Be mine forever and always +15

Jacey Marie Coleson is a straight A student. Who one day went to New York and got a surprise when she saw Austin... Austin Mahone


6. chapter 6

             ***The next morning**


Well i woke up next to him. I checked under the blanket just ti check if this wasn't a dream. I got my phone (which i found cracked)  and saw 12:39 on it.

" holy mother of the lord im late for class!!" 


"Hey just dont go today stay in bed with me"


He scooted over to the other side of the bed and motioned me to sleep with him. We cuddled together all day. I finally got putta bed when i got hungry. He fell asleep but i managed to slip out of his arms and go get some food (with clothes of course) 

i managed to make me egg with potatoes. 


Austin later got up. 

"Hey babe what smells good" 

"Eggs and potatoes" 

He then grabbes a plate and serves himself. He kept smiling at me and looking at me with those. Lovely eyes of his. I smiled back at him .

"So... can i ask you a question" he said nervously 

"You just did" 

He smiled at me

"W-will you be my ...girlfriend" i dropped my fork on the plate. Without the thought of people hating on me. And even fans hating me for 'stealing'  Austin 


He got up and hugged me ny the waiste and dug his head into my neck. Then Ausy ( as i call him now) decided to take me to go to a movie. 

"What movie , to you wanna see"

"How about  The Avengers" 

He smiled and got the tickets. We went onto the theater and saw the movie. 

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