.” I say.

“Well I am gonna get ready for bed. I am sleeping in Seamus dorms tonight so if I am not here in the morning don’t worry.” Emma says.

“OKAY! Night I love you!” I say getting ready for bed.

~Emma’s Point Of View~

I go to Seamus dorm and snuggle up next to him.

“Hey baby. I was wondering if you were still coming tonight.” He says with a smile.

“Sorry girl time with the besties. Your best friend is right prick you know that right?” I say glaring at a sleeping Dean.

“What did he do now?” He says sighing.

“Well lets see. Hermione caught him snogging Ginny after he just asked her to go out. That’s what he did. But don’t worry her and Fred are going out now. I am tired. I am gonna go to bed.” I say giving him and kiss and cuddling up close to him.

“I love you.” We both say at the same time.

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