Be mine forever and always +15

Jacey Marie Coleson is a straight A student. Who one day went to New York and got a surprise when she saw Austin... Austin Mahone


4. chapter 4

*Hears the door open * i heard the door open. But didnt get up i just stayed in bed. But when my bedroom door opens i realize its Austin with breakfast. ' Good morning beautiful , how is my princess. ' he says with a cute voice. He rolled the cart of food next to me and uncovered it. It was ham ,eggs, bacon, hashbrowns,and some orange juice. 'A nice breakfast for the girls first day of college.' He says. 'Aren't you gonna have any.' I say. But he stands up and got another plate that was covered . 'Ofcource im starving' he says uncovering the food. We ate the food drank our juice and while austin was picking up ,i started to get ready. 'Hey Jaceu!!' He yells. 'Yeah! What' i yell cuz im in the other room. 'Can i drive you too school.' Butterflies .... i can feel buterflies in my stomach. 'Sure? Why' 'cause since im your boyfriend i wanna protect you.' I smiled him saying that im his girlfriend. But i know that since he is famous i have to keep it on the DL . *Skip car ride* 'okay jacey were here.' ' thanks Austin can you pick me up at 3:00' 'sure' i was about to get out of my car when ...he grabed me and said 'wait' he grabbed my cheeck and kissed me . I can feel his toung reaching all parts of my mouth. i let out a moan. I pushed h away.' Austin im gonna be late for class' he then pushed back in his seat bucked up and drve off while i was making my way to class. 


Damn that kiss im not gonna lie made me a bit kinky. 

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