Emma Potter: The Girl Who Lived?!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Harry Potter had a twin sister? The girl who lived? Well your in luck. This is a story about Emma Lily Potter. This is set in there fourth year. So much has happened and so much is about to happen. Filled with drama and mischief this year will be so much more.


3. Diagon Alley

“HERMIONE!!!!!!!!!” I yelled. Yes I know I am a loud person.


“Oh my god Ems!!!!! I’ve missed you so much!!!!!” Hermione said.


“I’ve missed you too! Lets go to Gringotts I have to get money.” I told her.


After we got all our stuff I decided I wanted an animal. All I have is an owl her name is Honey and she is gorgeous.


We get to the store and I spot puppies. ( I know dogs aren’t allowed in Hogwarts but this is my story) I saw the most gorgeous white terrier puppy. I just knew I had to have her.


“I’ll take this one.” I told the cashier.


“She’s a beauty Miss Potter. That will be 30 galleons for the dog, cage and food.” She said.


After I pay for her we go home. I decided to name her Claire.




After dinner we all decided to go play exploding snap and wizards chess. I am horrible at both things so I just watch. Thinking about what this year would bring. I am hoping to finally catch the eye of my crush. I have the worlds biggest crush on Seamus Finnigan. He’s the cutest and sweetest guy and I was finally gonna make him see me for who I am other than the girl who lived. God how I hate that title. Im a regular person with thoughts and feelings. Defeating a dark lord at the age of one shouldn’t define who I am. Anyways I head upstairs to go to bed after I say good night to everyone. Tomorrow we go back to Hogwarts. I finally get up the courage to write a letter to seamus, him and I are actually good friends.




Hey Seamus,


Excited to go back to Hogwarts? I know I am! I miss everyone including you. Anyways I’m writing to see if you wanted to sit together on the train. If not that’s fine. Anyways goodnight.


Your friend,


Emma Potter


I give the letter to Honey and tell her to take it to Seamus. After that I get ready for bed after taking a long hot shower and brush my teeth. I put on some short shorts and a white tank top. After I get back I notice Honey is back with a reply in her beak.


“Thanks Honey.” I say as I give her some treats and put her back in her cage. I am nervous to read what he says. God I hate being this nervous. And I know what you’re thinking he’s just a boy. Well you’re wrong. He’s not just any boy he’s the boy. I have liked him since first year and it’s just gotten stronger. Well anyways I open the letter and read it.


Dear Ems,


Yeah I am super excited to go back. And I miss you too. I don’t know if I will be able to ride with you. Lavender already asked me. But I find her to be annoying. You know me I’m too nice for my own good. I’ll try and get out of sitting with her. I will see you tomorrow and sweet dreams tiff. Ya know I love you right? I mean as a friend….anyways I’m gonna go. Night.


Your friend,


Seamus Finnigan


AWEEEEEEEEEEEE HE SAID HE LOVES ME. Well as a friend but I’ll make him see me as more as friend. He’s so sweet. I fall asleep listening to my ipod with Claire curled up to me. I have dreams about Seamus and I just can’t wait to see him

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