Be mine forever and always +15

Jacey Marie Coleson is a straight A student. Who one day went to New York and got a surprise when she saw Austin... Austin Mahone


5. while alex is away

When austin came and picked me up from college i French kissed him. When we were done he drove me to the hotel. We went up the elevator and when i tried to open my door Austin stole the kay outta my hand.


"Austin what the fuck"

" Exactly "

"What ... austin gimmy my key"

"No tonight  your staying at my suite"

"What why "

"Becuse Alex is away and ypu and me can have som private time"

" oh okay"

Austin opened his suite door and  i went inside. I set down my backpack and started walking twords Austin. 

"So...what do you wanna do"


He grabbed my checks and started pressing his lips against mine. And tthen stuck his toung in my mouth. The next thing i new is that me and him were on his bed kissing. Then he started rubbing my vjay . I let out a moan.  oh, oh, austin, ah  oh, kiss me  

Then the next thingbi new WE were BOTH naked on the bed. He started kissing my hand making his way to my neck. He whispered to me

"your mine tonight" 

I laughed and then we got in it. I couldn't belive it I was having sex with Austin Mahone.  


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