Not Perfect

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1. Chapter 1

Chapter One

"The instability created in Europe by the First World War set the stage for another conflict which caused the second world war, World War II to come two decades later and would prove even more devastating." My history teacher loud boring voice rang through the dull classroom. The only notice that could be heard other than the lecture going on was the tapping of pencils on the desks.

I turned around in the desk to look at the clock two more minutes. I kept staring at the old clock and the hands seemed to be frozen still not moving a centimeter. I turned back to front of the classroom when our monstrous teacher kept continuing her lecture.

"All seniors please come to gymnasium." The loud voice on the intercom boomed through the classroom. I jumped up in my seat flattened out my white skirt, grabbed my backpack and ran to the gym as fast as I could. 

When I walked in with most of senior class we saw the assembly committee still setting up the balloons stereos and microphones for our schools end of the year assembly. Soon our principal , Mr. Harrison came in and told us how the assembly was going to start and the short time we had to get so much done.

"Okay, Kaylee you will be the main speaker today so just go out there and have fun, whoo!" Mr. Harrison told me trying to be cool, I guess.

"All student please come to the gymnasium now." the same voice boomed through the large gymnasium. Soon everyone started pilling up on the bleacher and they all had to squish together to make room for everyone to be together so no one would be on the floor. We were a small school compared to others everyone could fit in one of the bleachers. I could soon tell that everyone was here so I took small breathe and touched my brown and blond ombre hair to make sure it was in place.

A girl soon gave me a mic and I walked up to the middle of the floor before starting to talking. "Hello panthers!" I screamed into the microphone wait for a response from the student body. I heard different greeting like hey, hi, hello, heyyyyy, etc being thrown at me. 

"So you all know what this assembly is, It's the end of the year assembly. WHOOT WHOOT!" I said receiving laughs. "Now I know everyone is happy about leaving the school for a few months for summer just come back, but sadly me and these 21 other people won't be. We would all just like to say we will miss you guys, thank you for making this the best senior year for us that it could've been." After my speech I handed the microphone to Brandon.

"Okay, thank you for that speech Kaylee almost made me cry, almost." was the first thing he said into the mic receiving a lot of laughs. " We want you guys to remember the probably smallest senior class and to do that we are going to have a dodge ball fight against some secret gues-" 

Brandon was cut off by the sound of 22 teachers coming out from behind the bleachers stomping to the beat of We Will Rock You by Queen which made the audience explode with laughter. "So lets get stared." Brandon said again before putting the microphone down. Once everyone was on their side of the court we lined up the balls on the half way mark and walked to farthest line.

We all waited for the music to turn on to start and soon enough Clarity by Zedd starting blasting through the speakers. All of us ran up to the line to take a ball before our teachers did. When I didn't get a ball I quickly ran behind my boyfriend, Michael trying not get hit by any balls. I felt balls whoop by me yet missing slightly. Once I picked a ball I threw at Mrs. Stevenson and hit her in on the low thigh. "Yes!" I yelled. While I was in my victory stage I got hit in the gut with a ball. I put a fake frown on my face and walked over to the line. 

There was still about five people left on each side and then one teacher got out and one student, then another. Three to Four we can do this. "GO SENIORS!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. Balls were thrown back and forth. Soon all of teachers got out except for Mr. McKelvey and two seniors on our side. The song changed again to The Eye of the Tiger by Survivor making things 100% more dramatic. Piper and Michael as know as the last seniors still in it gave each other a look and they both picked up a ball and threw it at Mr. McKelvey at the same time and it seemed to be in slow motion as both balls hit him.

"YES!" we all screamed. I ran up to Michael and gave him a victory hug and peck on the cheek. After a few minutes of congratulations we only had a minute left until the bell rang so the senior class got in a line and each of us said goodbye into the mic and passed it along.




We all looked at each other a smiled and piled into one big group hug with me resulting in the middle. "You know I'm going to miss you guys." I said with a tear falling down my cheek.

"We'll miss you too." I heard Brandon say as we all got out of the hug. After a moment of silence a lot people left. I said my goodbyes to Brandon and some of my other friends as they left, but Michael and I stayed in the gym. 

I looked up to him and said "Michael, I know that you said we could make it work, but I don't think we can, It would be to hard you're straying here to finish school while I go to London for who knows why. We will be hours apart. It would be too hard for us and we couldn't do it."

"Yes we can I still believe in us, we can do this I don't see why we can't. We've been together since the end of Sophomore year until today, I know we can do it."

"But I don't think we can, we will never be able to see each other anymore, all good things come to end even the things that we think will last forever." I said closing my eyes and feeling tears streaming down my face. I felt his arms wrap around me and I buried my head in him chest and starting sobbing, his chest muffling out my cries.

"I'm going to miss you." I said looking up to him breaking away from the hug.

"I'll miss you too." he said look at me.

I started walking away "Forever and always." I said turning around one last time.

"Forever and always." I heard mumble under his breathe. 

As I walked to my car I kept think about that poem that said,

If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they're yours. If they don't it wasn't meant to be.

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