Emma Potter: The Girl Who Lived?!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Harry Potter had a twin sister? The girl who lived? Well your in luck. This is a story about Emma Lily Potter. This is set in there fourth year. So much has happened and so much is about to happen. Filled with drama and mischief this year will be so much more.


15. How Could You!

~Emma's Point Of Veiw~

It has been a month since I met Jake. It's getting closer to the second task and the Yule Ball. I am actually really excited for it. Things have been going great except Seamus is getting more and more distant. I don't know whats going on with him.

I was walking to library to get some books for this stupid potions essay that I needed for my transfiguration and charms essay. I walked into the library and the thing I saw broke my heart. Seamus was sitting at a table snogging this girl. I could feel my hair turning blue.

"Seamus?! How could you. Did that promise ring mean nothing to you?!" I say heart broken.

"Ems it's not what it looks like! I swear. She kissed me!" Seamus says heatedly.

"Oh really?! SEAMUS!!!!! How could you?! You told me you guys had broken up." Mystery girl says.

"Wow Seamus. Looks like you have lost two girls in one night. Have fun being alone!" I yell at him and throw the ring in his face.

"Yeah because I am most certainly not hanging around! I am so sorry Emma I didn't know you two were still together or I wouldn't be doing this I swear!" Mystery girl says earnestly.

"It's okay I was planning to break up with him soon." I say crying and walking off.

~Nikki's Point Of Veiw~

I see Emma walk in crying, Or at least it looks like she has been crying.

"Oh darling! What happened?!" I say walking away from Ron.

"S-s--eamus cheated on me and I broke up with him." She says sobbing harder.

"Oh sweetie. He's not worth the tears if he is gonna break up with the most amazing girl. Come on lets go find the others. You sit with Ron while I get the others baby." I say leading her to Ron.

~Ron's Point Of Veiw~

"Oh what happened Sis?!" I say calling her Sis for the first time in ages.

"Seamus. Thats what happened. I caught him cheating on me. I yelled at him and then threw the promise ring he gave me in his face!" She says crying harder.

"Shhh! It's okay. We will beat his face in for you." I say hugging her.

"I just can't get over the fact that he would cheat on me. We seemed so perfect. Ask anyone. Everyone always told me how cute we were." She says sniffling.

"Oh I know sissy. It will be okay I promise." I say. All our friends walk in and come and comfort Tiffany.

~Harry's Point Of Veiw~ (SHOCKER I KNOW)

I can not believe Seamus would do this. He seemed like such a good guy for Ems. Jake seems like he really cares about her but then again so did Seamus.

"Shhhhh it's okay. I am here now. I am so sorry for ignoring just not you but everyone. I will beat his ass. I swear." I say rocking Tiffany.

"I know everything will be okay. I have great friends like you." She says smiling.

~Jake's Point Of Veiw~

"Hey I need to tell you something. Can I talk to you?" I ask her nervously.

"Sure!" She says smiling sadly.

"Alone?" I say hesitantly.

"Yeah of course. I will be back guys. Dinner after?!" She asks the other.

A bunch of yea's and sure's are said.

"Look hear me out okay. I know who that girl was. It was my twin sister Adrianna. I can tell you now that she did know you were still going out. She is in Slytherin and no good. I am so sorry that your boyfriend was her next victim. And I know you just broke up with Seamus but I REALLY LIKE YOU." I say in one big breath.

"Hey it's okay. It's not your fault babe. And I like you too I just need to wait a bit before I date anyone else. It's not you honestly. It's me. I still need time to heal from Seamus breaking my heart. And honestly This has nothing to do with your sister. He had a choice and he chose her. And who wouldn't?! She's gorgeous. And really a Slytherin?! I thought he had higher standards than that." She says with a small smile.

"Okay I understand. But I want to sing a song to you." I say and proceed to sing ONE THING to her.

"Awe that was so sweet. Thanks Jake. Ugh let's go to dinner. I need to start worrying about this second task if I am too survive it." She says after kissing my cheek.

"I am sure you will be fine. You are the Emma Potter girl who survived. RIng a bell?!" I say scoffing.

"Oh hush you. I am not Supermaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!" She exclaims..(Please tell me you see what I did there. No?! Okay. Anyways back to the story)

"So ummm listen would you like to go to the Yule Ball with me as friends?" I say nervously.

"Yeah that sounds good. I can't wait. It will be fun." She says with a huge smile.

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